Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aligning with the Universal Flow

I haven't read of anyone's experience in becoming One with the Universal Flow, so I would like to share my experience of it. It comes about after a lot of realizations stemming from living in the Now.  It just won't happen until you have come to that level of awakening where the mind does not control your everyday actions, and you don't live in the past or the predicted/perceived future.

When you have expanded your auric light and raised your frequency much higher than the 3D world, you will automatically be aware of having less fear and a trusting comes into your Being. 'Trusting' meaning you are aware now of a higher power that you weren't aware of before when you were swamped in third dimensional living. As we become less physical Beings and much more aware of our spiritual self within the body, life changes and spirituality is highlighted.   All of these changes occur because we are leaving the physical world for a more refined spiritual world.

Acceptance of one's situation, no matter what it is, is the key to not only living in the Now but also aligning you with the Universal Flow. It is a very individual and personal feeling and words are difficult to find to adequately describe its wondrous experience. Speaking for myself, recognizing that I had aligned with this U. Flow occurred after years of living in the Now moment.  I blogged a lot last year about the advantages of living in the Now, but it is not an easy place to Be unless you have done the previous work on yourself by expanding your Light and being conscious of each moment, as it arises.

I will just go back a bit and explain again about how spiritually expansive the Now moment is.  By living a mindful life, one keeps one energies in the activity of that present moment. I also blogged about how our thoughts are also energy, and if our minds are overactive with living in the past or having an argument with someone in our mind, then that energy has been taken from yourself and wasted on old energy of the past. That is not to confuse anyone who is doing research or studying, as they are putting their energy into remembering the data being read.

With more practice of staying in the Now and living mindfully, one day you will realize just how much your aura has expanded. With an expanded aura one can be aware of the spiritual changes happening within their own personal world. That is when your spiritual Self will release knowledge from inside of you that you previously knew. For your particular journey it may appear differently from mine, but I automatically aligned with Universal Flow after expereincing many of life's scenarios, both pleasant and horrific, and consciously went into the state of Acceptance. Now, after many ascension downloads later, living in the U. Flow is how I live each day.

What this means in everyday life is this: Universal Flow takes care of our needs. Aligned with its energy, it will take you to places where you can acquire what you need for that day, etc. You don't even know why at the time, but once you get there the realization comes. Wow ! That is the first feeling that comes to mind..........a big Wow! It is how things are manifested in higher dimensions. Apart from using thought-form to manifest one's needs, living in this U. Flow is putting you in alignment with Divine Source.  Divine Source has everything you need for your life. You and me and the bloke next door, etc., are all a part of this majestic Divine Source, but, One needs to be in alignment with its energy.

This is all part of the Ascension into a 5th dimensional life. And as you can see when you look around, in my opinion, we are a long way off. Spiritual development has to reach a point where souls on earth are reunited with their Divinity within, and BE One with it!   It takes effort by each and every one.  The first step is to Let Go mentally of this 3D created world. It was created for our souls to experience pain and pleasure, abundance and hardship, wellness and sickness, etc., etc.   Let's leave it all behind and choose a higher Life.

We are Living in Personally-Fragile Times

Dear friends  ~
With the sudden death of a beautiful member and moderator on a spiritual website I love so much, I am reducing the places I go to post any blogs, sharings, and Teachings.   This beautiful, loving lady was a huge shining light on that website, and in recent times, had been affected deeply by messages from some members who did not appreciate her emails of updates on the site.   Can you believe it?    All one has to do is change the settings to stop emails about site updates.  She was also blamed, by them, for their departure from the site.

With some spiritual websites accepting unsavory behaviour by members, these sites are losing their light and purpose very quickly !   I have posted a blog telling my friends there that I won't be posting there anymore..... after years of blogging and supporting and posting spiritual teachings, the 'powers' who run that site are still taking a soft approach to manipulative members.   It is not necessary to stay on these sites, there are beautiful souls on many websites that One can help and be a friend to.   Support is very important at this time as the higher energies that have flooded the planet are flushing out the lower, denser, and nastier sides of many people.  

One's own path and health is far more important than staying attached to any website right now, it just isn't worth it!    People on these websites should migrate to the ones who look after the energy of the site for the welfare of other members who are serious about spirituality.   Well, that's my say for today.
A memorial service will be held for the very loved member who departed suddenly, when announced by the owners of the site.   

 God Bless all of You and keep You safe   ~    Namaste ~ Tara.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Look at The Four Immeasurable Minds

Another day in sunny but cloudy Queensland, and Ginger and Charlie, above, are doing what dogs know best  -  enjoying themselves !   It would be nice to be an animal for a day and experience the freedom and closeness to nature that they do, without the worries and responsibility that humans have !
The atmosphere here, climatically, is oppressive and smokey with many burn-off fires happening to the west of me.   We usually have a nice breeze or even a good wind along the coast here, but the last two days have been exactly the same.  I wonder sometimes if it is because of the trauma happening all across the world, like mother nature is having a gigantic sigh with sadness..........who knows?  I have chosen to live a life of acceptance, so accept the weather as it it is !  

It's the afternoon now after doing some chores and having a rest.  Took the dogs out as the weather turned cooler and more comfortable, for me, to endure the rigors of the dogs excited pulling here and there, as dogs do !   There's a nursing home in the next street which I always walk past.  It takes up about half of the street.   Always take my time to say Hi! to any of the residents out for a stroll, or sometimes even the staff going to their cars who stop and give Ginger and Charlie a cuddle.  Well, how could you pass these two beauties.......with their giant smiles and waggly tails that were made for socializing.

When I was having my rest, I read a bit of Thich Nhat Hanh's book  ~  The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching.
The Four Immeasurable Minds was the topic of my interest today as I can relate to the written word/teachings of the Buddha as to how I perceive others and my own way of living. These Teachings are universal, which means any person of any faith can adopt them into their own religious beliefs.  Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity make up the Four Immeasurable Minds.   All it takes is to be conscious of one's actions and attitudes, not just to others, but to oneself as well. 

An excerpt about cutting off from one's own beliefs:  " But preserve your Jewish, Christian, or Muslim roots. That is the best way to realize the Buddha's spirit.  If you are cut off from your roots, you cannot be happy."
Absolutely agree with this.  But, being brought up a Roman Catholic in a strict Irish Catholic household, when I left home I was then free to spread my wings and do my own inner research.  If the RC church had stuck to the teachings of Jesus and not pushed their own fear agenda, they would not have lost so many people to their Faith.   I do not recall, ever, the mention of Jesus's love and his compassion for people who he healed and gave a second chance at life.  And also how he lived the life of a sanyasi, one who had renounced the physical world in order to concentrate on the spiritual task he came for.  Oh how the teachings would have sounded to the RC flock, but, it was not enough to keep them coming back with enough fear to finance the Church for many years to come.

Going back to the Four Immeasurable Minds, the first aspect is love, true love which is called maitri. It means the intention and capacity to offer joy and happiness.  In order to do this, we need to be aware just HOW to offer this joy and happiness to others, and this means listening and looking deeply into the situation, and the people, to know and see what to do to make others happy.  If you go ahead and try to make someone happy by doing or saying only what You think without proper understanding, you may just end up making them sad in the end.   It takes a whole lot of deep thought and observation to know exactly the right action for the situation.     Of course, one needs to practice love, compassion, joy and equanimity to know how to heal the illnesses that plague humans, which are  - anger, sorrow, loneliness, hatred, insecurity and unhealthy attachments.   Through living the four immeasurable minds with one's heart and soul will give great insight to assist those who are in need.

The second one, compassion, we need to develop compassion in ourselves by practicing deep listening and deep looking, and according to Hanh, mindful breathing.   "The Lotus Sutra describes Avalokiteshvara as the bodhisattva who practices 'looking with the eyes of compassion and listening deeply to the cries of the world.' "    Compassion means you are deeply concerned about another or others' suffering.   It is viewing it from a place of deep love, in my opinion, for their suffering and wanting to do something about it.   Doing something can mean for the ordinary folk to be a compassionate listener to a friend or colleague, or for a larger population, one could offer heartfelt prayers or mantras for a period of time.   "One compassionate word, action, or thought can reduce another person's suffering and bring him or her joy.  One word can give comfort and confidence, destroy doubt, help someone avoid a mistake, reconcile a conflict, or open the door to liberation.  One action can save a person's life or help him take advantage of a rare opportunity.  One thought can do the same, because thoughts always lead to words and actions.  With compassion in our heart, every thought, word, and deed can bring about a miracle.

Hanh says that he could not understand why the Buddha, with so much suffering in the world, always has such a beautiful smile.  Why isn't he disturbed by all of this suffering?  Later he discovered that the Buddha had enough understanding, calmness and strength that suffering did not overwhelm him.  He could smile to suffering because he knew how to take care of it and transform it.   I would like to add here:  wouldn't it be a different world if there were more Buddhas on Earth now?   Perhaps there is...........all quietly going round their own areas transforming lives without even knowing who they are affecting. 

Joy is true love.  When you love another it should bring them joy, and visa versa.  This is known as mudita.  Joy is the result, also, of opening our eyes and taking in the beauty of a blue sky, a bird in flight and the chatter of the parrots when they are feeding off the trees.  Joy also comes from watching children playing and many other small things in one's day.  It comes from dwelling in mindfulness and when we touch on these wondrous things, our mind of joy arises naturally.  Joy contains happiness and happiness contains joy.

Equanimity means non-attachment, non-discrimination, even-mindedness, or letting go.  People who do not understand Buddha's teachings, think that equanimity means indifference, which is not correct.  Upeksha, equanimity, has the mark called samatajnana, "the wisdom of equality," the ability to see everyone as equal, not discriminating between ourselves and others.  In a conflict, even though we are deeply concerned, we remain impartial, able to love and understand both sides.  We shed all discrimination and prejudice, and remove all boundaries between ourselves and others.  We have to put ourselves "into the other person's skin" and become one with him/her if we want to understand and truly love them.  When that happens, there is no "self" and no "other."   Without equanimity, upeksha, your love may beocme possessive. 

To finish up, for love to be true love, it must ocntain compassion, joy and equanimity.  For compassion to be true compassion, it has to have love, joy, and equanimity in it.  True joy has to contain love, compassion, and equanimity.  And true equanimity has to have love, compassion, and joy in it.  This is the interbeing nature of The Four Immeasurable Minds.  In many sutras, the Buddha says that if you practice the Four Immeasurable Minds along with the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path, you will never again descend into the realms of suffering.

Namaste and Love  ~  Tara

[ excerpts taken from THE HEART OF THE BUDDHA'S TEACHING by Thich Nhat Hanh ]

Perception is very Individual

The following blog was written for a social spiritual website experiencing disharmony from members.

Perception is such an individual experience, as individual as each star you see in the sky, although from the ground they all look the same.     People, souls, are very much like the stars in the cosmos, very individual and unique because each soul has had hundreds to millions of previous incarnations on Earth, not to mention their unique genes from their ancestors.

Some people join different websites for their own individual reason.  Spiritual websites such as this one has been a Godsend for many where they can share their personal spiritual experiences because many others in their family or friend unit do not understand.   Every experience shared is totally unique to that soul, and whether we want to read-and-accept, or read-and-criticize-judge them or the experience all comes from our own personal space we are that time!

 It would be nice if it were a safe place, being spiritual, to share what we are going through without ridicule or judgment.  There is so much disharmony going on in the world and if one is mature enough, one could perhaps realize that we need this spiritual kinship of coming together and supporting each other, when possible!  Being aware of spiritual transformation for many years now through my own experiences, I wish to share and support others.  I can see a lot through different views of looking and offer suggestions when     possible.  Many others do the same, being supportive and sharing from their own experience.  I can't tell you how invaluable this is for the many who are just awakening.    Please don't ever be afraid or hesitant about sharing your spiritual experiences as there is always someone that it may assist, even a non-member
just dropping in to browse the site.

 In my spiritual understanding, this is called sharing abundance. If one has an abundance of experiences that can help others, and it comes from the heart as mine do, spreading more love around is not ego.......   if one perceives it as ego, that is coming from their own place of understanding.  So vast is this sea of souls on Earth right now, all from different spiritual backgrounds and vibrational frequencies, all coming together whether consciously or not, to see Earth move out of a lower vibration.

And for those of us who are documenting the changes through writing articles (for about 3yrs now for me) the changes are enormous and flowing forward to further enlighten those who are seeking either confirmation of their own feelings or to read and ponder on the words written.

  Wishing everyone a most blessed and joyous day  ~  Tara

Life is Coming Up Roses

                                                                 The  World  is  so Full  of  Beauty 

                                                                  why  feel  so  glum?
                                                                  Perhaps it's that lumpy mattress
                                                                  Must be time to buy a new one !
                                                                  Time to go shopping
                                                                  with the hope in mind
                                                                  Of waking up with a smile tomorrow
                                                                  I may even be kind...........
                                                                  I'll write something nice
                                                                  to cheer up the Group
                                                                  I've had them really worried
                                                                  They thought I was a kook !
                                                                  "Never mind what anyone says,"
                                                                   I hear you cry,
                                                                  "If you think you're a kook
                                                                   just look at that guy!"
                                                                   I must admit the
                                                                   kookiness was rife,
                                                                   Perhaps it's the way of
                                                                   the world now.....
                                                                   But isn't there another Life?
                                                                   The space ships are waiting
                                                                   Circling around Earth
                                                                   Time to pay a ticket
                                                                   To secure that berth.
                                                                    So friends, raise your antennae
                                                                    and don't forget the pets
                                                                    We're off to another World
                                                                    where no one frets !
                                                                     A life so carefree where no one works
                                                                     Time to put the feet up
                                                                     And take advantage of the perks !

Written by Me 29th Sept. 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


by Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R.

When you create you lose yourself in your creation. Time seems to stand still and all else is forgotten. You participate in the divine play that is creativity. These moments offer a glimpse of who you really are: a being fashioned in the image and likeness of God. Like the source of all creation, you are a creator, too. It is your divine birthright. The person who says "I'm not creative" is uttering blasphemy. The truth is that you are the Creative Self expressing through the human vessel of your body, emotions, mind, and soul. Creativity flows through you as a universal life force, called by many names throughout the ages: chi, prana, shakti, the Holy Spirit. It is this energy of love flowing through you that also gives life to your creations.

The medium in which you create is irrelevant. It doesn't matter whether you write a business proposal, play a piano sonata, or prepare a delicious meal. You may be seeking to resolve one of life's mundane problems or express deep feelings and insights through poetry. Embrace your creation as a lover and you can break through to another realm. When you stick with it for better or for worse, your creation becomes your guru (Sanskrit meaning "from darkness to light").

Losing yourself in the divine embrace of the creative process, you disappear. Your ego or limited sense of separateness vanishes, and you emerge into the vast ocean that is creativity. This is an altered state of intuitive awareness in which you renounce control from your head alone. Instead, you allow the Creative Self to flow through your heart, your body, and your intuition. Then you are taken to places you can never go in your ordinary waking state. This road leads eventually to moments of divine bliss described by ecstatic poets like Rumi, Kabir, and Lalli.

The desire to realize the natural high found in peak moments of creativity is so basic that, if given no healthy outlet for this urge, people turn to alcohol or drugs for a simulated version. These counterfeit forms inevitably backfire, for they violate an essential ingredient: the human vessel for containing the Creative Self. And that vessel - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual - can be shaped only through hard work and awareness. We must harmonize these four aspects of our being. For instance, the body and emotions need time to digest flashes of inspiration the soul and mind receive. After participating in laboratory controlled experiments with LSD many years ago, author AnaƮs Nin concluded that she didn't need drugs to get high. Her writing had always taken her to a state of heightened awareness. Nin had kept a journal since childhood, developing her craft every day of her life. Regular writing practice was the cauldron in which Nin, the novelist and essayist, was formed. Interestingly, it is her diaries (published in several volumes) that are best known, even though she hadn't originally intended them for publication.

To flourish, creativity needs our full attention and disciplined focus on details. It is a way of life, a way of being and perceiving. It is a form of meditation that leads out from the Creative Self and back to it. The creative process rests on a foundation of attentiveness, skill, and hard work. At her most inspired, the master pianist loses herself in performance, transcending technique and dissolving into the Creative Self. Her ego steps aside and the music plays her. This is possible only because she has spent years rigorously developing her God-given talent through loving practice. The enthusiastic entrepreneur writes an inspired business plan because by acquiring skill, experience, and knowledge he has also cultivated intuition, vision, and love of his work. He's done his homework.

Any practice, spiritual or otherwise, involves making mistakes. Millions of errors are made before the human vehicle is ready for the Creative Self to freely flow through it. A good metaphor is in the art-making process. For instance, in ceramics the clay must be wedged (pounded vigorously to remove air bubbles) before the pot is formed. If not, when the pot is baked in the kiln fire (which is where the transformation occurs), the air pockets will cause the pot to explode. In the creative process we are "wedged" by life, pounded vigorously to remove the air bubbles of an inflated ego.

The yogis call this tapasya, the purification in which inner heat is generated by friction between the mind and the heart. The ego dies hard. When the ego is embarrassed by the revelations of our human foibles, omissions, or transgressions, it experiences frustration, angry explosions, or the slow inward boil of resentment. In the same way, the creative process is humbling. It opens us to rejection and feelings of failure, self-doubt, and unworthiness. That's why so many people avoid it. Creativity's invisible fire burns up all that stands between us and the integrity of our creation. When we serve the work, however, it becomes our teacher. We shape the work, but at the same time the work shapes us. The alchemists described this purification process as turning base matter into gold, tests into mastery, crisis into wisdom.

In serving the work, truth is everything. For example, what we ignore comes back to haunt us. Weak spots a writer glosses over in a manuscript, baking soda the chef forgets to add to the cake mixture, specifications the designer leaves out of an architectural blueprint become teachers. The pot that cracks apart in the kiln was not wedged properly in the first place. The results never lie.

There's nothing wrong with making mistakes. In fact, mistakes are honorable. They are how we learn. But if we think we're above it all, our egos will be burned in the fire of truth. Through embarrassment we find we didn't know it all. We couldn't slide past the truth. What we missed or chose to ignore inevitably trips us and grounds us again in earthbound reality. Brought back to our senses and to the matter at hand, we are reminded of our human being-ness. That is the vessel for our divinity. Try to escape that fact and God or the Goddess has no place to reside in us.

If you are devoted to the Creative Self, you will encounter the same tests described in the writings of saints and mystics throughout the ages. These include highs and lows, agonies and ecstasies, inspired moments, and dark nights of the soul. Some periods feel charged with "greening" (to use Hildegard of Bingen's term). Juicy and fertile, you are full of aha" moments - breakthroughs and discoveries. Inspiration gushes like a geyser.
At other times you feel dry, lost in an arid desert of disinterest, depression, and barrenness. Emptiness prevails and you wonder if maybe you haven't lost your talent and skill along with your connectedness to the source of creation. You are haunted with questions like Will I ever have another creative idea? Am I all dried up? Have I used all the creativity rationed to me in this lifetime? A battle with the demons of self-judgment rages within.

The literature of both art and mysticism abounds with descriptions of this phenomenon, a black void that seems totally enveloping and all-pervasive. Read the words of biblical figures like Job, poets like Saint John of the Cross and Rainer Maria Rilke, spiritual leaders like Saint Teresa of Avila, artists like Vincent Van Gogh. They all gave voice to the darkness within where, paradoxically, the Creative Self is to be found. Artist and recovered mental patient Mary Barnes once wrote, "In order to come to the light, I have to germinate in the dark."

You don't have to go out of your way to find these experiences. We all face our terrors at one time or another. It's part of the human condition - losing a job, filing for divorce, going into bankruptcy, having a serious accident, dealing with a life-threatening illness or the aftermath of a natural disaster, surviving the death of a loved one or the loss of a love. But if you see crisis as an opportunity, an invitation to personal renewal, then life itself becomes a creative process.

Those on the creative path who have journeyed fully into inner darkness and have come back to tell the tale seem to be saying, "These are the dues you have to pay. Life will pound you vigorously. Can you stand up to it? Do you have the strength and tenacity? Do you trust the creative process? Have faith in the source of creation."

Life's tests are the kiln fire that transforms us into conscious vessels of the Creative Self. However, if we cannot embrace challenges as teachers, our human clay can explode. Unable to handle the heat, some cast themselves as victims and become bitter. They may become violent, depressed, take refuge in addictions, resort to criminal behavior, become irretrievably insane, or even commit suicide.

How can the human vessel contain the limitless divine Creative Spirit? Like the birth of a baby, it's a mystery yet it happens every minute. Here the discipline side of the creative process is essential. It has been said that art is 5 percent inspiration and 95 percent perspiration. The same can be said for the creative process of living. You show up each day, do the work (whatever form it takes), follow where your next inspiration leads, and pay attention as the challenges unfold. This is as true in your occupation as it is in your personal life. When you are committed to seeing your life as a work in progress - as the creative process beckoning to you – then creativity becomes your spiritual practice.

Day after day your devotion to creativity will enable you to merge with your Creative Self. Your destiny will unfold from within. Your life will become the unique work of art it was meant to be. An ancient Chinese story tells of an old master ceramist developing a new glaze for his vases. Each day he carefully regulated the heat in his kiln, worked painstakingly with the chemistry of the glazes, and experimented with them over and over. He labored devotedly day after day, yet the effect he had envisioned continued to elude him. Having applied his vast store of knowledge and skill and having exhausted his human power, the master concluded that his life was over. He climbed into the kiln to be fired along with his vases. When his apprentices opened the kiln, they beheld a magnificent sight. All the glazes were sheer perfection, like nothing their master had ever achieved. He had become one with his creation.

In embracing creativity as our spiritual practice, we commend ourselves into the Creator's hands, knowing that our goal is to disappear. And when we do, we become one with all creation. The divine spirit dances with us, it plays its music through us. We become the instrument through which the divine flows like a river to the sea. All the pilgrimages, all the prayers and chants in all the temples and churches of the world are meaningless unless we are devoted to living in and through the Creative Self, to live as the image and likeness of God.

If life force energies are not moving creatively, they will become destructive (as so-called holy wars have taught us). Destructiveness is the Creative Self turned upside down. Something has taken a wrong turn, and, like cancer, it devours the source of its life. The cure is found in creativity.

When your Creative Self calls, go with it. It is God speaking. Listen to your Creative Conscience, the voice of the divine guiding you each day. It resides in your heart. Go there and roam. That is your true temple.

©Lucia Capacchione. All Rights Reserved. Excerpted from "The Soul of Creativity" published by New World Library.

~ The Daily Oracle ~ FAITH

Faith - The energies and directions are now evolving around an age old concept, ”Faith.” In these accelerated, changing, transitional times, the concept of faith, whatever that means to you, is the bulwark and foundation for this period you are in right now. Know it, integrate it, trust it.
Now is the time where you either change it, strengthen it or lose the old and grasp the new. You know we are all moving into a new reality…some more consciously than others but one thing you need through these changes is some “Faith…” so…read on…

Faith is one of those words that can conjure up old time religion, ancient mysteries or some mysticism. It can also conjure up a lot of old programming and potentially lots of limitations, mostly because “faith” has been associated with religion – not just faith in God, but faith in “our” God, not “your” God. While that is, and has been, important for some, now is a time to not only truly experience your own faith, but to expand it – to expand your consciousness of faith! It needs to be spoken of out loud to others…whatever your “faith” is…you need to let it out!

 Now is the time…it is okay to step into that unknown to reveal more of the True You. These are the days to begin to exercise your faith: faith in the process, faith in yourself, faith in like minded folks as we move toward the birthing of the new reality. Faith that all really is well and that all the rest is just part of the illusion as the old moves on and the new arises from the ashes.
Trust your self, have faith in your self – it is appropriate to believe in the positive nature of the many changes that are happening on this planet.

Let your mantra be: My faith, my confidence in my understanding of the world and the Divine love that pervades it all, sustains me and carries me through the deepest, darkest, most difficult experiences and times of my life…And So It Is!!!

Love from the Lotus World <333,

Trusting Time & Learning the Joy of Divine Timing

Written by Marney K. Makridakis

We have all had experiences of wanting something to happen and being devastated when it didn’t, only to realize later that “the timing wasn’t right.” The term divine timing typically refers to the idea that everything happens at the “right” time. In spite of its label, I believe this concept to exist independent of religious or spiritual beliefs.
As we become more trusting of divine timing, we can call upon it at our will. Rae Shagalov expressed it nicely:
“When I am in a hurry, I often pause in the midst of my anxious rush and pretend that I have all the time in the world. I stop, move slowly, do something extra, think more slowly and luxuriously, and remember that all timing is divine timing and happens exactly the way it is supposed to happen.”
My friend Susan Kennedy, known in her books and artwork as SARK, expressed her views on divine timing:
We think we can predict, forecast, or control time, and to a certain extent, it appears to work, but allowing divine timing is a far more powerful force. I’ve experienced this countless times as I’ve tried to “make something happen” by a certain date or time, and then let go and watched as divine timing worked its magic.

Identifying What You Need Most From Time

This ARTsignment allows you to identify what you need most from time.

Step 1: Take some time to answer the following journal questions. I encourage you to write your answers down rather than just thinking about them. The act of writing opens up new portals for discovery and pushes you to be more honest with yourself. Take your time, and allow yourself to write “off the beaten path.” Feel free to not only write your answers to the questions but write about the feelings you are experiencing, as well.
1. What do you find yourself saying or thinking over and over, about time? (If you’re not sure, ask a friend or loved one if there is a recurring theme in what you say about time.)
2. How might your life be different if you did not worry or complain about time?
3. Imagine that you could snap your fingers and all your time anxieties would be gone. Who are you now? What is your first thought and feeling about this prospect?
4. What have you discovered about the roles that worry and anxiety about time play in your life?

Step 2: Imagine that you could have a Time Guide who would suddenly come to life before you and remain at your side whenever you needed her. What do you need most from this Guide? What kind of guidance, support, advice, or encouragement do you most need, regarding the subject of time?

 Step 3: Begin creating a physical form for your Time Guide, using any media or materials you like. As you work, think about your strongest, most powerful wishes and dreams, and allow that positive energy to become infused in every part of the Time Guide’s being. Bring more and more life to your Time Guide as you flesh out the details of her personality. Does she have a name?

Step 4: When your Time Guide is complete, write a letter to her, asking for her advice. It could start something like this:
Dear Time Guide,
I could really use your help when it comes to Time. I’m feeling...
Here are some more prompts that you could use as you write your letter:
My deepest fear is _____.
I’m really worried about _____.
I really wish _____.
What I need most from you is _____.
Before you close your letter, ask your Time Guide any other questions you may have, or let her know how she can best support you.

Step 5: Situate your Time Guide so that you can look right at her, and read your letter to her, out loud if possible. Read slowly and expressively, so that both you and your Guide can hear the whole range of your feelings. When you’ve finished reading the letter to your Time Guide, take a new piece of paper or a new page in your journal, and now write a letter from your Time Guide to yourself. It could start something like this:
Dear Marney,
I’m so glad you wrote me and shared with me the thoughts in your letter. I want to tell you...
...and continue writing in her voice to complete the letter.
As you write, try not to think, plan, or edit the words that come from your Time Guide. Just allow the words to flow through you. If you get stuck, simply allow yourself to write some reassuring words, the kind of words you really want to hear, such as:
It’s okay, dear one. You’re fine, you’re safe, you’re beautiful. I’m holding you. We’ll get through this together.
Whenever you get stuck, just go back to writing encouraging words, and then allow your pen to keep moving as you unearth what comes next.

Discoveries Made Concerning Time

Trusting Time & Learning the Joy of Divine Timing"The most significant thing I’ve discovered through this exercise is that my worrying about time is really just a way to play small and not risk. My Time Guide took the form of the Buddha. He put his arms around me and said in soothing tones, ‘It’s okay to say no to things that don’t serve you or make you happy. And when you say no, in doing so you will hold a space for the right things to come into your life.’” — Violette Clark
"I needed my Time Guide to remind me that life plays out exactly how it is supposed to. I needed to be reminded that I have permission to be happy, to be successful, and to be creative. She said, ‘The future is yours...your destiny is will flourish...all you need to do right now is believe in yourself!’” — Patricia J. Mosca
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
New World Library. ©2012 by Marney K. Makridakis
 or 800-972-6657 ext. 52.

Daily OM - Finding Your Tribe

Part of being human is the search for an individual identity. Bound to this strong need to establish a unique persona, however, is an equally intense desire for acceptance. It is when we find our individual tribes that both are satisfied. Our tribe members are those people who accept us as we are without reservation and gladly accompany us on our journeys of evolution. Among them, we feel free to be our imperfect selves, to engage unabashedly in the activities we enjoy, and to express our vulnerabilities by relying on our tribe for support. We feel comfortable investing our time and energy in the members of our tribe, and are equally comfortable allowing them to invest their resources in our development.

The individuals who eventually become members of your unique tribe are out there in the wide world waiting for you. You are destined to find them, one by one, as you move through life. Sometimes your own efforts will put you in contact with your future tribe members. At other times, circumstances beyond your control will play a role in helping you connect with your tribe. If you look about you and discover that you are already allied with a wonderful and supportive tribe, remember that there are likely many members of your tribe you have not yet met. On the other hand, if you feel you are still living outside of your tribe, broadening your horizons can help you find your tribe members.

 However your life develops after you come together with your tribe, you can be assured that its members will stand at your side. On the surface, your tribe may seem to be nothing more than a loose-knit group of friends and acquaintances to whom you ally yourself. Yet when you look deeper, you will discover that your tribe grounds you and provides you with a sense of community that ultimately fulfills many of your most basic human needs.

                                                         Blessings and Namaste ~ Tara

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Most Shocking Awakening

                                         ~   A    MOST   SHOCKING   AWAKENING   ~
                                                  STEPPING  OUT  OF  EARTH-SELF
                                                   INTO  SPIRITUAL  REALIZATION

                                                       OF  ONE'S  OWN  DIVINITY

  Dear Divine Friends ~ Nothing can prepare you for your own experience of spiritually awakening to your true-self, your divine Self. There are many messages telling you that you are a divine being, you have unlimited spiritual abilities, you can manifest your needs through various techniques, there are 'alien disclosures' that will awaken humanity, and the list goes on. These are all just words dear friends, because it is not until you step out of 3D created way of life and into your own self-realization that you will begin your journey back to the spiritual being you were before taking on physicality.
Physicality is only a creation for the solid, slowed down world for souls to experience every situation they choose, to advance their souls leading them to this time of great awakening. You, your earth self, does not choose this time. The one who has been overseeing your earth journey, your higher aspect of Self, known as your Higher-Self, will determine this time for you. It is such an individualized plan for each soul, and not being aware of the 'whys' and the 'whens'  is for a good reason.

 At this specific time of earth's evolution you have all chosen to be here to participate in some way. When a  soul is born they soon forget as they grow up where they came from and why! I am sure you have noticed how babies and young children are very much aware of movement around them and of course, their pretend friends, who are actually in most cases Angels and other light-beings who take care of them and also play games and keep them happy and laughing. You would not be able to experience all of the things in life that you came to do if you were fully awakened to your spiritual self. There are a lot of valuable lessons to be learned in a physical world which can build one's inner-strength enormously.

 When the veil of illusion is lifted, individually, there is at first a shocking realization.  You first begin to see, for the first time, just how futile it is to create a new world while still living in third dimension. Every societal
construct is based on who you are as physical beings, living in a physical world.  The physical world, is in  fact, a slowing down of cosmic energies to the point of becoming solid.  
Everything vibrates at a particular speed as it is all energy. Once the individual starts to inquire into a spiritual way of living and stays on that path to self-realization, their energies start to vibrate higher which leads them into more of a spiritual realm within  -  in other words they are reaching up to connect with their true self.

 When the individual continues this way of life in search of a higher truth, a higher way of living than just trying to survive, their every effort is acknowledged by their higher-self. Nurturing this change, the higher self watches carefully and lovingly by giving little nudges from within. It is a very delicate situation and going too quickly forward can inadvertently cause the earth self to backtrack a little. Nevertheless, if an awakening is to happen the higher self knows the exact time to lift the 'earth veil' off and reveal the true self.

 With many, many souls slowly awakening and going forward on their spiritual path through the aid of the Ascension energy downloads over the years,  the world will  become a very different place.No one can predict just what will happen next, but the spiritual awakening will continue in order to raise humanity into the 5th dimension. There are no mass awakenings as each soul has their own spiritual journey to fulfill.  And I can assure you dear friends that when the time you awaken to your true divine self you will never return to being or feeling like  'just another citizen on earth....'    

Love, light, namaste ~ Tara

Living as a Soul by Julie Redstone

Living as a Soul
September 11, 2012
Julie Redstone

Beloved Ones,
Many are seeking to live a sacred life on Earth today, but often do not know how to do so because of the many practical and emotional challenges that are being faced at this time. At times, these challenges may seem overwhelming and it may appear that one cannot live as a soul, due to the pressures, both inner and outer, that are being felt. Nevertheless, soul-consciousness is not something that must be reserved for times when things are untroubled or peaceful. It is a way of encountering challenges that allows for greater peace and inner stability while meeting them, that supports one's decision-making, and that allows one to remain connected with the deeper foundational truths that are most important
Aspects of soul-consciousness come easily to some but arrive with more difficulty for others where attachment to the needs of the ego-self still play an important part in shaping life. Yet, even for those who have fears of letting go and trusting life and God more, the currents of new life that are awakening within each heart can show the way past all fears and hesitations, to the beginning of a new way of life. This is the way instituted by alignment with the values of one's soul, the wisdom of one's soul, the love of one's soul. In the process of expanding in this way, there are challenges to be met, challenges that are based on the entrenched interests of the ego as well as fears generated by energies that would limit the expansion of soul-awareness, and these challenges of opposition must be overcome if one is to move forward. Yet, the knowledge that light is stronger than darkness can uphold all who seek to live as souls upon the Earth, and such knowledge, fortified by experience, is now available to all who seek it.

No matter what one's personal circumstances, alignment with the Source of light and life is key. To make a greater difference, more than a partial alignment with the soul is needed. What is needed is the full commitment of one's heart to a way of life and a way of thinking that can sustain one in love, innocence, and hope. Without this commitment, the entrenched interests of the forces of separation have more of an effect. With this commitment, the strength of one's heart and soul will find a way of sustaining one, no matter what circumstances surround oneself.

Your own alignment with the Source of light and life is more than a personal need, however. It is a planetary need. For the life of the Earth is shaped by the life and values of each individual, and reciprocally, the life of each individual is shaped by the life of the Earth. Therefore, never think that what you do, think, or feel is unimportant, for the future of the Earth and the ease of the planetary transition that is already underway is a reflection of the power of expression and of love that is fostered by each individual's commitment to the goal of manifesting this, and by each individual's willingness to remain dis-identified with all sources of fear that may arise.

 May all power of light be given to you as you seek to advance in both your own growth and healing and to assist in the transition of the Earth into an illumined planet of light. This is God's holy plan for the Earth, and it will take consciousness from duality to unity, from separation to oneness, and from fear to love. Blessings and gratitude to all who seek to serve in this holy way.

JULIE REDSTONE is a writer, teacher, and founder of LIGHT OMEGA, a spiritual center for healing and transformation that has been given a mandate to assist with planetary change through making available the ancient teachings of light. These teachings are not just conceptual, but involve the direct experience of a new energy of light that has become available to humanity at this pivotal time in human history.
Julie's work in collaboration with the Realms of Light is in service to the Divine Creator and to an awakening humanity in need of understanding the road to a new way of life. Though the steps toward that new way have been trod before, they have not been trod by the great mass of humanity or known to the realm of collective consciousness. Today, because of the degree of evolutionary acceleration that is leading humanity to a new level of spiritual awareness, the teachings of light are essential. They make possible life-changes that are greatly needed as inner purification proceeds and as old structures and relationships give way before the new.
Julie's work began officially in 1982 and has continued since that time through the progressive revelation of her mission and ministry. This mission, though ordained, does not belong within any of the traditional religious groupings. Her service is to all, regardless of spiritual or cultural background, and her teachings are based on an experiential path of opening to Divine Light, rather than on any new doctrine or religion. Julie serves the mission of the Christ and within that mission seeks to embrace mankind with the limitless love of the One Creator of all. Her purpose is to enfold in that love and in the knowledge of the One, those who have forgotten it.

The Flower That Shattered the Stone

                                    " Beautiful things are grown from brokenness and suffering..... "

When you surrender to the higher power within your Being, your life gets re-arranged to what it feels most comfortable with  -  what your Spirit sings for, and more attuned with your Soul's heritage.    Yes, our Soul does come from that one divine Source but it also has been shaped by the vibrations of the planetary world you resided in before coming to Earth to experience a very different social and energy structure.

 For the starseeds and ascended beings who have gathered on planet Earth for her ascension into a higher vibration, we literally have been the   'flower that shattered the stone!' Breaking boundaries set in stone by a culture steeped in individual power wars.   Competition  has been bred into the human spirit throughout many, many generations.   Indifference to what humans call 'others' has seen war after war and countless killed/slaughtered in the name of hatred and land-ownership, and whatever else was more important at that time than the right to live according to freedom and equality.

 Like it or not, starbeings have been coming to Earth whenever needed to try and plant seeds within  the consciousness of mankind that would assist it to thrive and flourish, but alas, wars are still making News in this era of 2012.  Movies were shown decades ago depicting a type of space-age society in the year 2000 where cars were flying through highways in the sky, and homes were built in the sky on the edge of space.   We are a long way from that existence.

 More important than space-age homes and flying cars is the way that humans treat each other. Not much has changed in a collective way. Individuals who try to make a difference in this world and wish to implement a more altruistic life are only looked upon as spiritual leaders of religions.  The word IS getting through to individuals within society who wish to adopt the altruistic way of  living, but it is the ones who hold the power to make even bigger changes that have fallen behind and remained stuck to the old ways.

 Ascension energies have been flooding the planet for some time now.  For people who have not  in any way changed their habitual ways of thinking and acting, it is very, very difficult for them to handle such high vibrations.  If one has not experienced a higher vibration through spiritual changes within, or through living a life where love is more important than life's pleasures, then they are most certainly suffering in some kind of way.  Violence has increased as well as anti-social behavior where they have lost control of what is viewed as 'acceptable behavior' in a social or even private environment such as a family unit.   Daily news reportings of murders and assaults among family members are an everyday occurrence.

 For starbeings who carry the ascension energies there are and will be periodic awakenings to gradually realign themselves back to the world within they are more comfortable with.The ground work of awakening people through interaction on a daily basis as we did for over 20 years in readiness  for the energies to arrive, has come to an end.   That is my awakening today as I was brought once again back to the beauty and higher vibration of my sacred world I carry within.   If anyone out there has experienced spiritual bliss, well that is what dwells within the starbeings from ascended worlds.
 Ascended worlds are highly spiritual worlds where love, peace, harmony, respect for self and others, spiritual bliss, are all normal and this environment has been created by eliminating the lower vibrations of thoughts and activities that plague Earth's society.    Ascension is a purely spiritual event and has nothing to do with  'outside ' events or some aspect of earth life changing as many seem to think. It is an 'inside job' to coin an earth phrase !   No one who has not raised their vibrations sufficiently can ascend to a higher dimension of living.   But, alas, no amount of words can convince others.

 And one last thing  -   as for those individuals, in society in general, who mock and laugh and generally
  try to cause disharmony everywhere they go, please remember that the lower energies you carry are
  like being given a spade to dig with.   Every unkind word or mocking another is just one more spadeful
  of dirt where eventually you will dig yourself into a grave.  Such low, negative vibrations close the chakras,
  and that is the recipe for physical death. 

Love, light, peace, Tara *~