Monday, December 30, 2013

Returning to A State of Innocence

Returning to our innocence.............that joyful part of childhood when we were still new to this physical world.   Everything was fascinating, and watching a baby grow through their developmental stages from first smile to first steps, is just a sheer delight!   Such wonder in their little faces when they discover their toes and their many uses, and also being able to sit-up in the bath and splash until all of the water has almost left the tub!    Even new baby animals not long after birth are soon romping around happily and exploring their bodies and environment.   The funniest for me is watching a baby elephant trying to use his trunk like his Mother can, but, it's not quite got that knack yet........have to wait until he's bigger and stronger.

During sharing our experiences here through different stages of awakening within, we have touched upon this innocent wonder of seeing nature through renewed eyes.  Everywhere we look, it has a different look and feel.   The colours are bolder, the starry sky looks so close you could almost reach out and pick a star, and it feels like a different more vibrant dimension than our third.   We are reconnecting with that part of our soul that hasn't been tainted by a life and society that is quite foreign from our spiritual roots.  We have had to live and make a life for ourself that always felt somehow 'different.'  

Seeing this world through transformed vision is the first step in breaking the veil between the physical world and the spiritual reality.   This physical world has been created since we arrived on this planet through humanity's thoughts and efforts to survive it's harsh conditions.   And here we are now..........a technological world where competition rules.   Any poor country that is battling to survive just the basics of life is dependent on assistance from other countries.   In the end, it all boils down to dollars.   Money now rules this present society on and the power it can wield.

Humanity has basically forgotten its created origins.   Spiritual Beings.   Returning to that recognition of who we really are is what the "Ascension Process" is all about.   Returning to our BEing.  As we progress on our individual awakening within, we reconnect with a higher frequency and therefore begin to see the world in its natural state, unpolluted.   That layer of dimension is always there.  We have glimpses of it from time to time and then our earth-life brings us back to the present 3D world.  There are literally layers upon layers of higher frequency dimensions that can be reached by us when we reconnect to our Divinity, our Soul's Essence.

There are many people before us who have transcended this earth plane and experienced "heaven on earth."  When people go into a state of samaadi, that spiritually blissful state of Oneness within their divine self, they glimpse heaven within.  Some can stay in that state for days and survive quite well without food or drink.   In a higher frequency, we need far less food and drink as the body is less dense.  Physical food is for a physical body, spiritual energy is for a spirit/light body.   In a state of samaadi the metabolic rate of the body is extremely slow, as is when a person goes into a deep meditation.  Such wonderful visions can be experienced in these spiritual states.

Returning to our innocence...........everything we need is within our soul, our higher-self.   A wonderful world indeed when earth is inhabited by millions of awakened and enlightened souls.

N a m a s t e   ~   Tara

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Keeping Christmas Spiritual

                                       *~*     A  Blessed  and  Safe  Christmas  To  All     *~*

      Remembering that this day is in fact a gift from the Divine.   If Jesus had not decided to incarnate
      on Earth and live the life he chose:  a life that would teach humans how to be humble, how to be
      kind to others, how to have strength in times that threatened our very existence, and ultimately
      what becoming the "Christ" really means, we would not be celebrating this most Holy day around
      the Globe.

      Sadly, this message is abused by the commercial aspect of life.  We see it everywhere and what
       it does is negate the true message of Christmas and turn it into a celebration of greed.

       Of course, not every person sees this time of year through the eyes of self-indulgence  -  there are
       many, many people who carry on the spirit of Christmas through helping the needy and making
       sure they are not forgotten.  Everyone needs to feel loved and their life is important, but through
       life's difficulties, many are destitute and lonely.  Thank God for the organizations in our Communities
       who recognize this need and give freely of their time to assist with hampers of necessities.

       I wish to also recognize the massive devastation in the Philippines and the millions of displaced
       refugees living in extremely tough conditions due to war.   Holding love and compassion in our
       hearts is all that most of us can do.   We would all like to be able to feed, house, and comfort the
       suffering folks and children around the globe, but it's just not possible.  The Power in the energy
       of Love should not be underestimated.   Putting aside a little time each day of silent prayer and
       offering love and compassion while visualizing these affected countries is putting positive and
       healing energy where it is most needed.

N a m a s t e  ~  T a r a

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Have We Progressed?

We know we are making personal progress when we can look back at our reactions during our day and see how differently we handle the challenges we face each day.  We are not the same as we were last year, last month or even last week.  There is definite change in how we make choices, how we respond to situations, and even how we see our fellow brothers and sisters, whether known or not known to us!
" Strangers are only friends we haven't yet met  ."

We don't have to assess ourselves all day, but when sitting in quiet contemplation perhaps at the end of the day, our minds quiet and restful, we can take a look and see how we handled ourselves when out among people.  We are not trying to be perfect, just being aware and recognizing the changes that have occurred within.

Although we are in Oneness with the All on a higher level of existence, it is still an  'individual' journey, one we undertook knowingly when we incarnated. This last existence in third dimensional reality would not be an easy one by any means, so if we arestill feeling fear within, just remember that we consciously chose to be here.  Obviously our Self who decided to embark on this journey was confident that we could do this!                    
So, time to connect again to that Self who knows us better than our Earth-Self who is going through many adverse experiences, situations.

Namaste  ~  Tara

Recognizing False Impressions Upon Your Energy Field

We carry within our energy-field many impressions from others, and what feeds this is when we
take it to heart and start to believe what others' think of us.

"Layers from the past" can stick to our auras and shape our personality and also be the reason WHY
we act and react to people and certain circumstances.  When we become aware of our-self by being
mindful of our actions and reactions we will be able to see just what IS us and what has been
impressed upon us by as far back as parents, teachers, etc.

There is something very revealing about spending time on One's own.  For one thing, if you are searching for freedom from the past and all of the layers of what was impressed upon you by family, friends, colleagues, etc., spending time alone is, I think, the best therapy.

This subject of ' layers from the past ' came to my awareness very recently.  When something unexpected pops up and wants us to take notice, it usually means it needs our attention, as it may have been holding us back and keeping us in old mind-sets.  The layers I am speaking of are concepts of what others think about us that our consciousness has grabbed onto and stayed with us, influencing how we think about ourselves, what actions we take in life, and if we have set up a pattern of repetitive behaviour.

One does not need a therapist to talk these matters out once you have pin-pointed where the blockage is.  Once you have realized that you may be carrying around a repeated pattern of behaviour, the solution is to be very watchful each day. Once the awareness has been noted in your consciousness, it will become a trigger and alert you when the pattern starts to influence your daily decisions. These tendencies to repeat past mistakes, over and over again, can be very ingrained. One must have strong fortitude in dealing with and accepting that change is very necessary in order to break these cycles.

I believe this subject is very important as we begin to build our 'new homes.'  Building bricks that just don't fit into a higher dimension will always turn out to be stumbling blocks! We may find that we keep returning to the old ways of thinking and behaving every time we try to move forward.

What is holding me back?
Why do I feel like I am walking through concrete?

Once the awareness takes hold and the old behaviour rectified, you will be amazed how much clearing will be felt afterwards.  It IS that simple  -  recognition of carrying around a false impression of who you thought you were is enough to delete it from your sub-conscious.  It is like another portal within has been opened, and the consciousness goes back to expanding instead of retracting.
Like a breath of fresh air...............spontaneity and joy returns.

N a m a s t e   ~    T a r a

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Are You Equipped to Handle a Crisis?

Greetings and welcome to my morning musings on this first day of December ~

When you get to a certain age, one would think that the experiences one encounters in life would give enough tools to handle a personal crisis.   But.........that all depends upon HOW one perceives the outer-life and how much one uses all of life's opportunities to grow within.   Standing back and looking at life from the observer's chair, it is definitely an obstacle course, thrown in with some wonderful moments to bring smiles and create beautiful memories.   Is that really what life is about?   What do we take with us when it's time to leave the physical world?

One thing is for sure, you can't take your favourite collections from ALL those travels, and you can't take your monetary retirement fund!   As you know, these are to get us through the physical world, which is never permanent.    And I do live in the Now, but it doesn't stop me from looking back at past life experiences and seeing the lesson in each one.  As I have never traveled in the physical to far-off places, I don't have all those wonderful nic-nacs to clutter my abode, but the experiences have been priceless!  

From my own perspective, the experiences in life that challenge us to the very core of our Being are the most precious.  It is only through these life-challenging experiences that our real-self within emerges.  The past few days have been monumental for me in ascending to a place within my Being that explains all of the spiritual and the physical and why dire circumstances were necessary to ascend to greater spiritual heights.  The wealth that lies in the challenge of the physical being that is our personality cannot be described in words, it has to be felt. 

There will come a time when one can ascend within and live in a state of pure Oneness.  When more souls on earth have reached this point within, we will see Heaven on Earth created in the outer world.  Physical ailments will be healed as one connects with a higher form of their Source/God-Self.

Embrace any adversity in your life and search deeply for a spiritual solution.   That is the crux of the earth journey.

Namaste and Peace  ~  Tara

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Most People's Thinking is Involuntary, Automatic and Repetitive

Human life.........what a joy and what a pain, seeing and experiencing the flipside of life almost everyday.

It's a peaceful day when one can reclaim their life by reclaiming their thoughts, and thus their actions.
According to Eckhart Tolle, "thinking happens to you."       He goes on to say : -

" The voice in the head has a life of its own.  Most people are at the mercy of that voice;  they are possessed by thought, by the mind.  And since the mind is conditioned by the past, you are then forced to reenact the past again and again.  The Eastern term for this is karma.  When you are identified with that voice, you don't know this, of course.  If you knew, you would no longer be possessed because you are only truly possessed when you mistake the possessing entity for who you are, that is to say, when you become it. "    
                                                                                                   ----- A New Earth p. 131

Just sharing an observation :   That is why you see the same thing (topics, sharings) posted by the same people on various websites.  And, might I add, also the News and Conspiracy websites who seem to be able to influence a lot of folks, everywhere!!     Which is a real shame, to grab the opinions of those who own these websites and give energy to it...........and don't they feed on that?????  Yes, they do !!!

My opinion : -  
Seeing that we can't change the affairs of the world, we CAN learn more about ourselves, which is pretty darn fascinating when you begin to explore.  We may not like our social situation, but whatever the circumstances, one can always learn and grow within.   That is what we came to do, to learn about who WE are, first as a person and citizen in this world, then if one is game enough, to do the inner-work toward self-transformation.  

Any positive change in energy and growth in one citizen alone, affects not only their life, but the lives they interact with on a daily basis.   Wrapping up life as difficult, sad and useless, being "controlled" by others, is a cop-out and an excuse to do one's part in helping to uplift this world.  And if you awake each day with the same stories of your past, going round and around inside your head, that is the pain-body that you carry around.   I recognized this some time ago, and worked hard on getting rid of the old energy being carried around in my pain-body. 
What goes on and on in your mind is not you. It takes strong determination to face it, recognize it for what it is, and then take control of your life. The mind is a huge encumbrance to going forward in life, and finally becoming and feeling free. Then, new insights and downloads from our consciousness are able to get through and guide and remind us of the spiritual being that we really are.

Namaste and Light  ~

Facing Each Day Without the Suggestive Forecasts

Hi everyone  ~

After my short break from the computer again, what comes to mind this afternoon is the subject of how internet information has such a huge impact on many folks' worlds.   This was proven with the forecast of Ascension happening in Dec. 2012, and many people looking forward to "release from this cruel world" and ascending into a higher dimension.   People are hurting everywhere from various earthly physical hardship, and any suggestive information posted can be grabbed by their conscious mind and then start planning for that said future.   Why worry about Now when the future holds total freedom from all this suffering?

That is how dangerous suggestive articles are.   The sad thing is, no one is held accountable for such a huge influence over so many people.   That is the reason why Channelers need to feel and be aware of the influence they can have on another soul's life.   There may not be physical accountability, but in a spiritual sense, there most certainly is.  If anyone consciously misguides people by wielding the influence of strongly worded channeled messages, rest assured that you will be accountable for it in the spiritual realms.   Just like any person who has influenced lives on earth through other means causing harm, distress, or fear to others, are accountable through earth laws.

Yes, it's a serious blog about a serious matter on how the internet has the power to influence the masses of people out there who are willing to consume it, if it takes their pain away.  Food for thought........

      Sharing a short excerpt from A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, p. 127
      concerning the collective egoic minds and the collective enlightened minds .....

      " As the new consciousness emerges, some people will feel called upon to form groups that reflect
        the enlightened consciousness.  These groups will not be collective egos.  The individuals that make
        up these groups will have no need to define their identity thorugh them.  They no longer look to any
        form to define who they are.  Even if the members that make up those groups are not totally free of
        ego yet, there will be enough awareness in them to recognize the ego in themselves or in others as
        soon as it appears.  However, constant alertness is required since the ego will try to take over and
        reassert itself in any way it can.

     "  Dissolving the human ego by bringing it into the light of awareness----this will be one of the main
        purposes of these groups, whether they be enlightened businesses, charitable organizations,
        schools, or communities of people living together.  Enlightened collectives will fulfill an important
        function in the arising of the new consciousness.  Just as egoic collectives pull you into unconscious-
        ness and suffering, the enlightened collective can be a vortex for consciousness that will accelerate
        the planetary shift.  "

My comment on the above excerpt:-
That is why spiritually-minded communities on the internet are sooo important.   

In the spirit of love and peace, Tara *~~

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Celebration of Life - Reeta the Budgie Transitions

Dear Friends  ~  there are many animal and nature lovers on this site, so I thought I would share with you all the return to spirit of my last beloved budgie-friend, Reeta, the blue one in the photo with her back to us.

This photo was taken in 2008 after I bought their new cage, a tall Chinese design so that the three of them could fly around and have some fun together.  Mikey on top perch and Gracie below have already returned to Heaven's beautiful gardens.  Reeta left us a few days ago while I was having a computer break, and it was quite sudden.  She was a very happy bird and enjoyed her toys, treat sticks and honey-flowers from the trees.
She was very well and approaching 6yrs old, so one day I gave her the opportunity to fly free if she chose to.  My pet-shop bought birds have only ever lived to 6yrs, and even though I don't like seeing birds in cages, these birds are bred for captivity.   I am one for always visiting the Pet Stores, and on several occasions have bought one around Xmas time to give it a home!!!    Yes, I know!!!    The birds don't know it's Xmas, but they are locked up for days in the shops over the Xmas break.  So, that's how I bought the three you see here.
I left Reeta's cage door open for about 3hrs one day about a month ago.   She saw it and climbed back up to her favorite top perch.   After 3hrs I figured she didn't want her freedom so closed the door.  I felt good I gave her that choice.  She suddenly became ill a few days ago and in one day, she was gone.  Every one of these birds have blessings in my shrine room when they are sick and after they have passed-away.  I play sacred music for a few hours and light incense.   They know they are loved.

Above is a photo of Ginger on the left and Charlie on the right, in a symbolic pose of farewell to Reeta. They have always been good protectors of the bird cage when they hear a native bird has flown under the pergola and maybe attacking the cage.  They always hear it before I do, and chase the birds away.

 Every living thing leaves its mark on this world, no matter what size it is, what species, and if we take any notice of it during our day.  Its presence has made a difference in this world, whether it be the Animal Kingdom, the Nature Kingdom, or Human Beings, to name a few species. 

Just because it has not touched OUR world in any way, it has touched its own individual species within
the environment it lived.  So I celebrate the joy and the many beautiful songs that my little birds have brought me over the years.   Life continues in a higher realm where there are no cages and no predators who prey on smaller species.   I can just imagine how happy they all are...................

N a m a s t e   ~    T a r a

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Way of Energy

Any small thing you do to change a situation, a place, or your world  from a negative to a positive energy goes a long way in raising not only the energies of YOUR world or immediate environment, but also has repercussions in many different directions.

Let's use a simple example:

You may not like going into your workplace each day because you don't like your co-workers.  One morning you awaken and decide to change your approach. You walk into your work area with a smile on your face.  You keep that smile no matter how the others seem to you.  You have changed your position from negative viewing to positive viewing and maintain your own inner-peace.  

The next day, or even a few days later of keeping that approach, another colleague takes notice and begins to smile back.  In time, the atmosphere changes subtlety but noticeably, and the workplace is not such a dreaded place to think of each day.   A determined effort of a small change can have big consequences over the long term.
This method of initiating change can be done in many life situations, even in caring for Nature. Introducing a higher vibration in any shape or form helps to lift and improve.  Doing something to make this a better world not just for us or our immediate family, but for humanity and the beautiful planet we live on.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

We Live in Very Challenging Times

Namaste dear Friends ~

Whether we have created a blanket of darkness ourselves, through our actions, thoughts or worries, or whether 'others' have created a dark cloud over our world, we can decide to step out from under it for awhile and allow the light to shine and permeate our Being and illuminate our path.

Shedding light upon our world not only lightens our feelings and emotions, it also allows for a broader view of what is really happening that created this darkness to take hold, in the first place!

To lighten our path through these tumultuous times on earth now, sometimes we need to cocoon ourselves to protect our own personal space that we have created through our spiritual actions, thoughts and general way of living.  This does not mean we have to isolate ourselves from the outside world, it means being mindful of who or where we connect with, and protect ourselves from being swept into another's world.

We all have our own life experiences to navigate and choose what is right for us at this time in our life, and once again, it all points to making choices.  We can still have love and compassion for our friends, colleagues, acquaintances who may be going through  difficult times, but we do not need to become overly involved. 

Holding a space of love, compassion, light for loved ones, friends, or souls we hear about in general who are experiencing great suffering, is already doing them a loving service.  Some may not have friends close-by they can go to for comfort, but our loving energy goes from heart to heart.

Concentrating and being in-tune with our own journey is not only fulfilling our destiny, it is helping to raise the collective frequencies so needed on this planet.  Doing service-to-others is not always possible in physicality, but in energy it is most certainly beneficial to many.

                                                            Have a lovely weekend  ~  Tara

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Who Do You Think You Really Are?

  Written by Tara

When I began my awakening experience about 23years ago, my world was turned upside down. In order to see life as I really should so that I could accept who I really am, my whole consciousness on Earth and how I saw life changed from a physical one to a totally spiritual one. That is a real awakening experience! It can be quite shocking to the senses at first, but I was very fortunate in having a husband who had been awakened and enlightened for a couple of decades.   The spiritual discussions we had went a long way in my continued progress toward self-realization.

Once the transformation begins, everything you see and experience in your daily life has tremendous meaning........and I must admit, I did have some good hearty laughs at myself as well! I have always been able to laugh at myself, it is very useful in this world.  I would recommend that if you haven't begun to view this world through your spiritual eyes, you can start the ball rolling and open that door of spiritual transformation by consciously thinking, feeling and seeing from within your spiritual essence.

I would start by putting the consciousness on the heart, bring that love to the forefront of your awareness, and allow it to expand. Open that door of viewing life as you truly are, a beautiful spark of Divine having life experiences on Earth in order to awaken your true identity. When your guides and angels can see you doing this, in earnest, then you will receive all the help you need to bring yourself to spiritual awareness, away from what you think you are now...........a physical being stuck in a physical world.

I love Dr. Wayne Dyer's book - There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and I blogged in the past from this book. It makes a lot of sense.....we are spiritual beings, so there must be a spiritual solution to our problems. Flipping the coin from thinking physical to thinking and seeing spiritual is a huge beginning to awakening to your divinity within, your connection to God and everything you need to sustain your physical and spiritual life on Earth.  Helplessness is an ingrained emotion in society, and I suspect it has been there since early childhood when we did feel helpless.  Once you have the inner-vision which is deeper than the superficial outer life, confidence grows and opens up the information you already have within your consciousness.  You will be very surpised at the wisdom lying dormant within, and being able to access it through meditation when we sit silently and allow our soul to speak. 

The more you practice, the deeper you go.   Life takes on a deeper meaning and you begin to really live from the person you really are!  

Namaste and Light, Tara *~~

What is Personal Spiritual Growth?

                         ~ *  Definition of spiritual growth  -  What is personal spiritual growth?  * ~

There is no official and exact definition of spiritual growth. We, and many others, use personal spiritual growth as synonyms for other terms like e.g. personal spiritual development, to develop higher awareness or to develop higher consciousness.

With our understanding of spirituality , one can also define personal spiritual growth as a way to integrate spirituality to a higher and higher degree in our daily lives.  Personal spiritual growth: Awareness or consciousness as a sphere of light around our body.

We have seen here that we can compare human development with the achievement of virtuosity in a particular activity (for example making music, sport, handcrafts etc.). The basic rights of existence (the equal right of all beings to be on the earth, to develop and to carry out their tasks) must be so strongly internalized that in every situation we automatically act according to these rights without having to think about it. We refer to this ability in the following as awareness or consciousness. Spiritual growth means developing this ability further.

We can use the model of a bright lamp to represent our level of awareness or level of consciousness :  Our body represents the lamp which is lit ever more brightly as our awareness (consciousness) increases.  The brightness of our awareness (consciousness) lights up our surroundings so that we can see and hence perceive additional aspects of ourselves and our surroundings.

The light fully illuminates a space around us which is approximately the shape of a sphere. In the following we will describe this space as the awareness sphere or consciousness sphere. It serves as model for our spiritual level or spiritual growth: We can clearly perceive everything within the sphere with our common sense or our intuition.  Outside the awareness sphere (consciousness sphere) the brightness of our lamp is no longer sufficient.  The further away something is from our sphere the less easy it is to perceive it.

We can now define personal spiritual growth as follows:  Personal spiritual growth is the personal development to enlarge the diameter of the above mentioned sphere of consciousness. As such, personal spiritual growth is an integral part of our purpose of life.


Monday, September 30, 2013

The Return to Your IAM Presence

                                 ~    Returning to One's I AM Presence can occur in any lifetime    ~
                   It is when you are One with the ALL and Living within the Oneness of God Essence.
                           ~   There is Now No-Thing to Prove to One-Self or to any-one else.   ~

                      ~     If you are questioning whether you have returned, then You have Not.     ~
                 ~    All of the Earth-Human traits of doubting, fear, uncertainty are never present.    ~
                ~    There is no need to have to "do" anything as One resides in a state of BE-ing.    ~

  ~   You have BE-come One with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine aspects of God.  ~
                         Bringing Heaven down to Earth and Holding that Higher Divine Vibration
                                              for other Souls on their Own Individual Journey
                                                      ~   Back to Complete Oneness.   ~

N a m a s t e

Friday, September 20, 2013

Believe in Yourself !

~~~~~ ** You are as capable as you think, or as weak as you tell yourself. Feed your mind with healthy
thoughts, do not give in to negative self-talk. You are in control of your own mind ~ take the time to notice just how much negative chatter goes through your mind in the space of one hour. With conscious effort, you can regain your energy and be in control of your emotions. Make your mind your friend, and You choose what thoughts can enhance your day, and throw out the rest. You are NOT your thoughts, you are basically a loving soul having a human experience. Celebrate your-self. ** ~~~~~

Namaste and Blessings  ~

Monday, September 16, 2013

To Touch Someone Deeply

                                 True Healing takes place on a deeper level within our Being.

If you want to help someone who is suffering, either physically or emotionally, connect with your own inner-essence, first!  This will ensure that when you visit or speak to the person suffering, you are coming from a pure source.  When you can feel this energy permeating your being, you are ready to offer a deeper healing that needs few words.

For those who know how to connect with their heart-space by placing focus there, a short time of quiet contemplation will allow the spiritual energy to expand.  The love you feel will be more powerful and light-filled than words can convey.  One then becomes a being of love and light, ready to sit in peace and allow the person to express their feelings.

Compassionate listening heals on a deep level. You become the light-bearer for the person who cannot hold that light for themselves, at that time.  One will be able to do this for as many times as the other person needs, or as time permits you to do so.
Just by being a beacon of light and peace can go a very long way in the healing process. The distressed person feels comfortable, also, that they can share what they need to.  For those who are sick in hospital or at home, the same quietness of light and peace offered by another being is very comforting.  When a person is relaxed, deeply, it assists the body to heal.  Reducing stress through just being there for them, sitting quietly and holding that space of seeing wellness return is a great healer, as positive energy is needed in these environments.

                        *~*    There is nothing more beautiful than to touch another soul deeply.    *~*

                                                    ~  Namaste and Blessings to All   ~

Affected by Others

           As we go through our daily lives, how can we not be affected by what others think or say?

In this modern world of competition and having to achieve, it is difficult not to allow others to shape us with their own attitudes and thoughts. For the spiritually aware person, this will be an everyday struggle. The attitudes of others around us either in the work place or places of relaxation, can also be a lesson of keeping true to ourselves. There is no pressure on the path of the spiritual seeker as he or she remains aware of the voice of love and truth, within.

A good example of this is Mother Earth - she is touched by everything alive, yet she never stops turning around the fire at her center. We are also touched by the stories and the events that occur around the globe, but we find our way by remaining centered and always aware of spirit's voice within.  Our inner-center  is so vast with many aspects still unexplored, why do we look elsewhere, waiting for someone else to tell us what is real?  
We come to this world equipped with everything we need to search, grow and expand on the wonders of our own universe within, yet many are still waiting for outer signs from others. Be patient with yourself - have as much love and awe for your-Self as you do when you see a beautiful flower or a new-born baby. Do not look at yourself from the outside.  There is a wondrous world within, waiting for you to explore. Think of the physical body as the cocoon for the divine self, and when touched deeply and expanded to the fullest of flame, our divinity becomes the new consciousness for our continued journey on earth.  That is when we really begin to live!  

Namaste and Blessings to All   ~

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lord Rama - The Ideal Avatar

                                                                   Lord Rama and Sita

Rama, the perfect avatar of the Supreme Protector Vishnu, is an all-time favorite among Hindu deities. The most popular symbol of chivalry and virtue, Rama - in the words of Swami Vivekananda - is
"the embodiment of truth, of morality, the ideal son, the ideal husband, and above all, the ideal king."

 Rama is said to have taken birth on earth to annihilate the evil forces of the age. He is widely believed to be an actual historical figure - a "tribal hero of ancient India" - whose exploits form the great Hindu epic of Ramayana or The Romance of Rama, written by the ancient Sanskrit poet Valmiki.

When did Rama Live?:

Hindus believe that Rama lived in the Treta Yug. But according to historians, Rama was not particularly deified until the 11th century AD. Tulsidas' outstanding retelling of the Sanskrit epic into the vernaculars as the 'Ramcharitmanas', greatly enhanced the popularity of Rama as a Hindu god, and gave rise to various devotional groups

How to Identify Rama:

 To many, Rama is hardly different in looks from Lord Vishnu or Krishna. He is most often represented as a standing figure, with an arrow in his right hand, a bow in his left and a quiver on his back. A Rama statue is also usually accompanied by those of his wife Sita, brother Lakshmana, and the legendary monkey attendant Hanuman. He is depicted in princely adornments with a 'tilak' or mark on the forehead, and as having a dark, almost bluish complexion, which shows his affinity with Vishnu and Krishna.

 Here are 108 names of Lord Rama with brief meanings:
  1. Adipurusha: Primordial being
  2. Ahalyashapashamana: Remitter of Ahalya's curse
  3. Anantaguna: Full of virtues
  4. Bhavarogasya Bheshaja: Reliever of all earthly ailments
  5. Brahmanya: Supreme Godhead
  6. Chitrakoot Samashraya: Creating Chitrakoot's beauty in the Panchvati forest
  7. Dandakaranya Punyakrute: One who ennobled the Dandaka forest
  8. Danta: Image of serenity
  9. Dashagreeva Shirohara: Slayer of the ten-headed Ravana
  10. Dayasara: Embodiment of kindness
  11. Dhanurdhara: One with a bow in hand
  12. Dhanvine: Born of the Sun race
  13. Dheerodhata Gunothara: Kind hearted valiant
  14. Dooshanatrishirohantre: Slayer of Dooshanatrishira
  15. Hanumadakshita: Depends and trusts Hanuman to fulfil his task
  16. Harakodhandarama: Armed with the curved Kodhanda bow
  17. Hari: The omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent one
  18. Jagadguruve: Spiritual teacher of the universe of
  19. Dharma, Artha and Karma
  20. Jaitra: One who symbolises victory
  21. Jamadagnya Mahadarpa: Destroyer of Jamadagni's son Parashuram's price
  22. Janakivallabha: Janaki's consort
  23. Janardana: Liberator from the cycle of birth and death
  24. Jaramarana Varjita: Free from the cycle of births and deaths
  25. Jayantatranavarada: Boon provider to save Jayanta
  26. Jitakrodha: Conqueror of anger
  27. Jitamitra: Vanquisher of enemies
  28. Jitamitra: Vanquisher of enemies
  29. Jitavarashaye: Conqueror of the ocean
  30. Jitendra: Conqueror of the senses
  31. Jitendriya: Controller of the senses
  32. Kausaleya: Kausalya's son
  33. Kharadhwamsine: Slayer of demon Khara
  34. Mahabhuja: Giant armed, broad chested lord
  35. Mahadeva: Lord of all lords
  36. Mahadevadi Pujita: Worshipped by Lore Shiva and other divine lords
  37. Mahapurusha: Great Being
  38. Mahayogine: Supreme Meditator
  39. Mahodara: Generous and kind
  40. Mayamanushyacharitra: Incarnation of the human form to establish dharma
  41. Mayamareechahantre: Slayer of demon Tataka's son Mariachi
  42. Mitabhashini: Reticent and mellifluous speaker
  43. Mrutavanarajeevana: Reviver of dead monkeys
  44. Munisansutasanstuta: Worshipped by sages
  45. Para: The Ultimate
  46. Parabrahmane: Supreme Godhead
  47. Paraga: Uplifter of the poor
  48. Parakasha: Bright
  49. Paramapurusha: The supreme Man
  50. Paramatmane: The supreme soul
  51. Parasmaidhamne: Lord of Vaikuntta
  52. Parasmaijyotishe: Most radiant
  53. Parasme: Most Superior
  54. Paratpara: Greatest of the greats
  55. Paresha: Lord of the lords
  56. Peetavasane: Wearing yellow attire signifying purity and wisdom
  57. Pitrabhakta: Devoted to his father
  58. Punyacharitraya Keertana: Subject for hymns sung in His adulations
  59. Punyodaya: Provider of immortality
  60. Puranapurushottama: Supreme being of the Puranas
  61. Purvabhashine: One who knows future and speaks of events to come
  62. Raghava: Belonging to the Raghu race
  63. Raghupungava: Scion of Raghakula race
  64. Rajeevalochana: Lotus-eyed
  65. Rajendra: Lord of the lords
  66. Rakshavanara Sangathine: Saviour of boars and monkeys
  67. Rama: The ideal avatar
  69. Ramachandra: As gentle as the moon
  70. Sacchidananda Vigraha: Eternal happiness and bliss
  71. Saptatala Prabhenthachha: Rid the curse of the Seven Tale Trees
  72. Sarva Punyadhikaphala: One who answers prayers and rewards good deeds
  73. Sarvadevadideva: Lord of all gods
  74. Sarvadevastuta: Worshipped by all divine beings
  75. Sarvadevatmika: Dwells in all gods
  76. Sarvateerthamaya: One who turns the water of ocean sacred
  77. Sarvayagyodhipa: Lord of all sacrificial offerings
  78. Sarvopagunavarjita: Destroyer of all evil
  79. Sathyavache: Always truthful
  80. Satyavrata: Adopting truth as penance
  81. Satyevikrama: Truth makes him powerful
  82. Setukrute: Builder of the bridge over ocean
  83. Sharanatrana Tatpara: Protector of devotees
  84. Shashvata: Eternal
  85. Shoora: The valiant one
  86. Shrimate: Revered by all
  87. Shyamanga: Dark skinned one
  88. Smitavaktra: One with a smiling face
  89. Smruthasarvardhanashana: Destroyer of devotees' sins through their meditation and concentration
  90. Soumya: Benevolent and calm faced
  91. Sugreevepsita Rajyada: One who recovered Sugreeva's kingdom
  92. Sumitraputra Sevita: Worshipped by Sumitra's son Lakshmana
  93. Sundara: Handsome
  94. Tatakantaka: Slayer of yakshini Tataka
  95. Trilokarakshaka: Protector of the three worlds
  96. Trilokatmane: Lord of the three worlds
  97. Tripurte: Manifestation of the Trinity - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
  98. Trivikrama: Conqueor of the three worlds
  99. Vagmine: Spokesman
  100. Valipramathana: Slayer of Vali
  101. Varaprada: Answer to all prayers
  102. Vatradhara: One who practises penance
  103. Vedantasarea: Embodiment of philosophy of life
  104. Vedatmane: Spirit of the Vedas rests in Him
  105. Vibheeshana Pratishttatre: One who crowned Vibheeshana as king of Lanka
  106. Vibheeshanaparitrate: Befriended Vibbeeshana
  107. Viradhavadha: Slayer of the demon Viradha
  108. Vishwamitrapriya: Vishwamitra's loved one.

The Healing in Silence

                           Silence heals because it does not demand anything from anyone.
                           Overwhelm occurs when we have ingested too much outer-noise.
                           Do not fall for the constant demands of this physical world, as it never stops....
                           Your personal energy is precious to You and is to be cherished.
                           The word "No" is not always a negative word, it can also be a protective word.

                                    Nature follows its natural rhythm, never hurrying nor worrying.
                                    We can also follow our natural rhythm by remaining positive.
                                     One of the building blocks of life is positive energy  -
                                     It nurtures and sustains life with love, light and peace.

                                              Animals are quite at peace within silence.
                                              Domestic animals who live in a peaceful home
                                              can sit and look out at nature for very long periods.
                                               Looking at their faces is proof of this deep peace
                                               which is very healing to others around as well as

Monday, September 9, 2013

Force of The Cosmos

Written by Elshara September 9, 2013
Creator of Starseeds Network
Shared with permission of Author

You are what you have, it is all about connection, perception and possibility, to make a difference, to change reality, to be and to experience life, to live and let live, to focus on the self, the all that you are, the being that is you, you matter, in all things relative.

This is the message of hope and love that all should come to know if your goal is to align yourself with such a purpose that brings you both sovereignty and choice to create your own path. Meaning, protection and respect go a long way in this world, be it a choice or a value, yours is a dream that you share with the people around you, the environment surrounding you and the interactions facing you, for that is why you are where you are today. Encouragement is something we all take for granted, let it show you that others wish to help and guide you to a path they see you active in.

To never be limited, to know where to draw the virtual line and to establish and accomplish any vision you may have, these are the key foundation requirements to building a self sustaining society which you are always welcome to be a part of.

Take care in knowing that you are your own power center, that you have the tools inside of you to be in command of your life by basing all decisions you make or have the will and right to make in each moment off of connection, possibility and relativity where ever applicable, know that you are a reason for being a reason to help others do the same.

All things considered, the image projected around you is the image others see you as, perception is your key to creating new avenues in life and finding new roads through a path that you are in control of no matter what happens, as you are just as much a part of something as it is a part of you.

Where there is a will, a spark of life, a dream and a vision, there is a way to make it happen, through connection, perception and possibility, the real building blocks of life itself.

Take pride in being the all that you are and in realizing that the answer to the eternal question of existence itself comes from the meaning of purpose within sovereignty.

To act and to be, you need to exist and to exist, you have to become a part of that which you are to be active in or at least have a connection to, the more the better, the better the result, the result being you, in all ways possible.

The eternal blessing upon life itself is to live and let live by whatever means perception can bring, know the change, feel the difference and be the result, that is how something so sublime, sacred and divine can be so simple and powerful to behold from any distance as direction matters in a place where force is at hand, the force that is you as is the part of you that exists within all of us.

Anything that is placed in front of you is a reflection of either personal need or personal experience. Embrace what matters to you as a part of you, this will give you the means to break the virtual barrier, that of wanting to achieve something but not having the means to be able to do it, bringing together possibility, connection and perception in to reality. Let the growth of a new idea form from such methods to bring you the prime result you desire.

To be a master, you need to be its reason. to be a reason, you have to provide something. to do this, you need to be a point of connection that others can perceptually see through in order to have anything result from that which a united vision holds true to the reality you wish to create, change or maintain.

Any force is a force worth keeping, for as long as it is needed or as long as it wishes to exist. If choice is not an option, change is, which creates the choice of both reason and experience. Live to let live, disconnect if necessary.

Life can only accommodate you as far as you can manipulate it to do so. You are what you have, so let the all that you are project on to everything you change to let that accommodate you further to achieve any vision or goal you may have in mind. All you need is a connection to make it happen, what ever you desire the it to result in. No matter what, consider blessing as a gift of protection and self assurance, you may need it through out your life, though it is not a threat or a last resort, the source inside of you will always see to that as being no direct alternative to any barrier that cannot stop you from succeeding in the full manifestation of your vision from possibility to reality.

Just be, two powerful words that say little and mean a lot in life. Be the it that you so often seek for if you cannot find it elsewhere, find new ways to express your passion for what you believe in and know that the only thing that prohibits such a dream from coming true is not sustaining the source inside of you that will bring you both peace and understanding to being the all that you are. If choice is not an option, remember that change is, and change from any direction and or perspective will give you choice before reality, though choice is not everything, it is a mirror of another you that is also you if you change it to be you.
Life is a guide, use it to your advantage if you can and see what you can build with the experience and knowledge you have at your command.

Namaste  ~
 Thank-you to Elshara for allowing me to share this article.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Archangel Uriel ~ The Supreme Counselor

                Archangel Uriel is a beautiful golden colour and you will feel relieved of many old thought
                 patterns and beliefs when you connect with him. He gives us emotional strength, release
                   from worries, change of lifestyle, relief from grief, claircognizance, and inner peace.

Archangel Uriel is the supreme counselor. He helps you remove old emotions and toxins that make you emotionally, physically & financially drained. Uriel is the leader of The Seraphim band of Angels who are the guardians of the veil of consciousness.

His name means "God is my light."  Call on Uriel when you need to make clear decisions,release the old hurt, forgive someone, let go of blame or anger,peace, cloudy thoughts, nightmares, addictions of all kinds, legal problems, new ideas, love of life.

            Look at the picture of Uriel. Feel his ability to help you with your situation.

           Take a clear quartz crystal(if you have one) in your left hand and light a gold or yellow candle.
           ( White is fine also)

           Close your eyes, keep your palms up and feet to the floor if you can.

           Imagine yourself surrounded by golden white light. Allow yourself to see your past pain or people
           and allow this light to cover them. Just observe this and try not too worry over what has now gone.                   Uriel will help to release that which you no longer need.

           Its important just to have a sense of this and as you become used to the process, the connection
           happens quickly.

          As you talk with Uriel, you may become emotional.This is just a clearing that he does for you. Ask
          Uriel to clear any of these emotional blockages for you.   Make sure to give thanks.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Often It's the "Flow-Over" Effect That is the Culprit!

After half a day of quiet contemplation on the "dynamics" of emotions, I opened up my book by Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening, and read just two lines on a randomly-opened page.   In less than a minute, it all made sense to me.  He was speaking of the time he received bad news about a close friend, and the emotions that followed within.   After a day of digesting the news and feeling for his friend, he thought he had spent "enough time" in that energy and had moved on.

He went on to say that if you watch the wind blowing a large tree, then the wind stops, the tree keeps moving for awhile.  The same with emotions when we think we have dealt with them, until a situation arises in our day and shows us that the "flow-over" of some deep emotions are not really settled at all.  An example is when we have a bad day at work, take all the time on the drive home to try and get in a better mood before reaching home.   Yes, I feel happy, you think, until someone does or says the simplest thing that would not ordinarily upset you, but brings out a tirade of abuse instead!  The energy of the bad day at work is still within your energy-field, and the shock you just gave yourself is a reminder that emotions don't go away so easily just with wanting them to.

I believe this happens more times than not in everyone's life, and we see it a lot in social networking.
Now, don't jump here........I am not speaking of the downright abuse that goes on in social networking, but
in just day to day issues which can still be lingering on our minds and our energy-field when we login. Every person who reads an article will read it from the emotion they are in, Now.  I can write a blog in the morning and when I check on it later, I can always find faults with some part of it, and I am also reading it from a different angle than earlier in the day. 

When we watch movies, especially sad ones, that can also trigger deep emotions of loss we have suffered in our life.   I would say that loss and grief are the hardest emotions to "assimilate."   Love does not end with death of the body.........we can only learn to carry on our life the best we can, and also, every person has a different coping mechanism.   When I went for grief counseling 8yrs ago, the counselor told me that the grief process lasted about one year!   I looked at him incredulously!    A young man with a young family will learn soon enough about the not-so-nice things he will have to go time.

Namaste and Light,

Wrong View ~ Spiritual Dis-ease

Sharing an article typed from my book: The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.
 Every short story within this book is from his own experiences and awakenings.

     The mind composed of ignorance or wrong view
     suffers from spiritual disease;  it sees falsely.
     Seeing falsely causes it to think falsely, speak
     falsely, and act falsely.  You will see immediately
     that everyone, without exception, has the spiritual disease.
                                        -----  A ja h n  B u d d h a d a s a

In Pali, the ancient source language of Buddhism and Hinduism, the word for mental illness means "wrong view."  We must be careful not to interpret this righteously, as in, if you see things differently than I, you are wrong.  The wisdom here lies in the revelation that our wellness of mind hinges on how clear and true we remain to the pulse of life itself.

At heart, our mental health comes out of the sacred relationship between our deepest Self and the very source of life.  The moment we distort, limit, or rationalize things away from what they truly are, we start to experience the spiritual disease than Ajahn Buddhadasa speaks of.

This Buddhist teacher from Thailand reminds us that these passages of imbalance and blurry thinking are unavoidable.  They cannot be circumvented, the way you might drive around a pothole.  No, these distortions can only be minimized and repaired.  So we must accept that by being human, we will distort the gift of life, and thus we must commit to learning how to refresh our relationship with what is sacred.
Quite often, to uphold a "wrong view," we build and maintain "a wrong way."   For example, when younger and sorely in need of approval and love, I hurt so much inside that I assumed that life was somewhere "over there," not where I was.  Once believing this, I put all my energy into getting over there.  But after a hard journey, I was blocked.  The people over there wouldn't let me in.  Now I had to figure out who was the gatekeeper and what were his rules, and now there was the doing of all these tasks to satisfy the gatekeeper, so I might be let in.

It took me years to realize that no matter the pain, life is always where we are.  Nothing is being withheld.  All that misguided effort was built on wrong view.  As Buddhadasa says, "Everyone, without exception, has the spiritual disease" while underneath, the undistorted life is softly waiting.  Given this, we each must make a ritual not of seeing rightly, but completely.

     *  Sit quietly and bring to mind someone's approval you seek.
     *  If you can, meditate on why this feels so important to you.
     *  What is it you need that you think their approval will provide?
     *  Rather than devise ways to get this approval, try to understand where
        the need in you comes from.

N a m a s t e  ~

Friday, August 23, 2013

Emotional Wisdom - Healing the Global Human Heart

             Emotional Wisdom is the mental development of heart and mind. It’s a quality of awareness;
         a presence that allows us to reflect on our lives lovingly, and leverage this knowledge to connect
                                      in ways that touch, shape, and heal the global human heart.

 One measure of Emotional Wisdom is in how consistently we manage ourselves when we are suffering. Suffering is often fed through our inattention or unawareness. We grow wise when we become more curious about the nature of our disturbances through an examination of our habits, history and heritage. By exploring our feelings, behaviors and expectations, we discover that we don’t have to hold on to our stories to learn from them. The idea is to turn toward what is difficult without attachment, aversion, or denial, and understand our part in both creating and relieving suffering.

When we can stay close to this moment with kindness and clear seeing, we are cultivating emotional wisdom. We discover that we can open to the humanness of others and ourselves without fear, and that people, just like us, do unskillful things out of pain and confusion. We have all suffered and we are all capable of unfathomable kindness, compassion, and joy.

The work of Emotional Wisdom is an inner journey that unifies mind and heart. We are not searching outside of ourselves; we are revealing to ourselves the depth of our true nature-which will be unique to each of us. While unique, this inner exploration is to be understood within a global context. We are not separate from what happens to and around us–we are a part of its creation through our thoughts and actions.

Disturbances within our own hearts, in our relationships, our communities, our work, our land, the environment, and throughout the world are the gross result of our collective thoughts and actions. Our responsibility as global citizens is to become emotionally wise, and in so doing, we contribute to balancing global disorder and peace.


Written by this lovely lady ~
Ruth King

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't Force Anything

                      When it comes to spiritual awakening and the beginning of the awareness of the
                      deeper world within, it is very important not to force anything.

                      As in the quote above, it happens naturally to all living creatures.  The one who
                      wants to force their spirituality to come forth, is using an attitude of aggression
                      and not of peace.   We are all 'natural beings' like the forest and the animals
                      and the insects, but we have intellect and choice and an ego-mind!

                       Sitting in meditation or quiet contemplation is following the calling of the natural
                       flow of life within, and outside of ourself.   There is a flow to life and anything that
                       is forced out of aggression, impatience, or ego is going against this flow........

                       Sitting and watching the clouds float effortless they look as they go
                       with the flow of the breeze.   How beautiful the sun looks when it rises over the
                       ocean in its natural way of following the flow of life.
                        Upon rising each morning, we can go gently through our day by being aware
                        of each moment.   When residing in each moment, we can then be aware of
                        our natural flow and correct any negative thoughts or self-talk.

                        Negative energy of any kind interrupts our natural flow and takes us away from
                        the present moment, where we have self-control.

                         N a m a s t e   ~

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Always Stay True to Your Heart

                                                ~*~       Your  Heart  Never  Lies        ~*~

There is a lot of information out there on the internet about all sorts of things concerning this ascension process: what is happening, what might happen in the future, predictions of all types of earth changes, advice from everywhere and everyone.  As some of you may know by now, we all contain that super spiritual power within called Godself.  Depending on your life's experiences and how much effort one has put into expanding their spiritual light, if you are connected or starting to connect to your Godself within, that is all you need for your guidance.   This is because it is all part of the mighty spiritual energies that are in everyone and everything - Source Energy, or God Energy.

This energy knows everything - including past, present and also future events. Yes, I know that the future hasn't unfolded yet, but this divine Source does not know time. A divine plan is being carried out by all of
us acting out our parts on earth.  Every - thing we do on earth, no matter how trivial you might think it is, is part of the puzzle of life on earth.   Every soul has a specific role to play, and every role is important !  We do, however, have freedom of choice so all outcomes of personal life experiences are dependent upon one's choices and the many scenarios that occur.   Every situation can be used as a learning experience, even ones that cause us distress and hardship.   I have done this myself after I became aware that we can advance spiritually and personally through observation of ourself in all situations.

Experience of earth life for our souls in a physical body is expanding the whole spectrum of God/Source Energy when we consciously expand this personal Light.  So no one is more important in this play than anyone else - we  just have different roles to play, and experiences to test our resolve!
The more experienced and light-expanded soul may take on a role to teach or even guide the ones who are not yet aware of their divinity, and sharing one's experiences is another way.  The more expanded your light-body is, the closer you become to realizing and connecting with your divinity.

I feel it necessary to say to always check within your Heart-Space on any information you read anywhere.  Having so much to choose from and trying to take it all in can lead to overload.   Frustration and discontent can quickly enter one's life and that ultimately can lead to stress and anxiety., even depression which is very common these days.   Respect yourself first and foremost, your personal life is important and needs to be protected from the discordant energies of a lot of internet information. 

                                                             ~*~    Love and Peace    ~*~

Friday, August 16, 2013

Looking Within for Permanent Fulfillment

Hi Every-One  ~

When I was feeling discontent , in the past, and couldn't put a finger on exactly what was causing it, I used to go for a drive, have some cheesecake, watch a movie, or some other outer activity to alleviate the awkward feeling.   But, it is only temporary as trying to cover those unsettling emotions tend to rise up, time and time again.   I was finally led to the inner-world where not only our spiritual answers lie, but also the depth of all our hidden, unresolved issues.   If you take everything outside of yourself away, what are you left with?   The same you.  So years of delving into those unresolved issues that was making me ill and stopping me from going forward, followed.    And after a mammoth clearing away, the spiritual self can emerge and the real journey of why we incarnate, can begin.

The spiritual journey is a journey of self-discovery apart from the physicality of our earth life. We are here to awaken to the inner-self, the inner-world, that provides us with everything we will ever need. The solutions and awakenings we experience within are permanent. They come from the part of us that is eternal: our consciousness.

Awakening to the self that resides within this physical body is the beginning. We can realize and become aware that we are not the physical body nor the personality. Awakening to the inner-world is the first step in getting to know who you really are. And the difficult part is continuing to live within the illusion of our created earth world. Now we are aware of  the real self and the self we show to others which is our outer self or personality. That is why I call the personality a 'tool.' It allows us to live out our earth life among society, blending in, fulfilling our earthly responsibilities in a social environment.

We have now become the 'observer.' As we are now aware of our real self, it begins to come forward and observe the personality self. A very interesting way to live. I don't wish to talk about myself too much here, it's not about me, it's about sharing spiritual awakening.  I have lived in this awareness of watching myself through my higher spiritual aspect for many years. The reason that many folks share their awakenings and awareness of their true self is to show that it's perfectly normal, and who each and every one of us actually is. No one is more special than the other, just at different levels of awakening.

Living as the observer is a great way to live because you learn so much, dear friends. You learn a lot about yourself by seeing where you have come from, and the experiences that led you to where you are now. One needs to be careful though as judgment can easily creep in, and we have all done that. The feeling of oneness of spirit helps when observing and conversing with others. It's a whole new 'ball game.'

With each deep awakening of the different layers of the true self, our personal light expands. Our consciousness is expanding and is bringing us closer to re-uniting with our higher self. It is well worth dropping the outer world for solutions to inner disharmony and discontent, and going within. That nice cheesecake or bar of chocolate will not take the place of permanent change that comes from within. I believe that food addiction and many other addictions are caused by trying to find comfort in the outer-world, and when it's not found, the addiction continues.  I am just so grateful for my guidance in looking and finding the permanent solutions to lasting peace and happiness.    A lot of hard work and honesty is needed, but the revelations that come from this journey is priceless.   It certainly gives strength when having to cope with an ever-changing outer-world.   When the inner-turmoil from the past has been cleared, it leaves open the doors of soul wisdom to come through which helps one to see the outer world in a  more expanded view.
And the awakening continues..........expansion of the soul never ends.

N a m a s t e   ~