Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Meander Through Life to Divinity ~ Personal Story

Divinity is the Essence of Creation.

The most difficult place to connect with Divinity is in the physical earth plane of third dimensional life. A physical life puts many demands on our lives in order to satiate its needs. In fact, our whole day is taken up with doing physical things, thinking about physical things, making plans for our physical health routines/activities, and getting away to another physical location......... for a holiday !

Now that last bit sounds kind of funny in today's environment as we (those who are serious about ascension) raise our vibrations in order to become less physical and less third dimensionally minded.
The most commercialized and over-stated dimension is the physical way of life. All it is is a slowing down of vibrations to create a solid form. Hasn't humanity taken hold of this fact that we need all kinds of 'things' and 'stuff' in order to make ourselves comfy-cosy while we hang around this third dimension?

The birth of commercialism and the mammoth focus on making money has been the biggest trap for souls more so than any other level of existence. Haven't we spiraled out of control for long enough? Aren't YOU sick of the traps of this world yet?

Throughout the ages there have been enlightened souls incarnating on earth to spread the message that we are far more than needy physical beings having to constantly struggle to survive. The development of the physical world throughout the ages with its inventions, industrialization, higher education, scientific advances, astrological discoveries, etc., has filled mankind's consciousness with everything other than who and where they really came from.

Yes, the outer world had taken over to a degree that even hearing spiritual beings talk about our divine roots was looked upon as 'insanity.' We had become fully immersed in the outer world for thousands of years.

In our present spiritual age of awakening, it is evident that many will not let go of the physical world they are accustomed to. The fear is grounded deep within the self that does not remember being anything else but a physical human being. Unless there is some memory or the desire to inquire whether one has come from a non-physical world, there will be many clinging on tight to the world they already know.

Going one step further on our spiritual path is the awakening to our divine nature. After realizing our oneness with Nature and the planets, and indeed each other, the next stage in our journey back to authentic self is the awareness of our divinity.

Divinity is our innate essence which links us to Source/God/Creator. Our divine atma in Hindu spirituality. The part of us that came from that Source that supplies life and everything it needs for its survival. If one is brought up in an atheist household, then this concept of Self does not exist........for that person! If one sticks to the concept of atheism then that divine awareness will never happen. What doesn't exist to a person will never be able to be realized.

Realizing one's divinity is like a coming Home to Real Self. On the spiritual path I feel it is always best to drop any preconceived ideas of what we thought was God, ourselves, and our connection to the All. This releases blocks put there by well-meaning parents or teachers from childhood. If one is serious about awakening to the Real Self then one has to be totally open-minded.

The main reason for this is because within your spiritual body, your soul - your lightbody, you already carry the information you need. When one is relaxed and/or meditating, it is a perfect time for the spiritual self within to release what you need to know. And friends, it is as simple as just asking ! When information is coming from within your-Self you know that it is truth. Spending quiet-time each day dedicated to self-inquiry can be the best gift you can ever give to yourself. And one day, when the time is right for you to awaken to your divinity, it will be your higher-self that orchestrates the whole event. Life will never be the same again after you have connected within to your true Self ............. a divine being who has traveled back to their divine essence which will sustain them for eternity. A day of Joy and Celebration ! Yes, it really was worth all that hardship after all !

Written by Tara in Sept. 2012
from my own observations of experiencing Life  ~

                                                      *~*   Love  ~  Joy  ~  Peace   *~*

Be Your Own Teacher By Being Aware

Written April 19, 2013
by Tara

Dear Friends  ~
All that you will ever need for your awakening journey on this Earth is your Awareness. 
Many people, as you will notice, go through their days like mechanical beings just doing what needs to be done.    The most wonderful gift we can give ourselves is to live our days being totally aware of our immediate surroundings which includes our inner life as well.

Thoughts come and go constantly throughout the day, and sometimes are likened to unwelcome guests.   Thought is an energy and can float here and there within our immediate environment, even originating from the neighbour next door or the postman going by.    Sometimes they are from our subconscious which holds all of our experiences that had impacted on our emotions, making a lasting impression.  If a thought from the past keeps interrupting your activity, take notice of it and even write it down.   It is a sign that something unfinished from the past is asking you to look deeper into whatever it is, and to try and resolve the issue once and for all.

Awareness is also mindfulness which is a very liberating tool for bringing every part of our attention into the present.   What this does is keep our energy totally in the moment, expanding our light by being focused on the task at hand.   It is only in the moment that the higher aspect of ourself can make itself known.  We can benefit tremendously from the awareness of the inner-voice coming through ever so gently!    Mindfulness brings us into the present and blocks out those unwelcome thoughts from other sources.

Living in awareness alerts us to the finer details of our life and what is really going on inside of us.  We become aware of every subtle change in our body as well as noticing how much our energy has increased by not being wasted on a mind darting here and there, taking vital energy away from what is needed in this moment.  We learn more as well because awareness and alertness go hand in hand.

How many times has a memory come forward to show us something we had forgotten that will assist us in this present moment.   Keeping our awareness in this moment is freedom for all kinds of stored information to reappear in our minds right when we need it.

Becoming the 'observer' in our life allows a part of us to step back and take an honest look at where we are now and where we have come from.  If you are reading this, you are on a spiritual journey.  That entails being honest with yourself and having the strength to see if there is any movement forward in your awakening process.  It can be difficult to know just what to look for as the path ahead has not been tread yet, but a good sign that progress is being made is that you have given up any self-defeating habits.   Gaining strength through adversity and using each situation that arises in life to strengthen one's character is always a step forward.   One will know a step backwards if a feeling of 'poor me' starts to reappear, and being aware of this will be enough to trigger a positive response toward eliminating that type of self-pity.   There is always someone in the world, or even our own street that is going through harder circumstances than ourself.  

Life on earth is a journey that we have consciously chosen.   It may not always go to plan but it will always offer opportunities for personal growth.  We are our own worst enemy if we don't use every opportunity to allow ourself to shine, as that is our True Self.  The lessons that come our way in life are our tools for self-transformation.  Seeing others as fellow spiritual travelers, even if they aren't aware, puts us in the right mind when we have interaction with others.   Stepping back from our earth personality and into the observer mode will enable us to see more clearly that we are all actors and have our own particular tailor-made part to play.  Living in this awareness will greatly enhance our everyday experiences.  Awareness of all we do, think and say will be a valuable asset on this journey.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Express Shamelessly the Love within your Heart

Express shamelessly the love within your heart.

"My dear friends, you are here by choice. It is your choice that you want to be upon the earth, that you want to love the world, that you want to know truth, that you are willing to take the step (the courageous step) into the unknown and the unexpected in order to come to this awareness, in order to at long last embrace the truth, to at long last, my dear friends embrace the love.

"It is not about where you live, it is not anything to do with how much money you make, it has nothing to do, my dear friends, with your station in life, whether you are a car mechanic or a Trance Medium. It has nothing to do with any of these things. It has to do with the way in which you express yourself in each and every moment of each and every day. Are you choosing to bring love to the surface? Are you choosing, when you give someone a cup of coffee, to give it with love and gratitude and affection, to have had the opportunity to give a gift to them? Are you, when you are driving your car, driving with the awareness that there are lives around you, there are circumstances of which you are not aware within those cars around you? Are you driving with sensitivity and love? Are you taking the time to stop to smell the roses (the roses being the lives that are around you)? Are you taking the time to encourage people to love more by allowing somebody respectfully to come in in front of you in line, rather than racing to get ahead of them?

Racing ahead does not make you necessarily the better person. It does not, my dear friends, put you in a better position. But, being the one who is willing to have the patience and the sensitivity and the focus and the balance to allow someone ahead of you, well, it brings tears to our eyes. "In your life the opportunities to love and be loved, to express shamelessly the love within your heart, these opportunities come constantly. They come marching into your bedroom in the morning with your thoughts, the very first ones of the day. How you awaken in your bed, what sort of stage are you creating for your day ahead? My dear friends, what sort of thoughts are you putting in your gas tank in the morning? These thoughts are energy, and they create movement inside of you.

They are the ones that decide whether or not you are going to stub your toe. They are the ones that decide whether or not you are going to get that card or letter from someone you love so very much. They are the ones that motivate others around you. They are the ones that keep you captive and reclusive. It is up to you, my dear friends, as to how you start your day; what sort of thoughts you are going to think. Perhaps you might try on for size a very simple and very selfless thought : 'Good morning world, what a beautiful day!
Thank you, Sun, for rising! Thank you, my bed, my pillow! And, thank you, my ever beatin' heart! Thank you so much, my dear loved ones! I can't wait to greet you this morning! Thank you so very much for all my family and friends who met me in my dreams! I look forward to today! I look forward to today! I look forward, with love!

And so I sit on the edge of my bed and I look into my life, and all I see everywhere today is just love everywhere! I can't wait to greet it! I can't wait, when the mechanic arrives to fix the stove! I can't wait to pump the gas for my car! I can't wait to be in that traffic so that I can look into those cars and wonder about the little roses there that i'm supposed to be a smellin'! I can't wait, cause I am alive and the day is filled with opportunities to express love! I am so excited! I am alive, and I am ever bloomin' with love!'

"My dear friends, that's a challenge for most of you to awaken with that sort of love within your heart, but if you can do it, if you can really allow yourself to unleash this love into your day ahead, you will be surprised at how some things change. The job you are seeking comes to you, the friendship that you desire is there, the family member that you love so very much is suddenly feeling much better today, and you will find yourself in a position where you will never ever feel bored, you will never feel a lack, you will not feel as if you are going to, shall we say, fall down from exhaustion. But, you will find yourself, my dear friends, feeling elated at every turn.

How would life feel in any given moment should you win the lottery at every turn? Wouldn't it be remarkable? Wouldn't it be spectacular to find that every moment of life is a gift, and that every moment of life is filled with the abundance that you are seeking? And you think it's out there, you think it's over there, or you think it's behind you now, but, my dear friends, it's right here, right here today, in this given moment."

--Dr. Peebles

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Levels of Awareness Like Rungs on a Ladder

I love to be aware of each level of awakening on my earth journey.   Each soul is at a different level of awareness:  some have only the physical third dimensional awareness, and then there are the keen followers, like me, who get thrilled when a new awareness is born.   Walking home from the shops today with my screaming knee and new walker,  I finally reached another stage of awakening.   I knew yesterday that another aspect of my BEing had arrived, as everything began to look super-bright again.   I didn't get any names, but that was not the important bit for me.

I'll explain things this way, in my own words from what I have experienced myself  -  when I came to Earth I was aware of being here before.  From a child I knew.   I could not understand this world, when I was old enough to take in what was happening on a wider scale.  From a child I was shocked to hear how much a Hollywood movie cost to make when there were starving people elsewhere in the world.  Going to a Catholic School and having a father who was heavily involved in the St. Vincent de Paul Society who helps the disadvantaged, everywhere, I was shocked at the attitude of this world, even then!

When I got to my late teens I heard an inner-voice tell me that I had done all of this before, but had to do it all again, one more time.  And I knew what they were speaking about.  I felt that everything I did was like a carbon copy of a dream I had lived through.   All of those 'knowings' felt quite normal to me.   But I wasn't of this world.........

From a child I had a strong urge to protect and take care of people, starting with my Mum.  I knew she had a rough childhood and was beaten regularly with fire-pokers and used like a slave on a farm.  I protected her with my life and would have done anything for her.   I felt we had a special connection............

So, from a young age I was aware of being in another world called Earth.   Tied to the huge pine trees in the frontyard were spare types for swings.   When I was quite young I would swing on them slowly while looking up at the stars singing, "twinkle twinkle little star....."     I was fascinated by the stars and the sky.    Now I know why, and so do many other souls on Earth now.    There is this knowing inside of us.
I have been watching my life unfold throughout my whole life.    Each marriage, 3 of them, had a spiritual reason which was explained to me about a decade ago.   I have buried 2 husbands and have had connection with them afterwards, both of them were spiritually aware.   It is this awareness that makes our journey throughout our earth life so fascinating to watch, from another aspect of our Self.  I believe for me it is my I AM Presence.   It's like my Godself watching my earth self go through physical experiences in order to 'break through' into another awareness.   This awakening process seems to continue  the whole time we are here, whether we are "Ascended" or not.   Even when people proclaim to be Enlightened, there are also varying degrees of Enlightenment.   Some are more enlightened than others.

So today, after all my physical pain reaching a crescendo, I reached yet another level of awareness of where I am now.   The journey continues ................and I love to share because it's among fellow travelers who just may find this interesting.   I sure love this journey, pain, warts and all!!!   (I don't really have warts).   So now I find another awareness is watching my journey.   Hmmmmm, I hope they love all my old jokes!!  hehe

Namaste  ~  Tara.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Living Without Definitions

At this time in our present history, we have the ability to be conscious of the stories we have been taught and how they define us, as well as the stories we unquestionably have believed about who another is. We can be willing to be unguarded with ourselves, and we can take responsibility for the result. We can marvel when we discover that the stories of previously demonized others (enemies) are as beautiful and multi-layered as our own.

We mature when we realize that some of the stories cherished as the foundation of our culture are flimsy and insubstantial in truth and are sometimes outrightly false. One generation’s true and defining story can be proved to be a lie in the next generation. Stories that celebrate freedom and revolution against tyranny can turn on themselves and become stories of reigns of terror.

We recognize the location of the story in our flesh and emotions. From this recognition choice is born. We have most often either chosen to continue the given story or to rebel against that story. There is yet another choice. We have the capacity to take a moment and release all stories. We can experience what it means to be nobody, uncovered even by our primary identity.

Underneath all the stories, we can experience that deep core of ourselves that is history-less, genderless and parent-less. Naked. That presence is unencumbered by relationships and has no past and no future. In the core of our being-ness we are free of definitions. Unencumbered by our definitions we experience ourselves as conscious intelligence aware of itself as open, endless space. This instant of being story-less is an instant of freedom. For even if our story is filled with light and beauty, to the degree that we define ourselves through that story, we are less free.

After such a moment, stories are never the same. They can be present, as they most likely will be, but they no longer have the inherent power to define our reality. The inner-wealth that is available to us is no longer limited or augmented by particular inner or outer events. While the personality or the “creature-ness” of each individual continues just as stories continue, the underlying awareness, the true “I” has come home to itself.
After such a moment, choice is present where before we were blindly choice-less. When we are not blinded by the stories that have been created for us, or the stories we create, we can appreciate the mysterious vastness that is holographically present in each moment of any story. We can discover what is and has always been here, throughout whatever rendition of story was being lived or believed. Each of us can take any story from our past, and we can discover the treasure that was hidden only through unquestioning belief in narrowly focused assumptions of the time. Stories can then be profoundly appreciated as displays of multidimensional life expressing itself in all forms.

What is the frame or context of your life? You don’t know how your story will end, but at this point you can discover what your story is about. You can ask yourself how your inner sense of self is expressed, or has gone unexpressed, in the structure and message of your life story.

                                                               Written by Gangaji  ~