Monday, September 26, 2011

Awareness of Connectedness


     ~*~    Sharing from The Whispering Winds of Change by Stuart Wilde  -   the explanation of how to create the awareness of  connectedness within ourselves.  

     ~*~   The notion of being a unified oneness defies our senses and most everything we've observed. We look at others and see a distance.   We conclude that because there is space, there is no connection  .  I spend a lot of time walking on the beach.    I always marvel at the shore birds as they fly along the ocean surface in large groups.   The entire group will turn left and then swerve simultaneously to the right, then swoop up.    They appear connected, as if sharing one mind.   I know that there is a connection, even though each bird appears to be disconnected.    Some invisible energy permits them to move together as one.

     ~*~   This invisible energy also connects you to everyone else.   When you recognize this, you will let go of your sense of separateness.   Once you are inwardly convinced of your connectedness to all, you will become aware of your ability to communicate with others through your etheric energy.

     ~*~   Your knowing will reveal to you that your thoughts can be projected to the rest of the world.  Your knowing will also reveal your connectedness to higher awareness.    ~*~

                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        

Friday, September 23, 2011

A New Consciousness is Being Birthed


    ~*~    The arrival of a new cosmic awareness has been revealed today.   The last few days have been heavy in the sense of assimilating the latest download of energies which will birth the new consciousness on Earth.    I am aware of still being on earth and living an earth life, but taking my awareness to the space above the head where the Godhead resides, and I see what looks like a portal leading us to cosmic consciousness.

   ~*~   We are indeed combining all the aspects  of our divinity, from earth life to the cosmos, which could also mean meeting up with our space aspect.   That's of course if you come from elsewhere, originally.  I had communication for the first time in a few years with the aspect of my husband that works and lives on the ships.  We both have our names up there, and also our two adult  children.   I called him by that name last night and he arrived in a few minutes.   The energy from our space home is unmistakable.   Pure spiritual love, a higher love than what we could experience on earth.  

   ~*~   When I look up to the stars at night I can also feel the energy of the ships.  The ships look like stars, but different.  If you keep looking, you might see little sparks of light flying out from them, these are the scout ships going off to do their work.   The ships surround earth and protect us.   I can see and feel the old way of earth life, 3D,  disappearing.    A new way of life and BEing is unfolding every moment.   Awareness of change is high now.    The Cosmos is opening up to us and we need to be receptive to it.     Who could have forecast these wonderful awakenings, and when they would happen?    No one, many tried but the process is occurring in the Now moment........not a linear time on Earth.    I am living in complete gratitude and love for being reunited with my space family.    Love to All.    Tara.            ~**~

                                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                  

The Joke is on Who?

                                             Evening News From Australia    ~    True Story !

                  A man was stopped speeding today and said that he was only trying to dry his car!

                       After next week's car wash we will find out if he has learnt his lesson !

                                            (no animals were hurt in the making of this blog)

                      Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and if washing your car don't forget to
                                                      dry it with good old elbow grease !
                                                                  Much  cheaper !

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Divinity in Physical Form

                                        Everywhere I look I see an expression of the Divine 
                                        In all shapes and design.
                                        Be it a tree, a bird, an insect, or another human,
                                        It is Divine Love which keeps the whole Universe in
                                        Divine Order.

                                        I marvel at its genius and great devotion to ITself.
                                        A totality that IS Pure Divinity  ~
                                        Divine Source.

                                        Open  your eyes and your heart and look from your soul,
                                        And you will also see.
                                        Divine Love puts Light where humans see darkness.
                                        Wherever you see darkness in the world, shine your
                                         inner divine light and love and see it transmuting
                                         into Light.

                                                              N a m a s t e     ~     T a r a

Friday, September 9, 2011

Identity and Consciousness

     ~*~   Before you can connect with your consciousness it is important to understand the nature of identity
and the difference between identity and consciousness.         Our identity is the part of ourselves that we recognize and connect with every day.   This part of us believes that our lives are all about responding to the demands of our immediate environment and the activities of our daily lives, such as going to work, getting sick or becoming well, organising and running our lives and raising our families.  Nearly all the activities of our identity are routine and the skills developed by the identity are neither conscious nor unconsciousness, they are simply reactions to thoughts, feelings and events in our lives.

   ~*~  The identity believes that the difference between ourselves nd others is th eprimary quality of human beings.  The consciousness, however, knows that in fact the primary quality is its connection, through the power of skilful thought energy.     Whereas consciousness is permanent and unchanging, our identity changes all the time, because it is only the promoter of the conclusions that the mind has created.  Yet the identity likes to believe that it is all-powerful, independent and in control.

   ~*~  The thought energy of identity is quite separate to the thought energy of consciousness.  Conscious skilful thought energy enters the spiritual realm and illuminates all that we can be, while the identity is consumed with habitual thought patterns which belong to the everyday world and cannot enter the spiritual dimension.

  ~*~  The habitual thought patterns of the identity are not the essential us, yet most people believe that they are.   And as long as we believe that habitual thinking embodies our utmost aptitude then we bind ourselves completely to the everyday world, for we cannot think our way into the spiritual reality using habitual thought.  
  ~*~  Consciousness is complete in itself.  The identity suspects that there is more than just itself, but is afraid to find out.  Yet as we begin to see through the shortcomings of our identity and to feel dissatisfaction with the dominance of everyday thinking, we begin to long for something more.

  ~*~  Habitual thinking stops us from connecting with reality and presents us, instead, with diversions and dead-ends.  The unskilful thought energies of the identity travel wherever they wish to go, taking us round in circles.  Only when we transcend the identity and reach consciousness can we choose our journey.  ~*~

                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~~~~  

Taken from the Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking                                                   Namaste  ~  Love
by  Christopher Hansard  ~                        

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inner Truth


                 Anyone can understand and experience their spiritual potential without years of a particular
                          training.   A focused and sincere heart and a direct mental focus are often enough.
                         The purpose is simply to comprehend the underlying spiritual nature of all things.
                   From this develops a way of manifesting freedom, peace, happiness and consciousness.

                                      " All of us are wise.      All of us have access to inner truth.
                                            No one holds a single key to truth above all others.
                                             Rest in your emerging divinity and consciousness.
                                               Do not grasp for it.         Receive it and enjoy. "

                                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Tibetan Art
of Living  by
Christopher Hansard  ~

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Are you Hesitating Too Much?


~**~     Dear friends.    Sometimes we can become stuck in our own world through hesitating.   That phone call to a loved one we know we need to make can feel like some giant hurdle to jump because we have hesitated for far too long.     We start to live our lives only through watching and not reaching out.   What seems like a simple task of picking up the phone has built into a mountain to cross.   Hesitation can turn into becoming frozen, too afraid through our own inaction for far too long to connect with others.

~**~     If we keep obeying that feeling of hesitation, it can turn our lives into one of loneliness and depression.   Then we start to build up in our minds reasons for not connecting.   The mind-created scenarios can be endless.    To break out of this isolation, choose to reach out to anything.   Even picking up a flower or bending over one to smell it, or picking up a leaf and feeling its texture can connect us again with the flow of life.    It is the mind that starts to dictate our actions, created by us.    That phone is still only a few feet away, where it always was.    Break the habit of hesitating and reach out.    Do not let your mind dictate your life.    Break free and live !       ~**~       Namaste  ~  Love

Thought for Today


                  ~**~       If I feel I cannot change my outside world,
                                                               I know that I can always change my inside world.     ~**~

                                               ~*~      Namaste   ~   Love   ~   Tara      ~*~                                                       

Friday, September 2, 2011

Thought for Today

            ~*~    We are all linked through our thoughts on this planet.  The most fruitful endeavor for each
            day is to create harmony, in our own environs, by using the power of our thoughts.
                                                               Our thoughts also affect our aura.        
             We can assist the vibrations of everywhere we go by maintaining thoughts of love and happiness
             within.    Others are attracted by this peaceful vibration which in turn has the possibility of
             changing their own vibrations to one of peace and calmness.    It is amazing what a smile does
             to a stranger who looks like they need one !       Doing lightwork begins with you and your
             own thoughts and vibrations.    All of this assists the world to change, bit by bit, to becoming
             more peaceful and love-centered.      ~*~      Namaste  ~                  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Staying Authentic

     ~*~   "Work at being content with who you are rather than pleasing others by being inauthentic."  ~*~

    Sharing an excerpt from Dr. Wayne Dyer's  -   Your Sacred Self    - from the chapter Suggestions for Meeting the challenges of freedom.

 Say to yourself,  "I am what I am and it is okay as long as I am not hurting anyone else in the process." 
This affirmation keeps you from having to shift from your authentic self to your false self.    Who you are
 is divine, eternal and changeless.   The rest is just the play of the body in the physical domain.
 Stay authentic with the invisible self.   Do it quietly and without a lot of drama, but do it.  Your behavior,   more  than your  words, teaches people that you are unwilling to be something you aren't.  No need to make an issue.    A shrug, or removal of yourself from a compromising situation, or a firm statement is often enough.     Be clear about your own inner value and you will not be pushy when your inner inclination is to be serene, athletic when you know this is not your calling, or heterosexual when you inner guidance tells you otherwise.   This simply means being willing to trust your inner self and to stay with that inner guidance in the face of pressure by outsiders to turn into something else.
                                                                                                                  Namaste  ~  Love  ~  Tara                         

Awareness and Experience

      ~**~   On the subject of awareness, my uncle found out later in life that he had only one kidney.
    All through his life he lived with the thought that all his organs were as they should be.  Upon
    hearing of this news, he was completely shocked, and thought he was going to die !    The doctor
    reassured him that many people live normal lives with one healthy kidney.   Being the eccentric
    that he was, we never heard the end of it !  This story, real as it is, is a perfect example of unawareness
    of what really is.     What we aren't aware of does not exist.    Many things exist, and in particular our
    Real Selves, but many are not yet aware of it.   They have not had that experience of self-realization.
    The realization of one's true identity under the earth facade.

     ~**~   Living in unawareness of our spiritual heritage turns us into skeptics of others' stories of
     awakening.    How can this be true, we can ask ourselves ?    It sounds too far-fetched for words.
     The attachment to the physical earth way of life is too strong to look outside of it.  Why would we
     want to leave all of this?    One thinks.    They must all be deluding themselves !           Ha !
     fancy thinking that you are God !     And the head shakes................

     ~**~   So along comes the one who has experienced the awakening to their spiritual heritage.
     No one can argue or take away the experience of this amazing realization.  " How much bliss existed
     within for so long without knowing about it? "   Thinks the newly awakened soul.   "I have found this
     treasure chest within, and I am going to explore it."    The self-realized person has opened up that
    spiritual door to reveal that hidden true identity, and they will never look back.    It is an adventure
    to walk the path of unfolding enlightenment, each and every day.    Yes, enlightenment can come
    in stages.          An initial enlightenment of God-realization, then another journey begins.
    And it can be endless............     because the light and love-energy of God is forever expanding.
    There are no limits on Divinity and Eternity.    The discovery of our real home within is a blessing
     from the God Creator Source.      Namaste          ~**~