Thursday, December 27, 2012

Living in the NOW is Ultra-Important!

A spiritual transformation, whether for individuals, planetary, or cosmic  requires spiritual energy ! Dimensions all resonate to a certain frequency, and all entail bringing in more spiritual Light.

It takes a tremendous amount of spiritual work, effort on everyone's part, and living in the NOW to assist a shift in dimension.  As I have blogged for years here about the importance of the Now moment and how expansive it is to have this space that it creates to fill it with Light, many still laughed and poked fun and thought that spiritual teachings from the Masters were rather 'old hat and old-fashioned.'

 The Ascension workers on earth  now have come from evolved planets and evolved dimensions. We have come well-equipped with the necessary ascension codes in our lightbodies that get activated when we, ourselves, have brought in the necessary Light and expanded it sufficiently. We descended in order to help bring humanity up out of the dire-ness of earth life as it is now, with a distinct lack in awareness of the fundamentals of the true self, away from the life of an 'average human.'

We don't beat our chests and expand our egos, we go quietly among our communities to integrate and share our energies which they may not have experienced before. The love is pure that emanates from our bodies and people are drawn to this. The world has been starved of the kind of divine love that earth-life has shut off from their awareness.  We have come to restore that connection to divinity.

It is a personal journey for each soul as they slowly awaken from a deep slumber. The shock of what is going on around the world, the injustices and atrocities have brought many to war and crime. For others, it has brought them to pray and to go within and find solitude in peace and love. It is a person's attitude that blocks any awakening within. The anger of not seeing with the eyes any physical changes is another way to block the energies that are flooding and permeating the planet at this and every moment. When the mind is on judgment, hatred and anger it cannot possibly be open to these energies. It takes work on every souls' part to transition from the awareness of a third dimensional human to bringing in the attributes of divinity - humility, gratitude, love, compassion and seeing all as spiritual beings experiencing a physical life (to name but a few).

Change your attitude, change your life.

We are in the thick of a massive transformation right now, and it can prove to be too strong for some. With raising one's vibrations through aligning with the energies of Mantra, meditation on the Divine, any spiritual practice that raises you above the physical existence to realize the divine within. One can also mentally ask any of the spiritual teachers in the higher dimensions or even the Avatars, Buddhas, who will assist any soul who asks. By choosing an aspect of the Divine to assist you, it helps your own vibrations to lift up and merge with theirs'.

I am writing this with the assistance of the Masters who are more than willing to listen to your questions and assist you wherever they can with your journey of awakening. The best way to contact them is in meditation.  The way in which you receive their messages can vary  -  they can come through as strong feelings that they impress on you, they can put a picture in your mind, or they can guide you later to a place where you will find what you are looking for.   These are just a few examples.

        Love, Light and friendship, Tara *~~

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The New Group of World Servers

29 November, 2012

Dear friends  ~  during meditation this evening I was going within to connect, and what came to me
is this - we are now externalizing who we basically have always been, divinity in human form.
In a third dimensional world we created the external world we live in now through our thoughts and
desires. In order to herald in the Golden Age we need to BE as well as project our true identity,
our divinity, into our environment.    Below is a message from The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul  ~

The New Group of World Servers
Djwhal Khul

They are being gathered out of every nation, but are gathered and chosen, not by the watching Hierarchy or by any Master, but by the power of their response to spiritual opportunity, tide and note. They are emerging out of every group and church and party, and will therefore be truly representative. This they do, not from the pull of their own ambition and prideful schemes, but through the very selflessness of their service.

They are finding their way to the top in every department of human knowledge, not because of the clamor they make about their own ideas, discoveries and theories, but because they are so inclusive in their outlook, and so wide in their interpretation of the truth that they see the hand of God in all happenings, His imprint upon all forms, and His note sounding forth through every channel of communication between the subjective reality and the objective outer form.

They are of all races; they speak all languages; they embrace all religions, all sciences and philosophies. Their characteristics are synthesis, inclusiveness, intellectuality and fine mental development. They own no creed, save the creed of Brotherhood, based on the one Life. They recognize no authority, save that of their own souls, and no Master save the group they seek to serve, and humanity whom they deeply love.

They have no barriers around themselves, but are governed by a wide tolerance, and a sane mentality and sense of proportion. They look with open eyes upon the world of men and recognize those whom they can lift and to whom they can stand as the Great Ones stand, -- lifting, teaching and helping. They recognize their peers and equals, and know each other when they meet, and stand shoulder to shoulder with their fellow workers in the work of salvaging humanity.

It does not matter if their terminologies differ, their interpretations of symbols and scriptures vary, or their words are few or many. They see their group members in all fields -- political, scientific, religious, and economic - and give to them the sign of recognition and the hand of a brother. They recognize likewise Those who have passed ahead of them upon the ladder of evolution, and hail Them Teacher, and seek to learn from Them that which They are so eager to impart.

This group has a specific mission, and some of the facts about it might be stated as follows:
It is first of all an attempt at an externalization of the Hierarchy upon the physical plane, or a small working replica of this essentially subjective body. Its members are all in physical bodies but must work entirely subjectively, thus utilizing the inner sensitive apparatus and intuition...composed of men and women of all nations and ages, but each must be spiritually oriented, all must be conscious servers, all must be mentally polarized and alert, and all must be inclusive.

One of the essential that they must be willing to work without recognition, on the subjective levels. They must work behind the scenes as do the Great Ones. Its members must therefore be free from all taint of ambition, and of all pride of race and of accomplishment. They must be also sensitively aware of their fellow men and of their thoughts and conditioning environment.

It is a group that has no exoteric organization of any kind, no headquarters, no publicity, no group name. It is a band of obedient workers and servers...--obedient to their own souls and to group need. All true servers everywhere therefore belong to this group, whether their line of service is cultural, political, scientific, religious, philosophical, psychological, or financial. They constitute part of the inner group of workers for humanity, and of the world mystics, whether they know it or not. They will thus be recognized by their fellow group members when contacted in the casual ways of world intercourse.

This group gives the word "spiritual" a wide significance; they believe to mean an inclusive endeavor towards human betterment, uplift and understanding; they give it the connotation of tolerance, international synthetic communion, religious inclusiveness, and all trends of thought which concern the esoteric development of the human being.

It is a group, therefore, without a terminology or Bible of any kind; it has no creed nor any dogmatic formulations of truth. The motivating impulse of each and all is love of God as it wo5rks out in love for one's fellow man. They know the true meaning of brotherhood, without distinction of race. Their lives are lives of willing service, rendered with utter selflessness and without any reservations.

The personnel of this group is known only to the Elder Brothers of the race, and no register of names is kept, and there are three main requirements:
1. A certain at-one-ment between the soul and its mechanism is essential, and that inner triplicity, usually dormant in the majority, of soul - mind - brain, must be in alignment and active.

2. The brain has to be telepathically sensitive in two directions and at will. It must be aware of the world of souls and also of the world of men.

3. There must also exist a capacity for abstract or synthetic thought. This will enable a man to leap over racial and religious barriers. When this is present also, there is an assured belief in the continuity of life and its correlation to the life after death.

They are not interested in dogmas or doctrines, and have no shibboleths. Their outstanding characteristic will be an individual and group freedom from a critical spirit. This non-criticism will not grow out of an inability to see error, or failure to measure up to an ideal; falsity, impurity and weakness will be recognized for what they are, but when noted will only serve to evoke a loving helpfulness.

You ask me: What keeps a man from becoming a member of such a group? I tell you with emphasis that four things only keep a man from affiliation.
First: An uncoordinated personality. This involves necessarily an untrained mind and a feeble intellect.

Second: A sense of separateness, of distinction, and of being set apart or different from one's fellow men.

Third: The possession of a creed. No matter how good a formula of beliefs it may be, it inevitably produces exclusiveness. It bars some out.

Fourth: Pride & ambition.

You ask again: How shall one qualify? The rules are simple, and are three in number. First learn to practice harmlessness; then desire nothing for the separated self, and thirdly, look for the sign of divinity in all. Three simple rules but very hard to accomplish.

Behind this group...which includes thinkers in every department of human thought...and of human knowledge, stands the Hierarchy of Masters, and in between these two groups stand also a band of teachers, of whom I am one. These act as intermediaries and as transmitters of the energy. May I repeat, and beg you to attend, that this group which is slowly forming is gathered out of every imaginable group of thinking and intelligent men. As yet, and this may surprise a few, there are not very many occultists (so-called) among them. This is due to the fact that the occultists are numerically few in relation to the masses of humanity, and also to their tendency to be sectarian, exclusive and self righteous. Selfless humanitarian workers are there; political leaders and economists and scientific workers in the world's laboratories are also there; churchmen and religious adherents from all of the world religions are there, and the practical mystics and a few occultists. The true occultist is rare.

The group is and will be kept entirely subjective. Its members are linked telepathically, or they recognize each other through the quality of the work they are doing in the outer world and the inclusiveness of the note they sound. It is inspired from above by the souls of its members and the Great Ones and is energized into activity by the need of humanity itself. It is composed of living conscious souls, working through coordinated personalities. Its symbol is a golden triangle, enclosing an even -armed cross with one diamond at the apex of the triangle. This symbol is never reproduced in form at all. It shines above the heads of all who are in the group, and cannot be seen by anyone (not even a clairvoyant) except a group member, and then only if -- for purposes of the work -- his recognition needs stimulation. The motto of the group is ' The Glory of the One.'

Now [an]...attempt is being made to free the "prisoners of the planet" (society in general). The Hierarchy, through the Group of World Servers now... is seeking to externalize itself, and to restore the mysteries to humanity to whom they truly is basically necessary that all of you who have sensed the vision, or seen a part of the intended plan, should re-dedicate yourselves to the service of humanity, should pledge yourselves to the work of aiding to the utmost of your ability (ponder on these words and search out their significance) all world servers, and should sacrifice your time, and give of your money, to further the endeavor of the Great Ones. Rest not, above all from your meditation work; keep the inner link; think truth at all times. The need and the opportunity are great and all possible helpers are being called to the forefront of the battle. All can be used in some way, if the true nature of sacrifice is grasped, if skill in action is developed, and if work without attachment is the effort of each and all of you.

Anchoring Stability Today

Written on 1 December, 2012
by Tara ~

Dear Friends  ~
Previously, we have talked about how Ascension is being done in waves.   There is another reason why it needs to be done in stages. The many Ascension workers are living the process in an energy realm that is fractionally above 3D.  I know nothing about the correct terminology for this space, but it is created so tha the workers can go around among society and do their work in 3D but not of 3D.  

There are many aspects of earth life that need to be cleansed thoroughly and then anchored into earth. This has been going on for decades and what I am sharing today is the anchoring of STABILITY or perfect HARMONY.  It may not have occurred to many who are following the process and watching dates, that a lot of preparation is going on behind the scenes. Take a long, hard think about life and what makes up our daily living, and what is necessary for it to be changed into a higher spiritual way of living, far removed from the scenes of chaos one sees around the world today.

 Realistically, the world is still going through a massive cleansing.  God/Source does not look down 'from above' and suddenly say, 'enough is enough, ready or not, you lot are going up to 5D.....'    Sounds silly?  Of course.  So today I am sharing what has occurred concerning the stabilization of society to happen some time in the future.  
The ascension workers carry the codes of ascension which are activated by the spiritual realms responsible
for its timing.  The workers around the world are the anchors, being in physical form.  We carry the aspects
of  life within our own spiritual world, our energy that is within and around us, and that light within which holds the codes does the processing that we can feel and experience through our physical.  Hence, all of the physical, emotional and financial hardship.  All these aspects of life are being worked through, and when the cleansing is complete, we anchor that aspect into the ascension process.

There is no personal working-out of these processes by the worker's 3D Self.  We surrendered to the higher-self before we undertook the work. There cannot be any interference caused by our desires, thoughts, personal views, etc.   It is all orchestrated by the ones who lead this type of work.

     That is all I can share for now, the words of how to describe this are very difficult to find.
     Stability will be coming, please hold that thought and ignore any dire warnings of otherwise.

     Yours in Service and Oneness, Tara *~~

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Know Thyself by Sri Chinmoy

                                                       ~         KNOW  THYSELF        ~

Sri Chinmoy

Atmanam viddhi - Know thyself. Each individual has to know himself. He has to know himself as the infinite, eternal and immortal Consciousness. The concept of Infinity, Eternity and Immortality is absolutely foreign to us. Why? The reason is quite simple. We live in the body, rather than in the soul. To us the body is everything. There is nothing and can be nothing beyond the body. The existence of the soul we consider sheer imagination. But I assure you that the soul is not imaginary. It is at once the life and the revelation of the Cosmic Reality. Most of us live in the body, in the earthbound physical consciousness. Our teacher is Darkness; our professor is Ignorance. But if ever we live in the soul, we shall see that our teacher is Vision and our professor is Illumination.

"Life is effort." So says the body. "Life is blessing." So says the soul. The human in man does not want to go beyond morality, society and humanity. The divine in man comes down from divinity into humanity, from unity into multiplicity.

Atmanam viddhi. Know thyself. The seers of the Upanishads not only discovered this Truth Transcendental but offered it to the suffering, crying and striving mankind. In order to know oneself, one has to discover oneself first. What is self discovery? Self discovery is God-Realization.

Without Yoga there is no self discovery. Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is the Universal Truth. It is the traditional truth of India. It is the most important experience of life. True Yoga and life go together. They cannot be separated. If you try to separate them, you will fail. Yoga and life are as inseparable as the Creator and the Creation.

Is Yoga another name for severe asceticism? Positively not. Is Yoga another name for self-discipline? Decisively yes. Does Yoga demand the rejection of the world and the starvation of the senses? No, never. Does Yoga demand the acceptance of the world and mastery over the senses? Yes, a mighty Yes. Is Yoga for everybody? Yes and no. Yes, because each human soul has come from God and inwardly aspires to return to Him. No, because some people, at their present stage of development, feel they can live without God.

Can learning and reasoning offer man self realization? No. Mere book knowledge ends in self deception. Why? Because a man of knowledge feels that he has achieved the infinite wisdom. Unfortunately, he does not know that the real Infinite Wisdom can come only from God, from God Realization. Mere mental reasoning ends in self-frustration.

Can dedication and aspiration offer man self realization? Yes. Man's dedication is his heart flower offered at the Feet of God. Man's aspiration is his soul fruit placed in the Lap of God.

For self realization, man needs freedom. God gives him freedom. What is freedom? Freedom is God's sacrifice-power and man's miracle-power. Sri Ramakrishna, the great spiritual Master of India, once remarked, "The wretch who constantly says, 'I am bound, I am bound,' only succeeds in being bound. He who says day and night, 'I am a sinner, I am a sinner,' verily becomes a sinner. One must have such burning faith in God that one can say, 'What? I have repeated God's name, so how can sin still cling to me? How can I be a sinner anymore?'"

We must cherish positive thoughts, positive ideas, positive ideals. Only then will our Goal no longer remain a far cry. Each man has to feel, "I am at the Feet of God, my own Master. I am in the Hands of God, my own Creator. I am in the Heart of God, my only Beloved."

"Ask and it shall be given to you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you." I asked. My Lord bestowed His boundless Compassion on me. I sought. My Lord gave me His infinite Love. I knocked. To my utter surprise, the door was not bolted from inside. My sweet Lord was eagerly expecting my arrival. Lo, I am come!

You Do Not Need Knowledge for Spiritual Advancement

Dear Friends  ~

     You do not need to study anything in order to receive the divine truth within.  Every soul that has incarnated onto this earthplane has arrived in the only school they need to realize their inherent spirituality    This earth school supplies everyone with enough life experiences for each journey.   Every incarnation provides excellent opportunities to experience the polarities through different life circumstances.

     We may not remember why we chose to come here, but that does not matter.   Earthlife will take care of your spiritual lessons each and everyday.   It is how we handle ourselves and treat others that reveal to the aware person what their weaknesses and strengths are.  

     Not every soul is mindful of the wealth of opportunities that confronts each one when life takes a sudden turn in very unexpected directions.   A huge test for sure, and when in the thick of such a situation, it can sometimes awaken within the strength that we all have hidden inside of us.   How can we know of this enormous strength if we are never put into a situation which makes one dig as deep as they can to find the strength, and perhaps the solutions that are needed.  Building spiritual muscles would be a good term to use when life becomes very challenging.

     Knowledge does not provide you with the experiences you need for your particular life's journey.   It does not matter if you are rich or poor, a university graduate or illiterate, for it is the love and courage we have within that will provide the necessary tools to face this life and all it has to offer. What it has to offer each soul is of course as vast as the stars in the sky. That is why this third dimensional world was created, to make one feel through their physicality what the basis of life is all about.  If everything you have in the world is taken from you, what is left?    Your divine self within.   Perhaps the distractions of the world need to be taken in order to experience oneself and begin the journey inwards.

     Sanyasi's are people who are aware of how valuable life is to renounce the physical world in order to be completely focused on the spiritual.  It is with conscious choice that they give away their possessions and keep only the basic necessities of life.   No unnecessary distractions is what is chosen by many on this earth, and not only in India. Even in western society one may renounce the physical world in their own private way and live a very quiet and focused life, communing with nature and the divine.

     Yes dear friends, everything you need for spiritual advancement is already inside of you.   Treat it as your own treasure-trove of precious jewels just waiting to be discovered. Approach the inner journey with joy and reverence for the beautiful spark of God within, and with the love you have for your Godself , feel it expand into the fullness of flame.  

     Namaste  ~  Tara

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ascension Sharings ~ A Feeling of Re-Birth

      Hi everyone  ~

   Today I've had a distinct feeling within of another re-birth!    This is another aspect of the Divine Self
   coming through and showing her/himself.    Divine is the only way to describe it, as it  is pristine love
   that knows no bounds when it comes to humanity and aiding our fellow humans. 

   It came like a rush when I was out and about today going into those pockets of resistance in the
   community which I mentioned in my last Ascension Sharings.   The Divinity I experienced was most
   definitely from the Godhead, and it was a male aspect.   The rush of energies and the brightness
   everywhere I looked took me by surprise so much I felt myself in an energy-spin that I hadn't experienced
   before.   I guess combining with the other aspects I have already grounded, this put the cherry on the
   cake, so to speak !!

   I am not shy about sharing divine experiences as that is what we are all working towards when we
   align with our higher/highest Selves.   So many writings have already appeared on the spiritual websites
   over the years about this time occurring, and it is returning to our true Home, our Divine Home within.
   So many answers to life experiences with different ways of perceiving.......the different windows of seeing
   the scope of our experiences seems endless !!!    We may have one experience, or so we think at the time,
   when in fact it can have several meanings attached to that experience.  So, we are covering all aspects
   when it broadens and reveals the overall totality of that one experience.    If you get my
   I may write about it a bit more tomorrow after I've slept on it.   I need to allow the energies to settle and
   reveal more.  
   Namaste  ~  Love  ~  Tara


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Living With the Unknown

                                                  LIVING WITH THE UNKNOWN
Many are facing personal circumstances today which involve dealing with the unknown in significant areas of life.  Surrender to the unknown involves trust in the invisible.  It involves a connection with one’s deeper self that holds the truth of Divine reality.

This is a time in which much is changing and much needs to be let go of.  A new energy of light is transforming the Earth and calling to itself all that can resonate with it, asking that all that cannot be let go of.  This is the reason for all the letting-go-s that are taking place.  On one level it is about receiving the new.  On another level it is about being willing to trust what is happening even when the new has not yet made itself visible.  It is the interim between letting go of the old and the arrival of the new that creates a passage into the unknown, a passage that is essential to the embodied self in its deepening relationship with God.

Surrender to the unknown involves trust in the invisible.  It involves a connection with one’s deeper self that holds the truth of Divine reality.  Such surrender is most difficult for one who has become accustomed to relying on their own efforts in life and on the sense of control that they have brought.  For such a person, ‘doing’ in order to bring things about, has been a central feature of life, and waiting or feeling helpless for even short periods of time has been highly avoided.  Yet, even where the emphasis on control has not been a large part of the conscious self, even then it has been part of the unconscious self.  For the human experience as it has evolved over time has given the ego great power to manage life, and this power has been used to insure that what one desired could come into existence through one’s own effort and will.  Now, in the presence of great change, that ego-will must be surrendered to the will of the soul, and whatever helplessness or waiting occurs must be embraced for whatever period of time becomes necessary.  This is not a proscription for passivity, but for waiting in a state of Divine trust where this is needed.

Learning to trust the unknown is not so much a spiritual practice as a calling of the soul.  The soul holds the truth of God’s reality since it is part of that reality.  It also holds the truth of God’s goodness.  No matter what the outer picture of life, the soul holds the truth of Divine love.  In the presence of the unknown and before the new has manifested, many souls are being asked, today, to trust what has not yet appeared - to hold within themselves a feeling of safety based not on external reality but on an inner knowing.  Such a connection with one’s soul knowledge is being called into being today.  With light expanding on the Earth, it is becoming increasingly available to those who seek it.

The primary obstacle to trust in the unknown is fear.  Fear emanates from the personal self that has become accustomed to predictability.  Now, when much is not predictable, the personal self may suffer greatly and want to make things predictable once again.  Sometimes, this is possible, but often it is not because something new is coming into being, and great forces are at work on both personal and planetary levels to create change. 

Fear, when it occurs, may be addressed by seeking fervently and frequently to connect with one’s deeper self, the place of inner truth, the life of the soul.  This is the task that many face today and it is a spiritual task of great importance.  It creates the possibility for living with uncertainty without fear, knowing that the uncertainty itself is part of the changing reality that is coming into being, and that it can be held with God, not apart from God.

All who are faced with the need to trust the unknown, today, are facing these dilemmas, and all are in need of both outer and inner ways of holding whatever situation they face, with the inner means being the more important.  Many are being called to surrender more deeply and are aware of this calling.  Many more are being called to surrender more deeply and are not aware of this calling.  Yet, whether conscious or not conscious, for all inhabitants of the Earth a new relationship with Divine reality is coming into being, and each must make the choice as to how to participate in this new relationship.  For the Earth it is a new awakening, and for each one who lives on the planet it is a personal awakening to the truth that lives within their own soul. 

Julie Redstone

Monday, October 22, 2012

Inner Journeys

   Stop!   Be still!   Listen to your heart and the love you have for self and others and know your truth

  Put aside the seduction of mind and the glamour of this or that option and truly listen to you, yourself.
                                You will know the essence of truth when you allow your spirit to be.
                        Take time now to meditate, for in meditation you empower your spirit to Be.
                 As thoughts arise, acknowledge them and put them aside but allow them no energy.
                          Sit and observe that you are spirit, you are mind, and you are physicality
                            Observe your mind, separate, you can observe your body, separate,
                                and you can observe your spirit,  your essence, essential being.
                         You have the answers within and they may not fulfil your expectations.
            Put aside expectations and your spirit will love you beyond all previous understanding.
                                                                      You will be free.
                                                  How?  That’s not easy I hear you say.
                      Not true, it is as easy as you are willing to allow it to be and as hard as your
                                                    clutch to the known and familiar will make it.

             Mind and physicality will not easily surrender to your spirit just because you have chosen

                                                            to increase your spiritual awareness.
                     Others have trodden this path, some, a few, have seen the clarity of truth that
                                                             is a distillation of the essential you.
                You are your spirit; it is only your mind that is holding you back in fulfilling your truth
                                                           and becoming all you want to be.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Loving Kindness Meditation - Forgiveness

Loving Kindness Meditation - Forgiveness
A guided Meditation by Ven. Ayya Khema

"Please put the attention on the breath.

Have forgiveness in your heart for anything you think you've done wrong . Forgive yourself for all the past omissions and commissions. They are long gone. Understand that you were a different person and this one is forgiving that one that you were. Feel that forgiveness filling you and enveloping you with a sense of warmth and ease.

Think of your parents. Forgive them for anything you have ever blamed them for. Understand that they too are different now. Let this forgiveness fill them, surround them, knowing in your heart that this is your most wonderful way of togetherness.

Think of your nearest and dearest people . Forgive them for anything that you think they have done wrong or are doing wrong at this time. Fill them with your forgiveness. Let them feel that you accept them. Let that forgiveness fill them. Realizing that this is your expression of love.

Now think of your friends. Forgive them for anything you have disliked about them. Let your forgiveness reach out to them, so that they can be filled with it, embraced by it.

Think of the people you know, whoever they might be, and forgive them all for whatever it is that you have blamed them for, that you have judged them for, that you have disliked. Let your forgiveness fill their hearts, surround them, envelope them, be your expression of love for them.

Now think of any special person whom you really need to forgive. Towards whom you still have resentment, rejection, dislike. Forgive him or her fully. Remember that everyone has dukkha. Let this forgiveness come from your heart. Reach out to that person, complete and total.

Think of any one person, or any situation, or any group of people whom you are condemning, blaming, disliking. Forgive them, completely. Let your forgiveness be your expression of unconditional love. They may not do the right things. Human beings have dukkha. And your heart needs the forgiveness in order to have purity of love.

Have a look again and see whether there's anyone or anything, any where in the world, towards whom you have blame or condemnation. And forgive the people or the person, so that there is no separation your heart.

Now put your attention back on yourself. And recognize the goodness in you. The effort you are making. Feel the warmth and ease that comes from forgiveness." 

 May all beings have forgiveness in their hearts!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

13 - 33 - 333 Number Sequences - New Earth Codes

a message from The Blue Ray channeled by Shekina Rose / Blue Ray
Friday, 9 April, 2010 
"Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by spirit to activate this transmission"

(Image courtesy: Mary Unveiled by Mary Angelico & Saleena Ki &

We are sharing a series of esoteric transmissions, invocations, activations of the sacred Divine feminine of Shekinah through Blue Ray to assist you through the great shift of 2012 and beyond. You the Blue Ray and many Light Bearers carry the new earth frequency of ascension through the sacred heart of the holy divine feminine.
As you read this information know that it is your own knowledge awakening, your sacred heritage and lineages. You the Blue Ray and the many Light Bearers true divine nature have been undercover of your full expression, gifts, talents and abilities, and as this information is being revealed so are you.
Higher Realms Number Code Sequences Activation
The higher realms, ascended masters, the Light and your guides communicate with you in many ways in your world and life. We are in constant communication and communion with you. One way that is increasing with momentum is through the sacred number sequences. They are more than mere numbers. They are sacred codes, energetic frequencies of dimension and light. These sacred codes of communication form sacred geometry and gateways, creating activation of your higher nature. How the sacred numbers activate you
It is not that you are looking for the numbers or just seeing them, it is an activation and remembrance as you and the higher realms, the masters of ascended light and love, are aligning at a divine configuration of reality of time and space. It is a holy moment when this occurs. As you acknowledge this communion, it builds a stronger vibration of higher light in your energy field and life.
For some time now, many of you have been seeing the sacred number sequences occurring frequently in your life. It may have become such a common occurrence that has been easily discounted to, "Ah yes, I see the numbers all the time and that is all."
Downloads from Spirit 44
If you have a connection with spirit in this way, we wish to remind you to stop for this holy moment and take it in. We know that many times you are busy with your life, and
through mental processing may feel you cannot take time to be activated by the higher realms. Know that you are in a holy moment beyond time and space, a place of divine power, where a moment can become many hours, days or even years. When you return to this time space you will see that it was only a moment or minute in this reality.
Ah, yes, you can stop and stretch time and this is only the beginning of your unlimited potential multidimensional divine power. 55 It is why the power elite of times ago did not want the general public to know this esoteric wisdom. And why they created fear as a deterrent in ever seeking this knowledge and deeming it unholy. These age-old energies are leaving with the shift and emerging of the new earth. 44
Sacred communion with the higher realms and Masters of Light and love through the number sequences
You will see, hear or read a certain number sequence coming to you over and over. The number sequence will keep coming to you everywhere you go: when you check out in the store, on license plates, clocks, TV, movies, media - spirit will find clever ways to get your attention. It makes you stop for a moment; there is a knowing, a recognition that you are in communion with spirit; you feel it in your body and that is your confirmation. Trust this direct knowing through the sacred vehicle of your body, as it tells you of a meeting of two worlds, your holy moment. 13

You are now being given more information, energetic transmissions on the sacred number sequences. You can use them 44 to ride the information matrix, giving you exactly what you require energetically at any time. 333
Codes of the New Earth through sacred number sequences
13 –33-333 represent the new earth, golden age of Gaia through the sacred heart and the Christed female - the return of the Goddess, Shekinah and Sophia, the sacred divine feminine.
It is divinely powerful when you see these combinations of 13-33 together and 333 each one coming to you throughout your day. Together they are telling that you are a sacred way shower, a frequency holder of the new earth, that cellular rejuvenation of your light codes is taking place.
The Sacred Power of 13
13 is "The Return of the Goddess in all things"
Unity and balance, the natural order of life through the Holy Divine feminine and through the Sacred Heart. 13:13 and 10:10
The Sacred Power of 13 brings and carries the frequency resonance of Transcendence of matter and the embodiment of ascension, the new earth frequency code, Unity and Oneness, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Shekinah and Sophia; natural rhythms coming into balance and sacred order; taking back your power through the sacred divine feminine.
Mary Magdalene represents the 13 and the shift of 2012 that will bring the new earth codes. She and her essence have re-emerged at a time when earth and the people would be ready to receive her lost knowledge. This will bring the Christed female of the holy spirit of the embodiment of Shekinah.
13 is a unifying vibration, it is the Christ with the 12 disciples.
There are 13 lunar cycles in a solar year that honor the sacred divine feminine and at one time you followed here on earth.
13 was the sacred number of the ancient Egyptians, part of the sacred geometry of Creation to activate their sacred light body.
The Mayans, many Native Americans, Lemurians, Atlantean and ancient sacred cultures used the holy code frequency of 13.
The turtle represents the primordial goddess of 13; many turtles have 13 segments on their shells.

Mother Mary of Fatima appeared to the children of Fatima on May 13, 1917, for 6 consecutive months on the 13th day of each month. Her presence will come again on that day of 13 through Shekinah in the coming shift of ages.
13 has a secret divine power and esoteric frequency of the Mother essence to transform all things. In the past, the 13 number vibration was one of fear. As the power elite of the time wanted to steer you away from its true direct connection with source creation. It is why they distorted the truth creating instant fright around 13.
Your indigenous and ancient cultures used a different system of time and communion with the cosmos, life and Spirit that was more in tune to the natural rhythms of Creation and heartbeat of Gaia. This holy way of balance is returning through the great shift of the ages. The 13 vibration is a part of the holy alignment and healing.
Sacred code frequency meaning of 33
33 is the sacred heart, ascension, the masters of ascended light and love, the return of the Shekinah, the holy spirit heart flame of the Mother of Creation.
Sacred code frequency meaning of 333
333 means cellular activation of your light codes and you are working with the teams, legions of the masters of ascended light and love and higher light beings and realms.
We will continue to give you information through the Blue Ray on the esoteric hidden information of the sacred codes to assist the activation of your divine original blueprint. This will be a series of the sacred number frequency vibration of activations, invocations, esoteric wisdom and information that is now ready to be released. 11.11
You are being activated by reconnecting to the true meaning of the holy numbers, transmuting fear that brings holiness back to your cells and to God’s true nature. You are divine; we bless, honor and thank you. All of God and Creation are reaching out to you in the highest Light and Love empowering you. You see, we are One! 13


Friday, October 19, 2012

More on Love

The answer to suffering is love.  Unfortunately, it its everyday usage, this concept has become oversimplified.  What exactly is love?  Can we understand it  -  can we grasp it?  Here is precisely where spirituality teaches a profound lesson to psychology, because the love of which spiritual systems speak extends beyond the concepts of Western psychology.

The psychological self says,  " I want to survive; I want to master, to be successful; I want pleasure, I don't want pain  -  I want, I want! "  The spiritual self says,  " What is this mysterious game  -  this incessant movement between up and down, sadness and joy, pleasure and pain?  What is there beyond this constantly changing world, this transient fleeting moment that is soon forgotten?  Is there anything beyond it? "

Yes.  Love is constant, unchanging, selfless  -  transcending separation and duality, revealing the oneness underlying and unifying all things.  It is a state of consciousness in which giving needs no reward.  Love reaches out to and encompasses the other.  It is the source of our intuition, our creativity, our empathy.  It is the most basic and primary tool of all therapies, allowing us to extend beyond ourselves to merge with the other, experience the other's pain, and finally dissolve that pain with love's life-giving force.

Love is far more than a psychological feeling; it is said by Sai Baba to be the most basic principle of all creation  -  the principle that created, preserves and sustains the entire cosmos.  This basic universal principle is also our own inner nature;  it triumphs over suffering;  it survives the grave  -  it extends us into eternity.

                              Taken from the book  -  Spirit and the Mind Ch.14 Sai Love
                                        By Dr. Samuel Sandweiss M.D.  Psychiatrist


Love Is..........

           Love is central.   Love in thought is truth  -  that which is always the same and beyond
           beginning and end.   Love in feeling is peace, bliss  -  being unaffected by the sorrows
           or joys, the ups or downs in life.  Love in understanding is non-violence and respect and
           reverence for all creation.  Love in action is morality and right living  -  the giving of
           selfless service to all in need without desire for reward.
                                                                                                          ~  Sri Sathya Sai Baba

                 You feel that there is something behind and beyond all this fleeting fantasy,
                 something that persists through all the success and defeats, all the tears and
                 and smiles, all this mirth and moan, but you are unable to grasp it and realize
                 that it is the same entity that underlies the entire universe.
                 You are one with the most distant star, and the least little blade of grass;
                 you shine as dew on the petal of the rose, you swing from star to star.
                 You are part and parcel of all this manifestation.
                                                                                                          ~  Sri Sathya Sai Baba

               Taken from the book: Spirit and the Mind by Psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Sandweiss M.D.
                Namaste  ~  Tara

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Be Mindful of Thoughts and Actions

                  Namaste dear friends   ~

                 You have probably heard by now about 'mindfulness' and how it concentrates your energy
                 by focusing solely on what you choose to place your attention on.  Mindfulness is used for
                 meditation, healing, staying in peace, a treatment for anxiety, and also for expanding your
                 spiritual light.    Whatever you focus on is where your energy goes.  People whose minds
                 are always busy, working frantically and talking constantly, will always be exhausted and
                 drained and wondering what happened to 'all that energy' they had before..........

                  Mindfulness is taking control of your life.   Your everyday life can be more meaningful and
                  full of energy if you focus on what you are doing in the Now moment.  Yes, it takes practice.
                  Everything worth achieving takes effort, and what is more important than your own precious
                  energy and achieving what you have set out to do each day with calmness and clarity.

                  There is so much going on in the world it is very easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed.
                  That is where mindfulness is a valuable tool which keeps the focus in the Now and not
                  conjuring up all kinds of  'possible scenarios'  of what will happen in the future.  The future
                  is a result of what we do Now with our thoughts and actions, which includes speech and
                  our attitude towards others.  What are you going to fill your moment with?  Each moment
                  is limitless expansion of energy and it is up to each one of us who inhabits this beautiful
                  planet to feed the collective energies with the ingredients for soul expansion and prosperity.


                  Written by Tara ~

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daily Inspiration


                     Blessings and Love to All Who Read This  ~

                 There are many upheavals around the world while Earth and mankind work on
                 assimilating the spiritual energies which continue to flood the planet.  Today was
                 another day when I experienced what I call "the doors of Heaven opening" which
                 made everywhere I went today look more light-expanded than I ever experienced

                 Until these higher vibratory energies are absorbed, it can make one feel out of sorts
                 within.  Spending time in quiet contemplation and connecting to one's inner-peace is
                 a way of feeling grounded and perhaps easing the feeling of overwhelm.  Another way
                 of stabilizing the effects is to spend some time in nature.   We all know by now what a
                 wonderful healer Mother Nature is.   Our pets can also be feeling the effects, so a little
                 more time spent cuddling and reassuring our animal family will help tremendously.

                 Take care and treat yourself kindly ~  although we cannot stop the turmoil around
                 the world from happening, we can put more peaceful vibes into the collective energies
                 by expanding our peace within.  This in turn radiates from our auras and affects those
                 around us.   Saying, or playing mantras on CD, sticks to our auras so that when we
                 go about our business during the day or night, it has a calming effect on others.

                  Namaste ~ Tara

Monday, October 15, 2012

Daily Inspiration

                                          Blessings of Light and Love  ~

                                 Everyday is a new opportunity to put whatever energy you choose
                                 into it.   Upon waking each morning, does it feel like a new day or
                                 just a continuation of the previous one? If we have completed what
                                 we set out to do yesterday and feel content within when it is bedtime,
                                 then we can awaken the next day with a fresh start and fresh energy.

                                 There is no point in dragging old issues which carry old energy into
                                 each and everyday.  We are far more capable than that and need to
                                 remind ourselves that each experience on Earth is for our journey
                                 to see what the lessons and the benefits of learning these lessons are.

                                 Life is about continuing to move forward within our energy stream
                                 and choosing to participate in ventures of our own choice.  We are
                                 not being dragged kicking and screaming to evolve by a certain time.
                                 Awakening to our inner divine Self only comes through focusing on
                                 what is Real and in turn, feeds us with wholesome pointers along
                                 our way.

                                  Seize the day and make it your own.  BE confident that you can
                                  look within and see and feel the benefits from wholesome spiritual
                                  food.   This is your life  -  take care and take control.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Osho on Upanishads

                          Namaste Dear Friends ~ This is a bit long but well worth the read, I think.
                                    I just love OSHO's interpretation of the ancient Upanishads.

Osho on Upanishads - The word upanishad is tremendously important. It simply means sitting down close to a Master; it is a communion. The Master is living in wholeness; he is living herenow, he is pulsating herenow. His life has a music, his life has a joy, a silence of immense depth. His life is full of light.
Just to sit silently by the side of a Master is enough, because the presence of a Master is infectious, the presence of the Master is overwhelming. His silence starts reaching to your very heart. His presence becomes a magnetic pull on you: it pulls you out of the mud of the past and the future. It brings you into the present. Upanishad is a communion, not a communication. A communication is head-to-head and a communion is heart-to-heart. This is one of the greatest secrets of spiritual life, and nowhere else, at no other time, it was understood so deeply as in the days of the Upanishads.

The Upanishads were born nearabout five thousand years before. A secret communion, a transmission beyond the scriptures, a communion, a transmission beyond the scriptures, a communion beyond the words... this is what UPANISHAD is – you sitting silently, not just listening to my words but listening to my presence too. The words are only excuses to hang the silence upon. The silence is the real content, the word is only a container. If you become too much interested in the word you miss the spirit.

So don’t be too much interested in the word. Listen to the heartbeat of the word. When a Master speaks, those words are coming from his innermost core. They are full of his color, of his light. They carry some of the perfume of his being. If you are open and vulnerable, receptive, welcoming, they will penetrate into your heart and a process is triggered.

What Carl Gustav Jung calls synchronicity explains exactly what happens between a Master and a disciple. It is not the same as what happens between a teacher and a student. Between teacher and a student there is a communication; some information is transferred by the teacher to the student, but no transformation – only information. The teacher himself is not transformed, he himself has not arrived. He is repeating words from other teachers, he may be even repeating words from other Masters, but he has not known himself; his words are borrowed. He may be very scholarly, he may be very well-informed, but that is not the real thing. Information is not the real thing – transformation.

And unless one is transformed he cannot trigger the process of transformation in others. Carl Gustav Jung calls this synchronicity. The Master cannot cause your enlightenment. It is not a scientific process, it is far more poetic. It is not a law like the law of cause and effect; it is far more liquid, far more loose, far more flexible. The Master cannot cause the enlightenment to happen in you, but he can trigger the process, and that too only if you allow, not against your will. Nothing can be done to you unless you are totally receptive. This can happen only in a love affair.

Between the teacher and the student there is a business: between the Master and the disciple there is a love affair. The disciple is surrendered; that is the meaning of ”sitting down”. He is surrendered, he has put his ego aside. He is simply open, in tremendous trust. Of course, doubt will hinder the process.

Doubt is perfectly good when you are collecting information: the more you doubt, the more information you will be able to collect, because each doubt will create questions in you and questions are needed to find answers. But each answer will be doubted again in its own turn, creating more questions. and so on, so forth.
But with a Master doubt is a hindrance. It is not of asking a question, it is a quest of the soul; it is enquiry of the heart, it is not intellectual curiosity. It is NOT curiosity, it is far more important – it is a question of life and death. When one is tired of all questions and all answers, when one is fed up with all philosophy, only then one comes to a Master. When one has accumulated much information and still remains ignorant, and all that information does not create any light within his soul, then he comes to a Master, to sit by his side. There are no questions any more; he knows now one thing. that all questions are futile. He has tried and he has seen the whole futility of it. Now he sits in silence, open, available, receptive, like a womb. The disciple becomes feminine, and only in those feminine moments the Master, without any effort on his part, starts overflooding the disciple. It happens naturally.

The DISCIPLE IS not doing anything, the MASTER IS not doing anything – it is not a question of doing at all. The Master is being himself and the disciple is open. When your nose is not closed by cold and you pass by the side of a flower, suddenly the fragrance is felt. The flower is not doing anything in particular; it is natural for the flower to release its fragrance. If you are open to receive it you will receive it.

The word upanishad means coming to a Master, and one comes to a Master only when one is tired of teachers, tired of teachings, tired of dogmas, creeds, philosophies, theologies, religions. Then one comes to a Master. And the way to come to a Master is surrender. Not that your being is surrendered – only the ego, the false idea that you are somebody, somebody special. The moment you put the idea of the ego aside, the doors are open – for the wind, for the rain, for the sun – and the Master’s presence will start entering in you, creating a new dance in your life, giving you a new sense of poetry, mystery, music. It is synchronicity.

The Master is beating in a certain rhythm, he is dancing on a certain plane. If you are ready, the same dance starts happening in you – in the beginning only a little bit, but that’s enough, that little bit is enough. In the beginning only dewdrops, but soon they become oceanic. Once you have tasted the joy of being open you cannot be closed again. First you may open only a window or a door, and then you open all your windows and all the doors. And a moment comes in the life of a disciple when not only windows and doors are opened, even the walls disappear! He is utterly open, available multidimensionally. This is the meaning of the word upanishad.

The Upanishads are written in Sanskrit; Sanskrit is the oldest language on the earth. The very word sanskrit means transformed, adorned, crowned, decorated, refined – but remember the word ”transformed”. The language itself was transformed because so many people attained to the ultimate, and because they were using the language, something of their joy penetrated into it, something of their poetry entered into the very cells, the very fiber of the language. Even the language became transformed, illuminated. It was bound to happen. Just as it is happening today in the West, languages are becoming more and more scientific, accurate, mathematical, precise.

They have to be because science is giving them its color, its shape, its form. If science is growing, then of course the language in which the science will be expressed will have to be scientific. The same happened five thousand years before in India with Sanskrit. So many people became enlightened and they were all speaking Sanskrit; their enlightenment entered into it with all its music, with all its poetry, with all its celebration. Sanskrit became luminous Sanskrit is the most poetic and musical language in existence.
A poetic language is just the opposite of a scientific language. In scientific language every word has to be very precise in meaning; it has to have only one meaning. In a poetic language the word has to be liquid, flowing, dynamic, not static, allowing many meanings, many possibilities. The word has to be not precise at all; the more imprecise it is the better, because then it will be able to express all kinds of nuances.

Hence the Sanskrit sutras can be defined in many ways, can be commented upon in many ways – they allow much playfulness. For example, there are eight hundred roots in Sanskrit and out of those eight hundred roots thousands of words have been derived, just as out of one root a tree grows and many branches and thousands of leaves and hundreds of flowers. Each single root becomes a vast tree with great foliage.

For example, the root RAM can mean first ”to be calm”, second ”to rest”, third ”to delight in”, fourth ”cause delight to”, fifth ”to make love”, sixth ”to join”, seventh ”to make happy”, eighth ”to be blissful”, ninth ”to play”, tenth ”to be peaceful”, eleventh ”to stand still”, twelfth ”to stop, to come to a full stop”, and thirteenth ”God, divine, the absolute”. And these are only few of the meanings of the root. Sometimes the meanings are related to each other, sometimes not; sometimes even they are contradictory to each other. Hence the language has a multidimensional quality to it. You can play with those words and through that play you can express the inexpressible; the inexpressible can be hinted.

The Sanskrit language is called DEVAVANI – the divine language. And it certainly is divine in the sense because it is the most poetic and the most musical language. Each word has a music around it, a certain aroma. How it happened? It happened because so many people used it who were full of inner harmony. Of course those words became luminous: they were used by people who were enlightened. Something of their light filtered to the words, reached to the words; something of their silence entered the very grammar, the very language they were using.

The script in which Sanskrit is written is called DEVANAGARI; DEVANAGARI means ”dwelling-place of the gods”, and so certainly it is. Each word has become divine, just because it has been used by people who had known God or godliness. This Upanishad in which we are entering today is the smallest – it can be written on a postcard – and yet it is the greatest document in existence. There is no document of such luminosity, of such profoundness anywhere in the whole history of humanity. The name of the Upanishad is ISA UPANISHAD.

The world of the Upanishads is very close to my approach. In fact, what I am doing here is giving a rebirth to the spirit of the Upanishads. It has disappeared even from India, and it has not been on the scene at least for three thousand years. There is a gap of three thousand years, and in these three thousand years India has destroyed its own achievement. The first thing is that Upanishads are not anti-life, they are not for renouncing life. Their approach is whole: life has to be lived in its totality. They don’t teach escapism. They want you to LIVE in the world, but in such a way that you remain ABOVE the world, in a certain sense transcendental to the world, living in the world and yet not being of it. But they don’t teach you that life has to be renounced, that you have to escape from life, that life is ugly or life is sin. They rejoice in life! It is a gift of God; it is the manifest form of God. This fundamental has to be remembered.

Upanishads say that the world is the manifest form of God and the God is the unmanifest form of the world, and every manifest phenomenon has an unmanifest noumenon inside it.

Source - from Osho Book "I am That"

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Daily Inspiration

                         Namaste  Dear  Friends   ~

                 It's the weekend again and time to relax and re-energize after another busy week.
                 Sitting in a park full of trees and soaking up the beauty of nature, how wonderful
                 it feels to observe how natural nature is !        Sounds funny, doesn't it?

                 BEing natural and BEing ourselves without criticism of finding fault with this or that
                 thing about ourselves is true freedom.   When we look at how bound a lot of our
                 Earth's citizens are, taking time out to appreciate our freedom surrounded by
                 nature is a very liberating weekend pastime !

                 Sometimes the biggest assets we have are the things we take for granted, each
                 and everyday.    We cannot afford to ignore how important it is to be free.
                 Living in gratitude-awareness keeps us mindful of how rich our lives are. 
                 Then the little annoyances in our day can stay little, and perhaps bring a smile
                 to our faces instead of frustration.

                          Wishing every-one a most wonderful and blessed weekend  ~  Tara