Monday, March 18, 2013

Are We Living in a Dream? by Tara

 Everyday we awaken from a sleep not knowing, for most of us, where our consciousness took us while 

our body was resting.   When you look closely at this daily awakening from sleep, one can look much
deeper and ask the question, " which world is real  -  the world of spirit or the world of physical
earth-living? "   For the ones fully immersed in the earth-play, they would reply, " this one, of course! "

     For the spiritual sojourner who has walked this earth in a state of observance or mindfulness, it is
obvious that multitudes of plays exist simultaneously on this earth plane.  Individual plays such as we all
live out each day, group plays such as when one works for a company, and much larger plays such as the
many people involved in running a that really is a grand play !   We may ask ourselves,
" now which play do I have control over? "  Even our own personal lives are dependent on outside influences
for our survival, especially financially.   Unless one lives in a cave, or out in the forest living among nature
and growing one's own food, there are still outside influences in our lives that cannot be ignored, or indeed,
taken for granted either !   It is all part of the earth-play we encounter in our waking state.   At least when
we are asleep and our earth consciousness can rest, we can feel free as we travel to other dimensions and
spiritual realms and experience what it is like to be totally in control.

     I have been told that we are not always allowed to remember everything about our journeys in spirit
at night time, otherwise we may not want to return to our bodies and complete our incarnation.
I accept that completely, as our time on earth is very important to learn and grow and become more
enlightened about who we really are.  So, as we continue participating in the various earth plays each
day, how can we ever find freedom?

     The journey within our true-selves, our spiritual essence, is the only way to find the awareness and
realizations we need to become free.   We may still need to depend on outside influences to survive on
earth, but it is the awareness, the moment of awakening from the illusory world that makes us believe
that we are slaves to physicality and everything it possesses.   This awakening can occur if one can just
shut the outside world off each day and take the time to either meditate or sit in quiet contemplation.
The physical world is full of traps  -  gadgets for this and that for the sake of constantly occupying our
minds, our consciousness, in more and more physical and sensory activities.  

  For those who achieve the state of awareness of Self and realization of the inner-life, it is the beginning
of freedom  -  freedom to become an explorer of the vast depths of spiritual consciousness that resides in
every human being.   What magnificent Beings we all are and have always been !    And at the heart of this
magnificence is a profound Love that is so vast, so enormous, that it could never be completely qualified.
Divinity at the heart of every human being, waiting to be remembered and embraced as our own True Reality.

Namaste  ~  Tara

The Permanent Benefits of Self-Transformation by Tara

14 March 2013

The process of self-transformation is very individual and depends upon how much time each person chooses to spend on self-inquiry. When life and its many challenges become clear that they are sent to test and strengthen us, we are free from their possible negative effect. We have to learn to 'let-go' of the surface-drama and look deeper and see if it was a gift in disguise for us to become stronger within. In time, one will see life totally through the soul's eyes and not the physical eyes of the personality self.

That is self-transformation. Inner-peace also enters one's life when obstacles that arise are seen as tools for self-transformation. A heart that is free from only seeing and living in the physical world can soar to great heights and a new found happiness will reside within. Life takes on a more meaningful energy than just providing us with "good or bad" situations. There is depth in everyday activities and this makes way for serenity to enter one's life.

The strength and resolve that is gained from living a life that has clear meaning is well worth the effort and the pains along the way. What is permanently gained from this earth venture is the recognition of the true self that has come forward to guide and sustain the person throughout the rest of their life. A new awareness of how sacred life is can never be taken away. Once a person has experienced the vastness of self-transformation, the journey forward is paved with new found vigor and reverence for all life and their own particular struggles and achievements.

Namaste  ~  Tara

Enlightenment Is Not The End…

For one who follows Tao, enlightenment is not the end result of their journey… it is not the end result for any journey of understanding that we make take – it is the beginning.

You see, we start a journey from a place of a enlightenment… we start from a place of understanding… we start the journey knowing that there is something inside and outside of what our five senses can tell us… and with that knowledge, (intuitive, experiential or otherwise), we move ahead…

The objective of one who follows what can be called a Taoist Way is to attain (and maintain) a harmonious relationship with Tao – this relationship is based on acceptance of the way things were, are and will be, with no specific attachment or desire to any particular way of being… essentially, living with no beliefs of right or wrong… because things just ‘are’. Life is what it is – only misguided perceptions and beliefs from within colour our experience of it.

Once we drop our perceptions and beliefs, we develop an openness to life… an openness that holds no judgements or expectations… we simply accept things the way they are – and we embrace those things as a sign that we are aware and alive.


That’s it – that is what enlightenment is to one who follows a Taoist Way– we embrace what is happening as recognition of our awareness of life.

We act in accord with what the time requires of us… no more and no less than what is necessary… to do less is to have a judgement that less is needed; to do more is to have a judgement that more is needed… neither is correct – we must simply be aware of where we are and do what needs to be done.
Lao Tzu is fabled to have once said ‘the wise man does not sleep because it is time to sleep or because he has to… the wise man sleeps because he is sleepy’.

Though our paths towards realising our own enlightenment will all be different, and stimulated by different forces in our lives, the end result is always the same – heightened awareness and acceptance of what is.
Enlightenment is not the end… it is the beginning of reality.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Abstention from Harming Others

                                            THE  FIFTH  APHORISM  OF  PATANJALI

           When a person is steadfast in his abstention from harming others, then all living creatures
                                                  will cease to feel enmity in his presence.

Patanjali's statement, "abstention from harming others," includes not only actual acts of harm but also thoughts of jealousy, judgment, and injury in any fashion.  Steadfastly renouncing violence in thoughts and in all dealings with others creates an atmosphere wherein all violence and enmity ceases to exist because it is not reciprocated.

This a powerful awareness that you can begin to incorporate into your life immediately.  Any situation where you experience anger or even mild discomfort involves thoughts of enmity toward the other person or people.  Patanjali explains that other people will not feel enmity or anguish if you steadfastly abstain from having harmful thoughts toward them in the first place.  Amazing !   By you working at not having any judgments or harmful thoughts, those around you will be free of anguish also.

Coming to this awareness of being steadfast in abstaining from harmful thoughts is a potent tool for accessing a spiritual solution to problems involving relationships.  When a person is talking to you and you are slipping into the mode of feeling angry about how you are being talked to, youy can remind yourself in that instant to abstain from thinking harmful or angry thoughts.  I find it is quite effective to use the following words, first internally, and then I say them out loud.  They are, "You're right about that!"  Not sarcastically.  Without rancor, I simply allow the other person to be right, which is all their ego really wants.

This tool does not make the other person right, it merely allows someone to believe that they are, and it allows you to be steadfast in your abstention from harmful thoughts.  As you practice allowing others to be right, you are beginning to live from your higher-self rather than your ego.  Eventually it will be your authentic way of reacting to others, even when they are being insulting.

There is a story concerning the Buddha, who is in the company of a fellow traveler who tests this great teacher with derogatory, insulting, disparaging, and bitter responses to anything the Buddha says.  Every day, for three days when the Buddha spoke, the traveler responded by calling him a fool, and ridiculing the Buddha in some arrogant fashion.  Finally, at the end of the third day, the traveler could stand it no more.  He asked, "How is it that you are able to be so loving and kind when all I've done for the past three days is dishonor and offend you?  Each time I am disobliging to you, you respond in a loving manner.  How is this possible?"

The Buddha responded with a question of his own for the traveler.  "If someone offers you a gift, and you do not accept that gift, to whom does the gift belong?"   His question provided the traveler with a new insight.   When someone offers you a gift of their insults, and you refuse to accept them, they obviously still belong to the original giver.  And why would you ever choose to be upset or angry over something that belonged to someone else?

In this aphorism, Patanjali states, " all living creatures will cease to feel enmity" in the presence of one who does not think or act in a violent manner.  This suggests we can affect the animal kingdom when we are steadfast in this attribute. You've heard the stories of how Saint Francis of Assisi would tame wild wolves who were decimating the livestock, merely by being in their presence.  Moreover, doves would fly to his hands and all manner of wild creatures would feel the love that emanated from him and would cease to feel enmity.

I have experienced with this notion on many occasions myself.  Once while jogging in Egypt a pack of dogs came running toward me at 4:30am barking ferociously.  I stopped jogging and also stopped thoughts of fear or violence and they became calm and harmless.

As you contemplate this idea of abstention from harmful thoughts or intentions, keep in mind that those areas of your life, which you have labeled as "problems," could no longer exist if you were to be this idea each and every day.  The reason you are not experiencing bliss at this precise moment is because you are focusing on what is wrong or missing.  Begin the process of filling your mind with love, gratitude, and forgiveness.  Ernest Holmes wrote, "What a load is dropped from the shoulders of personal responsibility, when we realize that the eternal mind holds naught against anybody."

Being in the space of the eternal mind is what you need to do as you pursue spiritual solutions in your life.  Hold naught against anyone, and while you're at it, keep in mind Albert Einstein's helpful hint about why it is important to change around the way you process everything and everyone involved in what you call your problems.  Einstein said, " The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking which created them."

Problems are illusions of the material world.  Solutions are attributes of your immersion in the world of spirit.  Yes, there is a spiritual solution to every problem.  But you will have to move to a higher lovel of thinking to do so.  These then are the five basic aphorisms of Patanjali that will guide you to change the mind that created the problem.

1.  Identify yourself beyond ignorance.
2.  Calmness is the peace of God within you.
3.  You create obstacles, you do not sin.
4.  Be steadfast in abstaining from falsehood.
5.  Be steadfast in abstaining from harmful thoughts and acts.

As you face a problem, remind yourself that you created it with one mind, and you will solve it with another.  "Problems" come from a nonspiritual mind-set.  There is a spiritual solution available, and you can create the energy to access it at will.   As you work at mastering the five aphorisms of Patanjali, know that they represent the higher places you can attain in the world of spirit.  One step at a time, you will find grace, and peace supplanting the strife.  You will literally be creating a new energy field for yourself.

 ***  Typed from the book:  There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Dr. Wayne Dyer   ***

This Modern Society Does Not Generate Peace

Hi Everyone ~

I think that we're all aware that this modern society of ours, mostly created by 'advances' in technology, is not exactly generating a peaceful environment for the children/teenagers of today.  The unfortunate thing about this is the kids of today have no memory of life prior to the craziness of today's world.   They are bombarded and bedazzled by the latest gadgets either advertised on TV or seeing their friends with the 'latest and best....'  
I live in an area where the High School is across the road from the Shopping Centre.  At 2.30pm the Centre is filled with teenagers with wires in their ears, heads down, not even taking care when they cross the busy road.  They also think it's fun to deliberately stop the flow of traffic by running in front of cars.  There is no true reality in each moment, it's all random actions and ears plugged to deafen the outside world.   When I pass them with my walker topped with groceries, they don't or rarely move over for me so that I can keep on the concrete pathway.   There appears to be no connection with what is going on outside of 'their world.'

On the other hand, I have on odd occasions walked with some more mature girls who will talk to me and are genuinely interested in having a chat.  At the bus stop yesterday I passed a teenage girl with a pram and a pretty young baby girl inside.  I stopped to chat, asking if the school had child-care facilities, and just admiring the baby and being positive with her.  I think she may have been getting ready for a reprimand when she saw me approaching her!!!   "Those oldies are always judging........" kind of thing, but not this one as no one has the right to judge another, we are not walking in their shoes.  She appeared to be quite mature.

The drawbacks of living in a physical world often dictates our thoughts and emotions.  That's quite understandable.  It's difficult to reside in peace if one is hungry, homeless, in debt, sick, or any of the other physical requirements that we feel is conducive to a peaceful life.  I see all of these adversaries as challenges.  Not everyone is in a positiion to see that.  Speaking for mysefl, I've used every adversary as a positive in the way that it teaches me patience, it's also inner-strength building, and the lessons are too numerous to list.  I have found that life will throw many scenarios in my path in order to find a spiritual solution in each, and it has.   Higher-Self will keep throwing these lessons until they are :   investigated at a deeper level and have realized their enormous worth;  let-go of old thinking patterns and reactions;  living my life for who I am and not who 'others' think I should be;  BE my-self ; that was just to name a few reasons.

When residing in peace and enjoying the moment, why do some folks spoil it by trying to find what is missing or why something hasn't happened yet?   The moment is lost once the mind is allowed to get out of control and rule one's life.   Where are we if we aren't living each moment?   Living in the 'what-ifs' department.   That department does not even exist, but the moment does, and what we do with it?  well, that's up to you.

The biggest challenge for anyone in this world is to create a peaceful haven for oneself in a large city.  It is possible to create this space if you take the time to work on it when at home.  I am speaking from living on my own so it's not difficult for me, but the challenge lies there just the same.   Filling our personal space with peaceful activities that feed our soul or makes our heart sing is a good start.  Some folks have their own special meditation rooms with their favourite stones, candles, music, soothing colours, and just spend as much time as they can building up those glorious energies.  Once those energies are created on a regular basis, that energy cocoons you while you go about your daily business.  Your own little portable haven without having to pay others to show you how to find peace, within.  The problem with seeking out others to help you is the method they employ themselves is 'their' way, and I find it's best to always create your own, putting your own unique style into your own unique peace-building creation.  The feeling  will be familiar to you without someone else's energy going into it.

                                                              Namaste  ~  Love  ~  Tara

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shakyamuni Buddha's Meditation and Visualization

This wonderful, fifteen-minute meditation can be practiced each morning. Sitting cross-legged, ideally in the lotus position, the back is held straight. (if any physical problems with lotus position, any comfortable position like sitting on a chair would be fine). The purpose of the meditation is considered: to embark on the spiritual path that will lead to awakening wisdom. The breath is rhythmic and steady.

Now a beautiful, bright-blue sky is visualized, stretching into the beyond just at the edge of consciousness. A sense of the cosmos pervades the mind, body, and spirit.

An awareness is brought to the level of the forehead; a large golden throne, beautifully adorned with all kinds of precious gemstones and jewels, is visualized. At each corner is a pair of snow lions, signifying the fearlessness of the buddhas. On top of the throne is a fully opened lotus, signifying the Buddha's holy mind. On the lotus are a sun disk and a moon disk. The sun signifies wisdom and the moon, method. Together they represent the unification of no more learning (the ultimate achievement: buddhahood). Seated upon them is the historical buddha Shakyamuni, who signifies the attainment of this unification. The lotus, sun, and moon also symbolize the principal aspects of the path to enlightenment.

As this image is held in the mind, one thinks how Shakyamuni Buddha, who took rebirth in the human realm, manifested the attainment of perfect realization - enlightenment - and then left the world the legacy of his teachings. As the ultimate teacher, the guru, he is therefore inseparable from one's own "root guru."
Buddha's golden body and aura radiate infinite compassion. He wears the saffron robes of a monk. His face is beautiful and his eyes see all beings. His gaze is peaceful, and his mind is free of all critical thoughts. He fully accepts everyone.

                             **  Typed from:   The Buddha Book by Lillian Too   ~    Namaste  **

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Personal Attitudes Dictate Our View of the World

  Namaste  ~

How each person sees the world through their eyes is highly dependent on their attitudes to life itself.
Listen closely next time you are having a conversation with a friend, colleague, or family member.    You will probably notice that their own personal experiences of life will either expand or contract what they perceive of situations.   This is hugely evident in people who have suffered a lot of trauma, either as a child, or as an adult.   Trauma can relate to abuse, life-threatening accidents or illnesses, or now days even extreme financial hardship.

Some folks are more adaptable than others when life throws them a curve ball.   Personality can play a bit part also in how a person copes with sudden change in life.   The one who is always looking at he bright side of life and refuses to be 'beat' by circumstances, is the one who will dig even deeper for that inner-supply of strength.   Unfortunately, the ones who have always grumbled through their lives have not discovered the vast amount of spiritual energy that they can harvest when they allow peace to enter their lives so that the energy within can be utilized.

We see the opposites of personality in our everyday lives, from the shopkeeper who always greets you with a smile, to the complaining neighbour who is constantly whinging about life and how useless everyone and everything is !      A stark contrast between the two :  the shopkeeper has created a happy environment for his customers and therefore attracts more sales and profits;  the constantly whinging neighbour will always see the world as a dark, unfriendly place which reflects their own attitudes.

It is so true that the more positive we are about our own life, the brighter the world looks.   We are projecting a positive attitude through our thoughts and actions.  This sets up a clear path to enable life to continue in the way it is meant to for our own particular journey.   It may not always turn out the way that WE had planned, but it sets us up with the inner-strength and right outlook to handle those unexpected curve balls should they find us.   We can't always control what happens in our life, but our attitude towards life and ourselves gives us a good foundation to face the world with the strength we know we have, within. 


                                       *~*       Blessings of Light and Peace  ~  Tara        *~*

Friday, March 1, 2013

Transcending Personal Fears

Hi Every-One  ~

Today I wish to share, through my own experiences, how to say Good-Bye to Fear once and for all !
All emotions hold a certain frequency, and it can be high as in Love, or it can be low as in Fear.

Fear is an emotion that can set up home within your world and take over your life, your views or concepts on anything, and generally keep you in a lower frequency.  A lower frequency is very slow and keeps one stuck deeply in a third dimensional world where sickness and difficulties reign supreme! 
What we fear the most in our lives often turns up at our door.  Meaning  -  we 'can' draw it to us.    Of course, this is speaking about general things in life like not having enough to live on, not being able to take care of self, any way of living that impacts us in debilitating ways.  All of which I speak of does not include what Governments do to make our lives miserable, or more miserable than they already are. What I speak of is personal issues.

After going through the experiences for several years which my own fear manifested for me, I see now that a lack of faith in a higher power than my physical self was to blame.  I drew the lessons to me and they were extremely harsh, and at times life-threatening.   I used them to learn.   I stared fear in the face, grabbed it by its throat, and strangled it once and for all !

Any emotional attachment, like holding onto fear, takes up space within our Being.   Our emotional-body will carry it within our aura.  It has taken up room where faith and love within Oneself should be. Once the lesson has been learned, the emotional body can then begin to heal itself.   Love and faith can then reside where fear once lived.  After clearing the emotional body of fear, one's frequencies can rise and energy can then get through to heal the physical.

Living in a higher frequency puts one above the lower energies of fear, hate, anger and comparing ourselves with another. It also allows the higher energies to supply us with our needs through guidance coming from within, where our soul can speak to us.   Having the strength to face fear and replace it with love is one of the biggest lessons one can learn in life.

Namaste  ~  Tara

Waking Up With Clear Concepts

  Hi Every-One   ~

Just another personal sharing about Concepts  -  pertaining to our own personal journey of wanting to understand, through our Earth Self, about the many intracacies of Life.  Even while living in the Now, I can still mull-over certain aspects of life in my mind wanting to see and understand them better, through my own eyes.  Everything on Earth, and in our Earthly life, is expansive!  Just as energy expands, our life and what we understand also expands.  Concepts can have different meanings to each soul, but with our own journey we search for clearer meanings. There is so much to learn it is virtually a smorgesbord of delicacies out there in what appears to be an 'ordinary world.'

I work with higher aspects of my-Self to teach and guide me in what I seek to understand.   I am free within myself to let go of physical worries of this 3D world, knowing that what I need will be provided, and this allows me to focus on expanding my concepts of certain aspects of life.

What I awoke with today was a clear view of an aspect I had been 'working on' within.   Why I am sharing this is because it doesn't just come through as 'words' or a vision in my mind, it came through my eyes and showed itself through my vision as I looked outside to the rain and nature. This assures me that it's not just the mind working things out, this is permanent and clear concepts that will stay with me forever.

The mind is like a sponge and can put you through the mill after taking in everything you read, see, and hear.  Trying to work things out only using the mind may not give you the correct answer for You.  When I ask a question, think a little about it, then leave it, it allows for space to enter.  When the mind is quieted it allows for a higher energy to come through and gives me the answer I am seeking.  Now it comes through my vision, seeing the world through different eyes including the many concepts that life has within its complex woven web.

                               I wish you all a peaceful and happy weekend, namaste Tara *~~

Making Peace With Yourself

Hi Every-One  ~

Do you ever stop during your busy day and assess just how you feel inside?  Whether you are living each day from your nerves, or from a place of peace?  Sometimes I wonder if anyone can be truly residing in peace if they are :

       1.   Constantly reading the internet about the latest energies,
       2.   Astrological news for that day,
       3.   If the Federation is going to land and when,
       4.   Conspiracy theories from the latest "New Age" flavor-of-the-month person and their website.
       5.   Any other worries that jeopardizes a person's ability to live in the present and enjoy their life.

Also, a lot of our lack of peace within is due to past relationships either with friends, colleagues, lover, parents, kids, etc  The word 'relationship' can be misused as many acquaint it with intimate alliances with others, which of course is incorrect.  We can have  'relationship'  with any-thing or any-one.  It just means to relate to someone or something on a regular basis.  We could say that we have relationship with others on websites as friends and acquaintances.

I have relationship with my computer each day because it enables me to meet and communicate with many people anywhere in the world.   Anyway, I am going to share an excerpt from Dr. Wayne Dyer's book, There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, from   "Send love to, and pray for, your enemies."

 " Harboring anger and hatred toward anyone guarantees that YOU remain in low energy fields where
   problems will continue to crop up repeatedly in your life.  I suggest that you examine every relationship
   in which you feel judgmental thoughts of anger and hatred.  Replace those thoughts with energies of
   acceptance, kindness, cheerfulness, and love.  You will have to make a personal committment to, first
   of all, notice what you are feeling and then exercise your ability to choose to send love.  When your heart
   becomes pure, your enemy becomes your friend, or even more significantly, your teacher.
   Your worst enemies are your greatest teachers because they allow you to examine the emotions of anger
   and revenge and then to transcend them.  They give you the exact tools you need to elevate yourself to the
   spiritual energies that provide your solutions.  "               P.120

Just going back to my list earlier,  of course it is perfectly okay to browse and read any subject of your choice. It becomes a problem when you have a strong need to check to see how your day is going to be, before you've even stepped outside the door.   No one can dictate just how energies will affect another.   Being able to live in peace, each or most days, sets up a good vibration for an enjoyable life.   If you aren't in peace the majority of the time, then there must be blockages which need to be investigated.   Only YOU can go within and try and find out why, of course I'm not speaking of adverse living conditions where each day can be a struggle.

Although, I've lived in many very adverse conditions and still managed to find peace within.  I guess it all boils down to working on one's inner-world as well.  Contentment with oneself is a wonderful asset to have, and it also assists you/me to ride those huge waves if they ever come again. There is always a place to go within to find peace and love, if you work on creating that space for yourself.

                                                        Love and Peace  ~  Tara