Saturday, November 30, 2013

Are You Equipped to Handle a Crisis?

Greetings and welcome to my morning musings on this first day of December ~

When you get to a certain age, one would think that the experiences one encounters in life would give enough tools to handle a personal crisis.   But.........that all depends upon HOW one perceives the outer-life and how much one uses all of life's opportunities to grow within.   Standing back and looking at life from the observer's chair, it is definitely an obstacle course, thrown in with some wonderful moments to bring smiles and create beautiful memories.   Is that really what life is about?   What do we take with us when it's time to leave the physical world?

One thing is for sure, you can't take your favourite collections from ALL those travels, and you can't take your monetary retirement fund!   As you know, these are to get us through the physical world, which is never permanent.    And I do live in the Now, but it doesn't stop me from looking back at past life experiences and seeing the lesson in each one.  As I have never traveled in the physical to far-off places, I don't have all those wonderful nic-nacs to clutter my abode, but the experiences have been priceless!  

From my own perspective, the experiences in life that challenge us to the very core of our Being are the most precious.  It is only through these life-challenging experiences that our real-self within emerges.  The past few days have been monumental for me in ascending to a place within my Being that explains all of the spiritual and the physical and why dire circumstances were necessary to ascend to greater spiritual heights.  The wealth that lies in the challenge of the physical being that is our personality cannot be described in words, it has to be felt. 

There will come a time when one can ascend within and live in a state of pure Oneness.  When more souls on earth have reached this point within, we will see Heaven on Earth created in the outer world.  Physical ailments will be healed as one connects with a higher form of their Source/God-Self.

Embrace any adversity in your life and search deeply for a spiritual solution.   That is the crux of the earth journey.

Namaste and Peace  ~  Tara

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Most People's Thinking is Involuntary, Automatic and Repetitive

Human life.........what a joy and what a pain, seeing and experiencing the flipside of life almost everyday.

It's a peaceful day when one can reclaim their life by reclaiming their thoughts, and thus their actions.
According to Eckhart Tolle, "thinking happens to you."       He goes on to say : -

" The voice in the head has a life of its own.  Most people are at the mercy of that voice;  they are possessed by thought, by the mind.  And since the mind is conditioned by the past, you are then forced to reenact the past again and again.  The Eastern term for this is karma.  When you are identified with that voice, you don't know this, of course.  If you knew, you would no longer be possessed because you are only truly possessed when you mistake the possessing entity for who you are, that is to say, when you become it. "    
                                                                                                   ----- A New Earth p. 131

Just sharing an observation :   That is why you see the same thing (topics, sharings) posted by the same people on various websites.  And, might I add, also the News and Conspiracy websites who seem to be able to influence a lot of folks, everywhere!!     Which is a real shame, to grab the opinions of those who own these websites and give energy to it...........and don't they feed on that?????  Yes, they do !!!

My opinion : -  
Seeing that we can't change the affairs of the world, we CAN learn more about ourselves, which is pretty darn fascinating when you begin to explore.  We may not like our social situation, but whatever the circumstances, one can always learn and grow within.   That is what we came to do, to learn about who WE are, first as a person and citizen in this world, then if one is game enough, to do the inner-work toward self-transformation.  

Any positive change in energy and growth in one citizen alone, affects not only their life, but the lives they interact with on a daily basis.   Wrapping up life as difficult, sad and useless, being "controlled" by others, is a cop-out and an excuse to do one's part in helping to uplift this world.  And if you awake each day with the same stories of your past, going round and around inside your head, that is the pain-body that you carry around.   I recognized this some time ago, and worked hard on getting rid of the old energy being carried around in my pain-body. 
What goes on and on in your mind is not you. It takes strong determination to face it, recognize it for what it is, and then take control of your life. The mind is a huge encumbrance to going forward in life, and finally becoming and feeling free. Then, new insights and downloads from our consciousness are able to get through and guide and remind us of the spiritual being that we really are.

Namaste and Light  ~

Facing Each Day Without the Suggestive Forecasts

Hi everyone  ~

After my short break from the computer again, what comes to mind this afternoon is the subject of how internet information has such a huge impact on many folks' worlds.   This was proven with the forecast of Ascension happening in Dec. 2012, and many people looking forward to "release from this cruel world" and ascending into a higher dimension.   People are hurting everywhere from various earthly physical hardship, and any suggestive information posted can be grabbed by their conscious mind and then start planning for that said future.   Why worry about Now when the future holds total freedom from all this suffering?

That is how dangerous suggestive articles are.   The sad thing is, no one is held accountable for such a huge influence over so many people.   That is the reason why Channelers need to feel and be aware of the influence they can have on another soul's life.   There may not be physical accountability, but in a spiritual sense, there most certainly is.  If anyone consciously misguides people by wielding the influence of strongly worded channeled messages, rest assured that you will be accountable for it in the spiritual realms.   Just like any person who has influenced lives on earth through other means causing harm, distress, or fear to others, are accountable through earth laws.

Yes, it's a serious blog about a serious matter on how the internet has the power to influence the masses of people out there who are willing to consume it, if it takes their pain away.  Food for thought........

      Sharing a short excerpt from A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, p. 127
      concerning the collective egoic minds and the collective enlightened minds .....

      " As the new consciousness emerges, some people will feel called upon to form groups that reflect
        the enlightened consciousness.  These groups will not be collective egos.  The individuals that make
        up these groups will have no need to define their identity thorugh them.  They no longer look to any
        form to define who they are.  Even if the members that make up those groups are not totally free of
        ego yet, there will be enough awareness in them to recognize the ego in themselves or in others as
        soon as it appears.  However, constant alertness is required since the ego will try to take over and
        reassert itself in any way it can.

     "  Dissolving the human ego by bringing it into the light of awareness----this will be one of the main
        purposes of these groups, whether they be enlightened businesses, charitable organizations,
        schools, or communities of people living together.  Enlightened collectives will fulfill an important
        function in the arising of the new consciousness.  Just as egoic collectives pull you into unconscious-
        ness and suffering, the enlightened collective can be a vortex for consciousness that will accelerate
        the planetary shift.  "

My comment on the above excerpt:-
That is why spiritually-minded communities on the internet are sooo important.   

In the spirit of love and peace, Tara *~~

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Celebration of Life - Reeta the Budgie Transitions

Dear Friends  ~  there are many animal and nature lovers on this site, so I thought I would share with you all the return to spirit of my last beloved budgie-friend, Reeta, the blue one in the photo with her back to us.

This photo was taken in 2008 after I bought their new cage, a tall Chinese design so that the three of them could fly around and have some fun together.  Mikey on top perch and Gracie below have already returned to Heaven's beautiful gardens.  Reeta left us a few days ago while I was having a computer break, and it was quite sudden.  She was a very happy bird and enjoyed her toys, treat sticks and honey-flowers from the trees.
She was very well and approaching 6yrs old, so one day I gave her the opportunity to fly free if she chose to.  My pet-shop bought birds have only ever lived to 6yrs, and even though I don't like seeing birds in cages, these birds are bred for captivity.   I am one for always visiting the Pet Stores, and on several occasions have bought one around Xmas time to give it a home!!!    Yes, I know!!!    The birds don't know it's Xmas, but they are locked up for days in the shops over the Xmas break.  So, that's how I bought the three you see here.
I left Reeta's cage door open for about 3hrs one day about a month ago.   She saw it and climbed back up to her favorite top perch.   After 3hrs I figured she didn't want her freedom so closed the door.  I felt good I gave her that choice.  She suddenly became ill a few days ago and in one day, she was gone.  Every one of these birds have blessings in my shrine room when they are sick and after they have passed-away.  I play sacred music for a few hours and light incense.   They know they are loved.

Above is a photo of Ginger on the left and Charlie on the right, in a symbolic pose of farewell to Reeta. They have always been good protectors of the bird cage when they hear a native bird has flown under the pergola and maybe attacking the cage.  They always hear it before I do, and chase the birds away.

 Every living thing leaves its mark on this world, no matter what size it is, what species, and if we take any notice of it during our day.  Its presence has made a difference in this world, whether it be the Animal Kingdom, the Nature Kingdom, or Human Beings, to name a few species. 

Just because it has not touched OUR world in any way, it has touched its own individual species within
the environment it lived.  So I celebrate the joy and the many beautiful songs that my little birds have brought me over the years.   Life continues in a higher realm where there are no cages and no predators who prey on smaller species.   I can just imagine how happy they all are...................

N a m a s t e   ~    T a r a