Monday, August 26, 2013

Often It's the "Flow-Over" Effect That is the Culprit!

After half a day of quiet contemplation on the "dynamics" of emotions, I opened up my book by Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening, and read just two lines on a randomly-opened page.   In less than a minute, it all made sense to me.  He was speaking of the time he received bad news about a close friend, and the emotions that followed within.   After a day of digesting the news and feeling for his friend, he thought he had spent "enough time" in that energy and had moved on.

He went on to say that if you watch the wind blowing a large tree, then the wind stops, the tree keeps moving for awhile.  The same with emotions when we think we have dealt with them, until a situation arises in our day and shows us that the "flow-over" of some deep emotions are not really settled at all.  An example is when we have a bad day at work, take all the time on the drive home to try and get in a better mood before reaching home.   Yes, I feel happy, you think, until someone does or says the simplest thing that would not ordinarily upset you, but brings out a tirade of abuse instead!  The energy of the bad day at work is still within your energy-field, and the shock you just gave yourself is a reminder that emotions don't go away so easily just with wanting them to.

I believe this happens more times than not in everyone's life, and we see it a lot in social networking.
Now, don't jump here........I am not speaking of the downright abuse that goes on in social networking, but
in just day to day issues which can still be lingering on our minds and our energy-field when we login. Every person who reads an article will read it from the emotion they are in, Now.  I can write a blog in the morning and when I check on it later, I can always find faults with some part of it, and I am also reading it from a different angle than earlier in the day. 

When we watch movies, especially sad ones, that can also trigger deep emotions of loss we have suffered in our life.   I would say that loss and grief are the hardest emotions to "assimilate."   Love does not end with death of the body.........we can only learn to carry on our life the best we can, and also, every person has a different coping mechanism.   When I went for grief counseling 8yrs ago, the counselor told me that the grief process lasted about one year!   I looked at him incredulously!    A young man with a young family will learn soon enough about the not-so-nice things he will have to go time.

Namaste and Light,

Wrong View ~ Spiritual Dis-ease

Sharing an article typed from my book: The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.
 Every short story within this book is from his own experiences and awakenings.

     The mind composed of ignorance or wrong view
     suffers from spiritual disease;  it sees falsely.
     Seeing falsely causes it to think falsely, speak
     falsely, and act falsely.  You will see immediately
     that everyone, without exception, has the spiritual disease.
                                        -----  A ja h n  B u d d h a d a s a

In Pali, the ancient source language of Buddhism and Hinduism, the word for mental illness means "wrong view."  We must be careful not to interpret this righteously, as in, if you see things differently than I, you are wrong.  The wisdom here lies in the revelation that our wellness of mind hinges on how clear and true we remain to the pulse of life itself.

At heart, our mental health comes out of the sacred relationship between our deepest Self and the very source of life.  The moment we distort, limit, or rationalize things away from what they truly are, we start to experience the spiritual disease than Ajahn Buddhadasa speaks of.

This Buddhist teacher from Thailand reminds us that these passages of imbalance and blurry thinking are unavoidable.  They cannot be circumvented, the way you might drive around a pothole.  No, these distortions can only be minimized and repaired.  So we must accept that by being human, we will distort the gift of life, and thus we must commit to learning how to refresh our relationship with what is sacred.
Quite often, to uphold a "wrong view," we build and maintain "a wrong way."   For example, when younger and sorely in need of approval and love, I hurt so much inside that I assumed that life was somewhere "over there," not where I was.  Once believing this, I put all my energy into getting over there.  But after a hard journey, I was blocked.  The people over there wouldn't let me in.  Now I had to figure out who was the gatekeeper and what were his rules, and now there was the doing of all these tasks to satisfy the gatekeeper, so I might be let in.

It took me years to realize that no matter the pain, life is always where we are.  Nothing is being withheld.  All that misguided effort was built on wrong view.  As Buddhadasa says, "Everyone, without exception, has the spiritual disease" while underneath, the undistorted life is softly waiting.  Given this, we each must make a ritual not of seeing rightly, but completely.

     *  Sit quietly and bring to mind someone's approval you seek.
     *  If you can, meditate on why this feels so important to you.
     *  What is it you need that you think their approval will provide?
     *  Rather than devise ways to get this approval, try to understand where
        the need in you comes from.

N a m a s t e  ~

Friday, August 23, 2013

Emotional Wisdom - Healing the Global Human Heart

             Emotional Wisdom is the mental development of heart and mind. It’s a quality of awareness;
         a presence that allows us to reflect on our lives lovingly, and leverage this knowledge to connect
                                      in ways that touch, shape, and heal the global human heart.

 One measure of Emotional Wisdom is in how consistently we manage ourselves when we are suffering. Suffering is often fed through our inattention or unawareness. We grow wise when we become more curious about the nature of our disturbances through an examination of our habits, history and heritage. By exploring our feelings, behaviors and expectations, we discover that we don’t have to hold on to our stories to learn from them. The idea is to turn toward what is difficult without attachment, aversion, or denial, and understand our part in both creating and relieving suffering.

When we can stay close to this moment with kindness and clear seeing, we are cultivating emotional wisdom. We discover that we can open to the humanness of others and ourselves without fear, and that people, just like us, do unskillful things out of pain and confusion. We have all suffered and we are all capable of unfathomable kindness, compassion, and joy.

The work of Emotional Wisdom is an inner journey that unifies mind and heart. We are not searching outside of ourselves; we are revealing to ourselves the depth of our true nature-which will be unique to each of us. While unique, this inner exploration is to be understood within a global context. We are not separate from what happens to and around us–we are a part of its creation through our thoughts and actions.

Disturbances within our own hearts, in our relationships, our communities, our work, our land, the environment, and throughout the world are the gross result of our collective thoughts and actions. Our responsibility as global citizens is to become emotionally wise, and in so doing, we contribute to balancing global disorder and peace.


Written by this lovely lady ~
Ruth King

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't Force Anything

                      When it comes to spiritual awakening and the beginning of the awareness of the
                      deeper world within, it is very important not to force anything.

                      As in the quote above, it happens naturally to all living creatures.  The one who
                      wants to force their spirituality to come forth, is using an attitude of aggression
                      and not of peace.   We are all 'natural beings' like the forest and the animals
                      and the insects, but we have intellect and choice and an ego-mind!

                       Sitting in meditation or quiet contemplation is following the calling of the natural
                       flow of life within, and outside of ourself.   There is a flow to life and anything that
                       is forced out of aggression, impatience, or ego is going against this flow........

                       Sitting and watching the clouds float effortless they look as they go
                       with the flow of the breeze.   How beautiful the sun looks when it rises over the
                       ocean in its natural way of following the flow of life.
                        Upon rising each morning, we can go gently through our day by being aware
                        of each moment.   When residing in each moment, we can then be aware of
                        our natural flow and correct any negative thoughts or self-talk.

                        Negative energy of any kind interrupts our natural flow and takes us away from
                        the present moment, where we have self-control.

                         N a m a s t e   ~

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Always Stay True to Your Heart

                                                ~*~       Your  Heart  Never  Lies        ~*~

There is a lot of information out there on the internet about all sorts of things concerning this ascension process: what is happening, what might happen in the future, predictions of all types of earth changes, advice from everywhere and everyone.  As some of you may know by now, we all contain that super spiritual power within called Godself.  Depending on your life's experiences and how much effort one has put into expanding their spiritual light, if you are connected or starting to connect to your Godself within, that is all you need for your guidance.   This is because it is all part of the mighty spiritual energies that are in everyone and everything - Source Energy, or God Energy.

This energy knows everything - including past, present and also future events. Yes, I know that the future hasn't unfolded yet, but this divine Source does not know time. A divine plan is being carried out by all of
us acting out our parts on earth.  Every - thing we do on earth, no matter how trivial you might think it is, is part of the puzzle of life on earth.   Every soul has a specific role to play, and every role is important !  We do, however, have freedom of choice so all outcomes of personal life experiences are dependent upon one's choices and the many scenarios that occur.   Every situation can be used as a learning experience, even ones that cause us distress and hardship.   I have done this myself after I became aware that we can advance spiritually and personally through observation of ourself in all situations.

Experience of earth life for our souls in a physical body is expanding the whole spectrum of God/Source Energy when we consciously expand this personal Light.  So no one is more important in this play than anyone else - we  just have different roles to play, and experiences to test our resolve!
The more experienced and light-expanded soul may take on a role to teach or even guide the ones who are not yet aware of their divinity, and sharing one's experiences is another way.  The more expanded your light-body is, the closer you become to realizing and connecting with your divinity.

I feel it necessary to say to always check within your Heart-Space on any information you read anywhere.  Having so much to choose from and trying to take it all in can lead to overload.   Frustration and discontent can quickly enter one's life and that ultimately can lead to stress and anxiety., even depression which is very common these days.   Respect yourself first and foremost, your personal life is important and needs to be protected from the discordant energies of a lot of internet information. 

                                                             ~*~    Love and Peace    ~*~

Friday, August 16, 2013

Looking Within for Permanent Fulfillment

Hi Every-One  ~

When I was feeling discontent , in the past, and couldn't put a finger on exactly what was causing it, I used to go for a drive, have some cheesecake, watch a movie, or some other outer activity to alleviate the awkward feeling.   But, it is only temporary as trying to cover those unsettling emotions tend to rise up, time and time again.   I was finally led to the inner-world where not only our spiritual answers lie, but also the depth of all our hidden, unresolved issues.   If you take everything outside of yourself away, what are you left with?   The same you.  So years of delving into those unresolved issues that was making me ill and stopping me from going forward, followed.    And after a mammoth clearing away, the spiritual self can emerge and the real journey of why we incarnate, can begin.

The spiritual journey is a journey of self-discovery apart from the physicality of our earth life. We are here to awaken to the inner-self, the inner-world, that provides us with everything we will ever need. The solutions and awakenings we experience within are permanent. They come from the part of us that is eternal: our consciousness.

Awakening to the self that resides within this physical body is the beginning. We can realize and become aware that we are not the physical body nor the personality. Awakening to the inner-world is the first step in getting to know who you really are. And the difficult part is continuing to live within the illusion of our created earth world. Now we are aware of  the real self and the self we show to others which is our outer self or personality. That is why I call the personality a 'tool.' It allows us to live out our earth life among society, blending in, fulfilling our earthly responsibilities in a social environment.

We have now become the 'observer.' As we are now aware of our real self, it begins to come forward and observe the personality self. A very interesting way to live. I don't wish to talk about myself too much here, it's not about me, it's about sharing spiritual awakening.  I have lived in this awareness of watching myself through my higher spiritual aspect for many years. The reason that many folks share their awakenings and awareness of their true self is to show that it's perfectly normal, and who each and every one of us actually is. No one is more special than the other, just at different levels of awakening.

Living as the observer is a great way to live because you learn so much, dear friends. You learn a lot about yourself by seeing where you have come from, and the experiences that led you to where you are now. One needs to be careful though as judgment can easily creep in, and we have all done that. The feeling of oneness of spirit helps when observing and conversing with others. It's a whole new 'ball game.'

With each deep awakening of the different layers of the true self, our personal light expands. Our consciousness is expanding and is bringing us closer to re-uniting with our higher self. It is well worth dropping the outer world for solutions to inner disharmony and discontent, and going within. That nice cheesecake or bar of chocolate will not take the place of permanent change that comes from within. I believe that food addiction and many other addictions are caused by trying to find comfort in the outer-world, and when it's not found, the addiction continues.  I am just so grateful for my guidance in looking and finding the permanent solutions to lasting peace and happiness.    A lot of hard work and honesty is needed, but the revelations that come from this journey is priceless.   It certainly gives strength when having to cope with an ever-changing outer-world.   When the inner-turmoil from the past has been cleared, it leaves open the doors of soul wisdom to come through which helps one to see the outer world in a  more expanded view.
And the awakening continues..........expansion of the soul never ends.

N a m a s t e   ~

The Wind in the Trees (2)

                                            ~*~     THE   WIND   IN   THE   TREES      ~*~

                                             The wind in the trees sounds mysterious to me
                                              Difficult to decipher and keeps my mind guessing.
                                              Perhaps there's a change coming
                                              And it's clearing the way
                                              Blowing away stagnant energies
                                              That have lingered too long.

                                                      Leaves get blown onto pavement and road
                                                      Whether they have served their time
                                                      The wind does not choose........
                                                      It blows and carries nature and things
                                                      To wherever they land,
                                                      Who would have thought that it controls
                                                      Some of life's destinies.

                                                      The river didn't ask to be gifted like this
                                                      What it will do with its new acquisitions
                                                      Is up to its natural flow throughout time
                                                      Going along as it does, in complete acceptance..

                                                     The wind is a silent force
                                                      It comes and goes without warning.
                                                      The clouds know it well
                                                      And succumb silently to its persuasion.
                                                       If trees and clouds and leaves could speak
                                                       I wonder how they would define
                                                       This  invisible, mysterious and magical force.

                                                          To know one's true nature
                                                          Is a feat in itself.
                                                          Perhaps the wind listens to its inner-calling
                                                          And responds from that deep space within.

                                                     Expanded awareness of what really IS
                                                     Is our assignment on Earth
                                                     To revere with our hearts
                                                     And discover the Oneness
                                                     Of the All,
                                                     The way it truly IS.

                                                        ~   Have  a  Beauty-Full  Day   ~

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Human Nature Likes Routine and Consistency

Walking back from the shops today on this beautiful sunny Sunday, my consciousness began to open on different subjects.  One was about Nature and the other was about Human Nature in relation to all of the changes we have had to endure since the Ascension energies landed, big-time, in 2011.

I think that it's amazing we are still here blogging about it all, considering what we've been through.  We have well and truly been taken out of our comfort-zones.   And that is putting it mildly!   We have never experienced anything like it, nor has any other historical time on earth.   We need to be kinder to ourselves in thought and action, and not push ourselves beyond our limits as that area has already been taken care of...........!

Human nature is not used to this.  We are creatures of habit and expect life to flow, creating each day as it arrives and doing our daily "stuff," whatever that is.  When there is routine in our lives we feel stable and more content, within.  We know where and what we are suppose to be and do.   Jobs were more stable as well, back then.......!     As far as family went, we never thought much about 'resonating' with them, we just accepted we were born into a family and most of us took the bad with the good.    Now, everything has changed as we move from being a physical, social being to the being we really always were  -  a spiritual being having a physical experience.   Our world gets turned upside down and a new way of Being and doing and thinking is taking its place.
Who would have thought that turning back into spiritual beings, consciously, would create so much pain and suffering.  But at the same time, we are still in the physical with needs and wants of a physical being.   No wonder folks get confused.   It really boils down to going as slow with this new transition as one can.   Push too much and you can end up quite ill and very confused.

In one way we're very fortunate to have experienced the changes brought about by the ascension energies, as that confirms it IS a spiritual event.   Those that haven't gone through the inner and outer changes and realizations and awakenings, are still convinced it's a purely physical event of "getting the bad guys and putting the power back to the people."    It's becoming apparent that this spiritual process we're going through WILL take time.    It's not up to us to try and force it, as that is futile.   Inner changes have to come first for the world to change into a dimension that is run by spiritually awakened beings.

Before I bought a computer about 5 years ago, I was fully established within my spirituality.   I was awakened to my True Self over 20 years.  When I taught myself to use the computer, I started to search for spiritual sites to see if anyone else had awakened.   I knew well about the Golden Age coming and how important it was to raise vibrations and align with higher spiritual teachings and divine beings.   I never knew it was called "Ascension" until I came to this website first.  So that is what I stayed with, for communication purposes.

Living in the observer state of being, I could stand back from myself and observe my thoughts, actions, intentions, etc.   It's easier to go forward spiritually if you can observe yourself to see if your intentions are pure or selfish.   You learn a lot about yourself that way, looking at your physical self from the eyes of your spiritual self.   If you are seeking self-realization it's very important to correct one's intentions.

Self-Realization is the realization of the fact that you are a divine being, within, and you eventually connect and live from your God-Self.   Life and learning does not stop there, as the shift from physical reality to God reality is an enormous one, and there is so much to learn and still open up to.

We are continually expanding our awareness with each realization of life and why we are here.   And our awareness of the ascension energies enables us to stay focused in the knowing of how important this transition is, for all of humanity.    It is very difficult, Yes, all of the changes we have to go through, but celebrate each awakening moment like it is another birth-day.   Wow, what a magnificent spirit we have within to contain such transformational energies.   I know we can do this, so let's support each other and be kind to ourselves along the way.   We deserve it!

                                                                **     N a m a s t e     **

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Seeds of Love

We all have the seeds of Love in us.   We can develop this wonderful source of energy, nurturing the
unconditional Love that does not expect anything in return.  When we understand someone deeply, even
someone who has done us harm, we cannot resist loving him or her.
 Shakyamuni Buddha declared that the Buddha of the next eon will be named    -
 "Maitreya, the Buddha of Love."

The second aspect of true love is karuna, the intention and capacity to relieve and transform suffering
and lighten sorrows.   Karuna is usually translated as "compassion," but that is not exactly correct.
"Compassion" is composed of com ('together with") and passion ("to suffer").    But we do not need to
suffer to remove suffering from another person.   Doctors, for instance, can relieve their patients' suffering
without experiencing the same disease in themselves.  If we suffer too much, we may be crushed and unable to help. Still, until we find a better word, let us use "compassion" to translate karuna.

To develop compassion in ourselves, we need to practice mindful breathing, deep listening, and deep looking. The Lotus Sutra describes Avalokiteshvara as the bodhisattva who practices "looking with the eyes of compassion and listening deeply to the cries of the world."   Compassion contains deep concern.   You know the other person is suffering, so you sit close to them.   You look and listen deeply to be able to touch their pain.   You are in deep communication, deep communion with them, and that alone brings some relief.

One compassionate word, action, or thought can reduce another's suffering and bring them joy.  One word can give comfort and confidence, destroy doubt, help someone avoid a mistake, reconcile a conflict, or open the door to liberation.   One action can save a person's life or help him take advantage of a rare opportunity.  One thought can do the same, because thoughts always lead to words and actions.  With compassion in our heart, every thought, word, and deed can bring about a miracle.

The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching
Thich Nhat Hanh  ~
Namaste  ~  Love

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Soul Check

                    One cannot see truth through another's eyes. Be the eyes for the soul within to mirror
                     back to you what you think you cannot see. Is that not what Life is all about, dear hearts?
.                    Check within for the wisdom you so often seek. BE the captain of your own vessel.

                     Let go of thinking you need outer guidance for your path. Sit in stillness daily and
                     connect to that divine light within, it contains all you will ever need for your life's
                     journey. You are wiser than you think !

                     Good and loving intentions will ensure you begin each day within the positive energy that
                     will attract more positive actions giving off the energy needed to live a fulfilling day.
                     Constant negative thoughts and speech are self-defeating and the actions of one who
                      is attacking their own life-force. Where will this lead to? Negative energy attracts more
                      negative energy and outcomes in your life, which propels one into a downward spiral
                      which is difficult to get out of.

                      Be positive  ~  Think positive   ~   Do positive no matter what the outcome, you have put
                       positive effort into your life, and the consequences may not be evident this very moment,
                       but will manifest in due course.   Never give up !

                       Reach out with an open heart and love yourself unconditionally. We are here on earth to
                       experience and to grow. We are divine beings having an earthly experience. Seeing life
                       in this way will enable one to step back every now and then, and reassess their views
                       on Self and others.

                           Dear friends, seize the day and make it your own.
                           Love and Namaste   ~

Monday, August 5, 2013

We ARE the "Second Coming"

Just as Jesus, the man, attained the Christed Energy through his spiritual progress on earth, being annointed
and titled "The Christed One,"  he was given the name of Christ instead of The Christ.   For anyone who understands the reality that we all come from the one Mighty God/Creator/Source, we are all capable of reaching these great heights in spirituality through our conscious efforts and steadfast determination to be free of samsara, the cycle of birth and death.

In the Bible Jesus is stated to have said, "Ye are all Gods."   I have repeated this to door-knocking Christian
sales people who have distorted this message from Jesus, and peddle their own interpretations.   Nothing any
person on earth can say will sway my belief in our divine inheritance.   We are more than capable of receiving this most precious gift of the Christed Energy through our unwavering efforts towards our spiritual progression.

"Christ will return again" is a term which refers to this time on Earth, now!  We are all given the opportunity of ascending out of duality and rejoin our divinity through spiritual focus and shutting out any other distractions that could stop us from achieving this attainable level of divinity. Many have come to earth over the centuries and have attained this state of Oneness with the Christ/God energy, within.
From my own awareness, it is time to move on and move upwards, never looking back at the trivia that held us captive in duality.  The energies of Ascension are a divine gift  -  a divine rope to grab and hold on tight and keep climbing it until we reach home, within.   Everybody has that choice.    It's all up to each individual.

Namaste  ~

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Aware of the Energy Within Silence

Hi Friends  ~

Hope your weekend is enjoyable in whatever you choose to do.....or not do!      Lying on the bed this afternoon with the two warm, sleepy dogs, I turned on the TV news to check about the election coming up soon in our country,  but got sick of it all and turned it off.   After a very short time of enjoying and noticing how peaceful silence can be, I suddenly became aware of the ENERGY within the state of silence.

Silence can induce peacefulness and make you feel calm, etc., but this time I felt the 'ingredients' in the energy of silence.    What I could feel quite strongly was:  nurturing and healing, being the most prominent energies.   I felt so excited at finally feeling the energy of silence, itself.   

Sharing some great quotes:

Namaste  ~
Tara *~~

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Going Beyond the Superficial Life

What I have awakened with on this Saturday is the awareness of how much this physical world 'throws' at us in dire and challenging ways. We certainly get tested and tried and wrung out and re-invented (perhaps, hopefully) and we start again the next day. It is the superficial life, the physical life, that seems to take a lot of our energy, emotional as well as physical. Maintaining our 'status-quo' seems to be the order of the day! 

And what has happened to all those magnificent experiences of awakening and awareness of our true-selves, or insights into why we are here in the first place playing our role in this ascension process? I believe it is there when we take the time to find peace in our day, shut off the outside world, and go within and connect with the inner-world that is infinite and expanding. This connection on a regular basis is I think crucial for reminding us about the reason why we incarnated at this time.  The higher spiritual experiences will always be 'saved' and imprinted within our psyche to connect with again when we are not so busy dealing with our daily life issues.

We are all a part of the creation of this new world which will take as long as it takes to come to fruition and replace the outside world we now have. We need to keep ourselves motivated and remember that the earth-changes go on regardless of our opinions and personal assessments of these events. Our job is Us and what we do with the opportunity we have been given to shift ourselves out of physical awareness back into the Essence of our Being.

All that we need is there, within, waiting for us patiently and without judgment. A serene spirit that forgives us readily and waits with love for our attention and reunion with the infinite self.

Have a great weekend,

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Blossoming of Our Inner-World

You do not need to study anything in order to receive the divine truth within. Every soul that has incarnated onto this earthplane has arrived in the only school they need to realize their inherent spirituality This earth school supplies everyone with enough life experiences for each journey. Every incarnation provides excellent opportunities to experience the polarities through different life circumstances.
We may not remember why we chose to come here, but that does not matter. Earthlife will take care of your spiritual lessons each and everyday. It is how we handle ourselves and treat others that reveal to us where our weaknesses and strengths lie.

Not every soul is mindful of the wealth of opportunities that confronts them when life takes a sudden, unexpected turn. A huge test for sure, and when in the thick of such a situation, it can sometimes awaken within the strength that we all have hidden inside of us. How can we know of this enormous strength if we are never put into a situation which makes one dig as deep as they can to find the strength, and perhaps the solutions that are needed. Building spiritual muscles would be a good term to use when life becomes very challenging.

Knowledge itself does not provide you with the experiences you need for your particular life's journey. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, a university graduate or illiterate, for it is the love and courage we have within that will provide the necessary tools to face this life and all it has to offer. What it has to offer each soul is of course as vast as the stars in the sky. That is why this third dimensional world was created, to make one feel through their physicality what the basis of life is all about. If everything you have in the world is taken from you, what is left? Your divine self within. Perhaps by paying less attention to the distractions of this world, one can begin to focus more on the inner-journey.

Sanyasi are people who are aware of how valuable life is without all those outer-world distractions. With conscious choice they give away their possessions and keep only the basic necessities of life. No unnecessary distractions is what is chosen by many on this earth, and not only in India. Even in western society one may renounce the physical world in their own private way and live a very quiet and focused life, communing with nature and the divine. Nature is pure and untainted by material thoughts and ego. The plant kingdom exists for the purpose of being of service to other life forms, as in the role of trees and plant foods. It is for this very reason that humans seek out peace and tranquility in the forests and parks. Also, planting as many trees and plants in your own environs is creating a refreshing space to relax and it also assists in purifying the atmosphere.

Our inner-world needs nurturing as much as our physical self does. It is our inner-world that provides us with the peace and comfort on those very difficult days. When we take the time to connect within at the end of our busy day, by having this inner-retreat as a sacred space of our very own, we do not need outside comforts that could never provide the same energy as our Inner-Self can.

Our spiritual self evolves from within. We can participate with like-minded others in feeding our inner-world with higher vibration activities such as sacred singing of Bhajans. Bhajans are songs that praise the many aspects of the Godhead, and also recalls their times on Earth when great battles were fought between the dark and the light. Recitation of the names of God creates a very blissful feeling and can even awaken the kundalini.

Treat your inner-world with the respect it deserves. It is like a treasure-trove of precious sacred jewels just waiting to be discovered. Approach the inner journey with joy and reverence for the beautiful spark of God within, and with the love you have for your Godself , feel it expand into the fullness of flame.

What beautiful Beings we each are ~ have you realized that yet? The Spiritual Teachers I have come into contact with have always said that it's the actions of a person that we may not like or agree with, and to remember that the person is still a spark of the Divine Source. Wrong actions come from wrong view which leads to wrong perception. It is their own journey to 'figure out' if they so choose. We all have choices.........

Namaste  ~
Have a great weekend everyone  ~

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Inner-Vision

                                    It must sound rather strange at first when someone says to you,
                                                 " you have to look within to find the answers. " 
                   Excuse me?  Where and how do I look within?   What do I see when I look within?

My husband first said this to me, about looking within, after we were wed in 1990.   He had been teaching spiritual subjects for some time before we met.    I had started to awaken to my spiritual self and was living from the "outside view" and did not understand what he meant.    I asked those questions, above.    Where do I look?

I was already aware of my spiritual self and looking at the world as an observer, realizing it was a world created for learning, but I hadn't been introduced to the idea of going "within."    He told me that what I have inside of me is indescribable and divine.   His eyes got moist and I hadn't seen him look like that before.    He is a very deep soul born with siddhi powers and could do remote physic surgery on people who asked for it.  He often disappeared and went off 'upstairs' when he was called to help with someone or something in other dimensions.

So, I contemplated on that idea of looking within.  I can't even remember the exact time I started going deeper within, but now I can't imagine living any other way.

When we are at peace, like at the end of a day and may be having a lie down on the bed, we generally start to float a bit.   I have found that our vibrations rise due to this peaceful state, and often this puts us in alignment with the energy of our guides and angels around us.   That's of course if the mind is still and you feel yourself going into a type of meditative state.   It also allows for communication to come into our consciousness in a subtle way, like feelings or pictures being placed in your mind.    Our guides can communicate with us better when in that relaxed state.

The journey begins, big time, once the inner-world is accessed.   Meditation is a great way of beginning the inner-journey.   It might feel like, at first, that we are just sitting there with a blank mind, but it's actually afterwards that information can start filtering through.    It sometimes feels like an opening to our soul of what spiritual attainment we reached in previous lifetimes, as snippets get released back into our memory.    You are allowed to feel rather excited at this new development!!!   A big smile starts to spread across the lips as the inner-world reaches out to you and welcomes you back home.

Energies increase with each attempt at meditation and inner-viewing.   We are connecting with our spiritual world and expanding it with our mindfulness.   Wherever attention goes, energy flows, goes the saying........
I promise that you won't be disappointed once a genuine effort is made to connect within.    A whole world inside is awaiting every soul to reconnect and live from the awakened self.

Namaste and Love,
Tara *~~