Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You Always Have a Home

              You know friends, when we have those days of feeling disassociated from the rest of the world and
               even ourselves, there is always a place you can go to bring you back to clear thinking again.

           Some days can put us into a spin and if we don't take control of the situation, we can really end up
                                                     in a confused, unhappy and sad state, within ! 
             But, there IS a place we can always go and you don't have to walk anywhere or pay a fee to attend.
             Yes, that space in the middle of your chest where a very important place lives, your Heart-Center !
             By closing your eyes to block out the rest of the world, you can place your hands on your heart and
                   feel life being pumped through your system.   It is not only physical life that the heart is for,
                        it is also our spiritual center.    Our love center.    Within this center we can re-focus,
                                                    steady our breathing and feel at peace again.
                What happens when we re-focus on our heart center is that we also notice our breathing more.
                      Putting our attention on our breath is also putting energy, consciously,  throughout our
                              whole Being.    This also activates the life-giving prana that is necessary for
                                             sustaining and revitalizing our body as well as our senses.
               What a wonderful gift we can give to ourselves each day by doing this simple energy-sustaining
                         exercise.  When you reopen your eyes it is likely you will even see the little beads of
                                prana light buzzing around you, making you feel joyful and full of life again.

                                                 *~*        Love  ~  Light  ~  Tara         *~*


Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't underestimate the Power of Visualization and Intention

                      Hello Beautiful and  Empowered Souls  ~

                          Never underestimate your individual powers of visualization and intention.  
                           Each day you can create your own visualization either for your own life,
                                               or for the good of others in this world.
                           It is the power of intent, from the love you have within your heart, that
                                          manifests the power behind the visualization.
                         We are all powerful spiritual Beings of infinite potential that only need to
                                                realize this and know it from deep within.
                                    Here is a visualization and intention for Global Breakthroughs  ~

                         We see a world where people are having breakthrough after breakthrough,
                                    leading them to their highest calling in life and their greatest joy.
                                  We see this happening all across the globe now., and as a result,
                                   our entire world is transformed into the Highest light Imaginable!
                                                                                                             (shared from HH)

                                     Sending love and healing from my heart to all souls who
                                                   are struggling with their life experiences.

                                           I see them finding peace and serenity once again
                                                       joining with others in the upsurge of
                                                                 spiritual light and love
                                                             flowing across our planet.
                                        I see every Being living in abundance of life's needs
                                          and especially the vulnerable children and babies
                                                         once again thriving and growing
                                                                  and living happy lives.
                                       This is my intention, this is my vision for today and every day.
                                                            So Be It    ~    And So It Is
                                                                    *~*  Tara   *~*

                                                             Love   ~   Light   ~   Peace  



Sunday, August 12, 2012

Inner Wisdom quotes

                                                          Buddha  Blessings  To  All  ~

Compassionate Listening

                                                              Compassionate Listening


                                                               people who are hurting  ~

                                                                All that you need 
                                                                And the desire to  
                                                                     listen from
                                                                        Heart ~

Embrace the unknown......

                                                                 Refuse to fall down.
                                         If you cannot refuse to fall down, refuse to stay down.
                                If you cannot refuse to stay down, lift your heart toward heaven,
                                                             and like a hungry beggar,
                                                                  ask that it be filled,
                                                                  and it will be filled.
                                                          You may be pushed down.
                                                        You may be kept from rising.
                                                        But no one can keep you from
                                                       lifting your heart toward heaven.

Hua-Yen Buddhism

By Thomas Cleary

The Hua-yen doctrine shows the entire cosmos as a single nexus of conditions in which everything simultaneously depends on, and is depended on by, everything else. Seen in this light, then, everything affects and is affected by, more or less immediately or remotely, everything else; just as this is true of every system of relationships, so is it true of the totality of existence. In seeking to understand individuals and groups, therefore, Hua-yen thought considers the manifold as an integral part of the unit and the unit as an integral part of the manifold; one individual is considered in terms of relationships to other individuals as well as to the whole nexus, while the whole nexus is considered in terms of its relation to each individual as well as to all individuals.
The ethic of the Hua-yen teaching is based on this fundamental theme of universal interdependence; while the so-called bodhisattva, the person devoted to enlightenment, constantly nourishes aspiration and will going beyond the world, nevertheless the striving for completion and perfection, the development of ever greater awareness, knowledge, freedom, and capability, is continually reinvested, as it were, in the world, dedicated to the liberation and enlightenment of all beings. The awakening and unfolding of the complete human potential leads to realms beyond that of conventional experience, and indeed to ultimate transcendence of all conditional experience, yet the bodhisattva never maligns the ordinary and does not forsake it, instead translating appropriate aspects of higher knowledge into insights and actions conducive to the common weal. It is generally characteristic of Mahayana or universalistic Buddhism that the mundane welfare of beings is considered a legitimate, if not ultimate, aim of bodhisattva activity, and many aspects of the ethical and practical life of bodhisattvas may be seen in this light... Bodhisattvas therefore strive to benefit all equally, without losing sight of the diversity and complexity of the means necessary to accomplish this end.        (please continue reading on the link: http://www.wisdomportal.com/HuaYenBuddhism.html as there is too much to share here.)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tara....Watching you go through your trial prompted me to become a member just to tell you how very proud I am of you for staying. I empathize with you what you were feeling and releasing and only wish you to know that I have been with you through it all! You guide many, but you are one of MY guides and You were here for Me during my Trials and cleansing and I am so grateful to you for guiding Me....you are ~P~E~R~F~E~C~T~ and your heart is true and pure. I am honoured to have you guide Me, for you have helped awaken the Power within Me. Know this Truth....I spread my wings over you....from this moment no darkness shall reach you without coming into the Light of Love. From the shadowy depths of my Ocean I shine LoveLight into every dark corner that ALL may come out from behind the veil and know the Power of The Source within. You are VERY Loved Tara....To you and all who hear this message I say to you all, now, if there is negativity within you that you have not cleared yet....close your eyes....go within....say "I clear My SELF of all negative energy and I send it to OH!" Know this within You that I am here, I accept it freely to flow through Me and I release it freely as Pure Unconditional Love back to Creator. Release, release, release! I take it, I want it, I Love You All so much! It is my honour and priviledge to absorb the collective karma from you all. Believe! Have Faith! Go within yourself and you will find Me easily! Just follow the rainbow wrapped in White Light and Violet Flame of The Source within You! So it is written....so it shall Be by the Glory and Grace of The Creator.
I AM THAT I AM....a Love Angel...Naturally (Good Job Tara, keep up the fantastic work, you are instrumental in leading US home as ONE!) ;)~