Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Spiritual Life Gives Insight

                                            A spiritual life transforms the heart
                                            It gives strength within to change the blows
                                            of physical life into glows of inner-awakening.....
                                            Unlocking the why's and how's and giving
                                            Hope, faith and strength to see our way through
                                            The myriad of challenges that cross our path.

                                             Learning to reduce our desires and constant
                                             Yearning without the inner-learning
                                             Takes us away from our heart-center
                                             Where we cultivate gratitude
                                              For what is already in our life,
                                             And Love and Compassion for All Life....
                                              Including Our-Self.

          Love  ~  Light  ~  Peace
              ***  T a r a   ***

The Endless Spiritual Journey

Hi Everyone  ~

" There will never be an end point........."  

 Many who have just embarked on this spiritual journey when the Ascension energies started flooding the planet, often refer to a 'point' that needs to be reached.  The spiritual journey is endless as spiritual light keeps expanding within our Being, and our consciousness subsequently follows that expansion.

Within our Soul which incarnated on earth is also our consciousness.   Consciousness is a Divine energy that is the totality of everything we've experienced since before incarnating on Earth and also holds the memory of our incarnations and spiritual achievements.  That is why in deep meditation we can connect with our consciousness and perhaps have flashes or memories of past incarnations, experiences, etc.

For those who have already transcended the physical plane, or earth plane, they are already living within their consciousness and view their life from a higher spiritual perspective.  Transcending the physical plane means you can now live totally as an observer from your own divine realm, within.   You feel like a visitor on earth, but, there is still a life to be lived like other citizens.  That is where the consciousness-energy comes into play------you have reached a state of living a Divine life on Earth with higher ideals and a much more altruistic view of life.  Many people who are like this have also reached the awareness of Oneness.   This is not a learned achievement through spiritual knowledge from books or lectures, this is a part of our evolving soul that has returned to its roots of knowing and living from this awareness of Oneness with the All.

So it becomes more apparent, the longer one is on the spiritual journey, that there is no end point.  It is a continuing journey which will always delight and give joy with each new awakening.  Having expectations of finally 'getting there' will always disappoint as it will never happen.  Each soul follows their own intuition and goes where their energy takes them.   To resist one's flow will cause inner-disharmony and discontent.   These are lower viibration energies which keeps you in a wanting and getting type of world.   Living with peace and being in tune with your Self will steer you in the right direction for your own individual journey.

Each soul is at a different stage of spiritual awakening due to experience through incarnating on earth.  A person who reached enlightenment in a previous incarnation will most likely find it will easily come back to memory simply because their consciousness is already expanded.   But their journey continues as the person they are this time round is here for another reason, and only they will know what that is through living another lifetime and experiencing all the ups and downs.....yet again! 
Namaste and Love  ~  Tara

Monday, February 3, 2014

We Are Enormously Complex Beings!

27 Jan. 2014
Namaste Dear Friends ~

Yes, we are enormously complex Beings. Without even going into the subject of our spirituality within, our emotions and physical challenges play a huge role in our life. Spending some time alone in contemplation and looking into how we really feel within, there can be innumerable reasons for our ill-health and discontent.
The body is still such a mystery to scientists and doctors, we get treated according to what is available at the time. Research into every disease known to man continues every day, and looking at how our research teams are progressing in Australia, they seem to be getting closer and closer to cancer cures and better treatments for other very debilitating nervous system disorders, to name a few areas.

Our genes play a huge part in directing our life to where we had never even envisioned in our wildest dreams! Even temperament and psychiatric disorders are inherited. We really do take on quite extraordinary twists and turns in our life when confronted with the arrival of any disease or emotional disorder. Some lay hidden for years only to be activated by life situations that test us to the core.

I feel it is safe to say that not all illness is created through our actions and thoughts. Some may be, but the physical body has it's own agenda, unbeknown to us. We can take hundreds of supplements a day and exercise sensibly but in the end we really cannot steer the wheel of how our bodies are going to test us, when we least expect it.

We often envy people who can sail through their entire life without any serious illness, and they can thank their genes for that. What is unfortunate is folks who have had no experience of serious chronic illness lay the blame entirely on the actions of a person. This is unfortunately displaying ignorance on their part. Many people need to take medication to sustain their physical lives, and the medications available have terrible side-effects, unfortunately, so that's another challenge in itself.

With the complexity of life on earth these days, it is extremely difficult for many to live the life they had originally chosen. This is where emotional flexibility is needed. This is where we can begin to do the inner-journey to find that strength. Our emotions can dicate our lives if we haven't dealt with them as they arise. Tucking feelings away, afraid of 'going there' as it's too painful, only results in making a bank inside of festering pain. This pain resurfaces throughout life until it is faced, felt as deep as it needs to be felt, allowing us to move on to fresh thoughts and a clear path.

Many people in the public arena we see and read about daily have turned their lives around. They have adapted to the life-situations they have been dealt. They appear to be, and are, stronger from facing such tremendous adversity. Seeing the flood victims rebuilding from last year's floods here in Australia was heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Some had experienced the floods twice, some had left the town and not returned. Yesterday, watching on TV a well-known and loved Queensland chef who lost his wife and 3 daughters in an horrific Xmas fire over one year ago cooking in a popular market in Brisbane, showing his healing scars from horrific burns, shows enormous strength and fortitude. The way he speaks is an inspiration to others who have lost their whole reason for living. What an amazing recovery, both emotionaly and physically, although he's had over 20 surgeries to his face and body. He helps other burns victims with the funds that were raised for his recovery by his chef friends.

 We can either use the adversity we face in life to grow within and bring out what is in all of us in our light within which contains everything we need, or we can sit and moan our lives away. There is tremendous growth opportunities with each adverse life situation that presents itself. The deeper we dig, the more we discover a once hidden world to us that we can now explore and expand our consciousness. Connecting with that silent partner will assist us enormously in all life situations, and all we have to do is take that first step in exploring the depths of our Being.

Namaste and Blessings  ~  Tara