Monday, October 31, 2011

I Have Heard Thy Voice

                                          Divine Mother, I have heard Thy voice whispering in
                                                                the fragrance of the rose.
                                                    I touched Thy tenderness in the softness
                                                                        of  the  lily.
                                                         In the whispers of my devotion,
                                                          it was Thy love that answered.

     Paramahansa Yogananda
     Metaphysical Meditations                            

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thinking About Life

Hi everyone  ~  You know, everyday life is, well, about living.......and not only being grounded in our thoughts,but also within our Being.   Life is what we make of our situations and also how we manage them.  We can't always control everything in our lives, but if we have the right tools within our Being, we can at least find the inner-strength we need to get us through those tough days.

Everyday life for individuals isn't always about the latest headlines or what sensationalist discovery has been made about this one or that one.  It really does not matter about others' activities and how they conduct their lives, what really matters is what we do with ours.   We chose to incarnate to experience a physical life and expand our awareness of the vastness of our divinity within, through experiencing good and bad life situations.                            Yes, there is a grand plan for all the times we incarnate, each one expanding another aspect of our divine Self.

At some stage through our life some people are fortunate enough to realize why they incarnated.  It does not have to be visible to others, but it makes life more focused if we know why we came this time.  One reason may be to use one's higher vibrations of Love to quietly assist in raising those vibrations within their own communities and then adding theirs into the collective love energies for the whole world.   How wonderful is that?   The way the world is right now it could use as much of that higher vibration of Love for the many who are suffering throughout the globe.

Unfortunately, for some people, they are getting caught up in the rising negativity and disharmony around the globe.  What you align your thoughts with is where your consciousness is.  So if negativity is drawing you in, then it can affect your whole life.   It shrinks your aura instead of expanding it through love and light.  And you also do not attract the positive things you need in your everyday life.  Depression rises and in severe cases, so does extreme drug use and even suicide.    Don't allow yourself to be pulled down, that is not the way of ascending to a higher vibration.   A spiritual law is to turn one's back on negativity, and not to even recognize its existence.   What one focuses on expands, so negativity increases the more people that focus on it.
The same when you align your thoughts with the energies of Love and Light and caring about others.  The Love energies around the globe increase.   The less focus on negativity will see negativity decline.

If I can help anyone in any way with spiritual guidance, please contact me by leaving a comment under this blog.   Wishing you all an enlightening day, full of peace and love, Tara.