Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Using Mantra

                                                     ~   OM  MANI  PADME  HUM   ~

     Mantras are energy-based sounds.
Words used in conversation derive their power from the meaning they convey.  Mantra derives its power from the energy effect its sounds produce.  Pronouncing a mantra creates a particular physical vibration in the form of sound that in turn produces various "energetic effects" in the physical and subtle body.

     Mantras are also chakra-based sounds.
Each of the fifty letters in the Sanskrit alphabet corresponds to one of the fifty petals on chakras one through six, from the base of the spine to the brow.  Sanskrit mantra vibrates to the letters in the words of the mantra, which energizes the petal, and attracts ambient spiritual energy in the atmosphere to the person pronouncing the mantra.  In this way, mantra affects both our physical bodies and our spiritual consciousness.

     Mantra  -  combined with intention  -  increases physical and spiritual benefits.
When we combine the physical energy of mantra, the sound vibration, with the mental energy of intention and attention, we increase, strengthen, and direct the energetic effect of mantra.  Intention, the reason we are saying the mantra, is carried on the physical vibration, producing an effect.  This is the essence of Sanskrit mantra.

     Mantra energizes prana.
Prana is our basic form of life energy that is capable of being transferred between individuals.  Some healers operate through a conscious transfer of prana;  a skilled massage therapist, for example, can often transfer prana with beneficial effect.  Self-healing is also possible by concentrating prana in specific organs.  When we pronounce a particular mantra while visualizing an internal organ bathed in light, the power of the mantra can become concentrated in that organ with great beneficial effect.  The act of visualization, in this instance, works as intent, focusing and directing the energy produced by the mantra.

     Mantras are energy that can be likened to fire.
Fire can cook your lunch or it can burn down the forest.   It's the same fire.   Mantras, too, evoke powerful energies and should be treated with respect.   There are even some powerful mantra formulas that must be learned and practiced under careful supervision by a qualified teacher.  These are kept as closely guarded secrets and have not left the Far East.


Healing Mantras
by Thomas Ashley-Farrand

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Holding The Light - Forging Ahead

The spiritual awakening, within, continues in all societies around the world.   It is inevitable as the world is going through a massive transformation of consciousness, albeit, through many chaotic and violent circumstances.   As the energy of spirituality rises, so too does the negative energy of control over people's minds and lives by the dictatorship that is seen in many countries.   Human atrocities are rampant as the darkest of the dark energies are fighting the Light that is spreading across the Globe.

Nevertheless, the Light will prevail and a new way of life will be born on this planet, ridding society of the massive cruelty that is being inflicted upon its citizens.   For those of us who forge forward each day in the awareness of the importance of holding this Light, we band together on various websites and support each other daily.   We have incarnated for this reason  -  we have the inner-strength and the foresight to continue unabated on our path of expanding this Light within ourselves, going deeper within the Love and Light that we cultivate each day.

Every thought, action, and speech holds a vibration of energy.   It is up to us what energy we choose to give out by being conscious and aware before we speak, before we pick up the phone and call another, and also what we think of others, and of ourselves for that matter!     When we do, think, and speak with love, it increases the love energy in this world.   If we are constantly angry or discontent, this aligns with those energies in the world and increases the discontent and anger. 

I found this lovely verse in my book, The Heart of the Buddha's Teachings, to keep beside the phone.

                                        " Words can travel thousands of miles.
                                           May my words create mutual understanding and love.
                                           May they be as beautiful as gems,
                                                                as lovely as flowers. "


                                          Have a most wonder-filled day of joy, peace and love.
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Right View on Perception

To perceive always means to perceive something.  We believe that the object of our perception is outside of the subject, but that is not correct.  When we perceive the moon, the moon is the object of our perception.  When we say, " I can see my consciousness in the flower, " it means we can see the cloud, the sunshine, the earth, and the minerals in it.  But how can we see our consciousness in a flower?  The flower IS our consciousness.   It is the object of our perception.   It is our perception.   To perceive means to perceive something.   Perception means the coming into existence of the perceiver and the perceived.   The flower that we are looking at is part of our consciousness.   The idea that our consciousness is outside of the flower has to be removed.   It is impossible to have a subject without an object.   It is impossible to remove one and retain the other.

The source of our perception, our way of seeing, lies in our store consciousness.   If ten people look at a cloud, there will be ten different perceptions of it.   Whether it is perceived as a dog, a hammer, or a coat depends on our mind  -  our sadness, our memories, our anger.   Our perceptions carry with them all the errors of subjectivity.  Then we praise, blame, condemn, or complain depending on our perceptions.   But our perceptions are made of our afflictions  -  craving, anger, ignorance, wrong views, and prejudice.   Whether we are happy or we suffer depends largely on our perceptions.   It is important to look deeply at our perceptions and know their source.

We have an idea of happiness.   We believe that only certain conditions will make us happy.   But it is our very idea of happiness that prevents us from being happy.   We have to look deeply into our perceptions in order to become free of them.   Then, what has been a perception becomes an insight, a realization of the path.   This is neither perception nor non-perception.   It is a clear vision, seeing things as they are.


Taken from:
The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching
Right View  ~
by  Thich Nhat Hanh

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