Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Returning to my Being ~


                                                                Alone, but not alone
                                                                Alone but not Lonely
                                                                Living in the Stillness
                                                                of Peace and Serenity
                                                                That goes on Forever  ~

                                                                Glancing in my Consciousness
                                                                of the Realizations and Explanations
                                                                of the Life gone Past
                                                                It all seems like a fleeting moment, now
                                                                and Life has returned me to my Being   ~

Written by Mary Harrison

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Evolution of Consciousness


                  ~**~    Ascension  ~  A Quantum Leap in the Evolution of Consciousness    ~**~

     I feel certain that the above line is more than an accurate description of the transformational event
     taking place on Earth now.    Very soon, in the not too distant future when time is extinct, new words
     will be replacing our old vocabulary  -  far more accurate words now that we have been awakened
     to our True Selves, our Spiritual Selves, and our consciousness expanded.

     A person will no longer be called 'stupid' for their actions  -  they will be looked upon as 'unaware.'
     An evil act will be described as an unconscious act, or an insane act.   The time-bound modes of
     of consciousness in 3D, being deeply embedded in the human psyche, is being profoundly transformed
     in the collective consciousness.            This will take us and Mother Earth into a new awakening of
     consciousness away from the idea of matter, form and separation.

     The breaking up of old mind patterns, which have dictated our civilization over eons of time, will
     rid Earth and Mankind of the unimaginable suffering on a vast scale.   Every soul's co-operation
     is an essential part of breaking up these old patterns of thinking.    It is imperative for the survival
     of Earth and the human race.

Written by Mary Harrison
Namaste  ~  

Peace ~

                                            Peace flows through my heart like a gentle breeze.
                                            Peace fills me like the fragrance of a beautiful rose.
                                            Peace permeates my Being and soothes my Soul.
                                            Peace, like the glow from a fire, expands and fills
                                                                   my Omnipresence.

                                            Peace, Oh how I have waited for you all my life.
                                            Peace, a Blessing for the weary and the once-Lost.
                                            Peace is a priceless gift, when we Allow and Let-Go.
                                            Peace is my Paradise within.
                                            Peace is the Breath of Contentment.
                                            Peace is Bliss  ~

Written by Mary Harrison ~
Namaste  ~