Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Returning to my Being ~


                                                                Alone, but not alone
                                                                Alone but not Lonely
                                                                Living in the Stillness
                                                                of Peace and Serenity
                                                                That goes on Forever  ~

                                                                Glancing in my Consciousness
                                                                of the Realizations and Explanations
                                                                of the Life gone Past
                                                                It all seems like a fleeting moment, now
                                                                and Life has returned me to my Being   ~

Written by Mary Harrison

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Evolution of Consciousness


                  ~**~    Ascension  ~  A Quantum Leap in the Evolution of Consciousness    ~**~

     I feel certain that the above line is more than an accurate description of the transformational event
     taking place on Earth now.    Very soon, in the not too distant future when time is extinct, new words
     will be replacing our old vocabulary  -  far more accurate words now that we have been awakened
     to our True Selves, our Spiritual Selves, and our consciousness expanded.

     A person will no longer be called 'stupid' for their actions  -  they will be looked upon as 'unaware.'
     An evil act will be described as an unconscious act, or an insane act.   The time-bound modes of
     of consciousness in 3D, being deeply embedded in the human psyche, is being profoundly transformed
     in the collective consciousness.            This will take us and Mother Earth into a new awakening of
     consciousness away from the idea of matter, form and separation.

     The breaking up of old mind patterns, which have dictated our civilization over eons of time, will
     rid Earth and Mankind of the unimaginable suffering on a vast scale.   Every soul's co-operation
     is an essential part of breaking up these old patterns of thinking.    It is imperative for the survival
     of Earth and the human race.

Written by Mary Harrison
Namaste  ~  

Peace ~

                                            Peace flows through my heart like a gentle breeze.
                                            Peace fills me like the fragrance of a beautiful rose.
                                            Peace permeates my Being and soothes my Soul.
                                            Peace, like the glow from a fire, expands and fills
                                                                   my Omnipresence.

                                            Peace, Oh how I have waited for you all my life.
                                            Peace, a Blessing for the weary and the once-Lost.
                                            Peace is a priceless gift, when we Allow and Let-Go.
                                            Peace is my Paradise within.
                                            Peace is the Breath of Contentment.
                                            Peace is Bliss  ~

Written by Mary Harrison ~
Namaste  ~

Monday, October 31, 2011

I Have Heard Thy Voice

                                          Divine Mother, I have heard Thy voice whispering in
                                                                the fragrance of the rose.
                                                    I touched Thy tenderness in the softness
                                                                        of  the  lily.
                                                         In the whispers of my devotion,
                                                          it was Thy love that answered.

     Paramahansa Yogananda
     Metaphysical Meditations                            

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thinking About Life

Hi everyone  ~  You know, everyday life is, well, about living.......and not only being grounded in our thoughts,but also within our Being.   Life is what we make of our situations and also how we manage them.  We can't always control everything in our lives, but if we have the right tools within our Being, we can at least find the inner-strength we need to get us through those tough days.

Everyday life for individuals isn't always about the latest headlines or what sensationalist discovery has been made about this one or that one.  It really does not matter about others' activities and how they conduct their lives, what really matters is what we do with ours.   We chose to incarnate to experience a physical life and expand our awareness of the vastness of our divinity within, through experiencing good and bad life situations.                            Yes, there is a grand plan for all the times we incarnate, each one expanding another aspect of our divine Self.

At some stage through our life some people are fortunate enough to realize why they incarnated.  It does not have to be visible to others, but it makes life more focused if we know why we came this time.  One reason may be to use one's higher vibrations of Love to quietly assist in raising those vibrations within their own communities and then adding theirs into the collective love energies for the whole world.   How wonderful is that?   The way the world is right now it could use as much of that higher vibration of Love for the many who are suffering throughout the globe.

Unfortunately, for some people, they are getting caught up in the rising negativity and disharmony around the globe.  What you align your thoughts with is where your consciousness is.  So if negativity is drawing you in, then it can affect your whole life.   It shrinks your aura instead of expanding it through love and light.  And you also do not attract the positive things you need in your everyday life.  Depression rises and in severe cases, so does extreme drug use and even suicide.    Don't allow yourself to be pulled down, that is not the way of ascending to a higher vibration.   A spiritual law is to turn one's back on negativity, and not to even recognize its existence.   What one focuses on expands, so negativity increases the more people that focus on it.
The same when you align your thoughts with the energies of Love and Light and caring about others.  The Love energies around the globe increase.   The less focus on negativity will see negativity decline.

If I can help anyone in any way with spiritual guidance, please contact me by leaving a comment under this blog.   Wishing you all an enlightening day, full of peace and love, Tara.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Awareness of Connectedness


     ~*~    Sharing from The Whispering Winds of Change by Stuart Wilde  -   the explanation of how to create the awareness of  connectedness within ourselves.  

     ~*~   The notion of being a unified oneness defies our senses and most everything we've observed. We look at others and see a distance.   We conclude that because there is space, there is no connection  .  I spend a lot of time walking on the beach.    I always marvel at the shore birds as they fly along the ocean surface in large groups.   The entire group will turn left and then swerve simultaneously to the right, then swoop up.    They appear connected, as if sharing one mind.   I know that there is a connection, even though each bird appears to be disconnected.    Some invisible energy permits them to move together as one.

     ~*~   This invisible energy also connects you to everyone else.   When you recognize this, you will let go of your sense of separateness.   Once you are inwardly convinced of your connectedness to all, you will become aware of your ability to communicate with others through your etheric energy.

     ~*~   Your knowing will reveal to you that your thoughts can be projected to the rest of the world.  Your knowing will also reveal your connectedness to higher awareness.    ~*~

                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        

Friday, September 23, 2011

A New Consciousness is Being Birthed


    ~*~    The arrival of a new cosmic awareness has been revealed today.   The last few days have been heavy in the sense of assimilating the latest download of energies which will birth the new consciousness on Earth.    I am aware of still being on earth and living an earth life, but taking my awareness to the space above the head where the Godhead resides, and I see what looks like a portal leading us to cosmic consciousness.

   ~*~   We are indeed combining all the aspects  of our divinity, from earth life to the cosmos, which could also mean meeting up with our space aspect.   That's of course if you come from elsewhere, originally.  I had communication for the first time in a few years with the aspect of my husband that works and lives on the ships.  We both have our names up there, and also our two adult  children.   I called him by that name last night and he arrived in a few minutes.   The energy from our space home is unmistakable.   Pure spiritual love, a higher love than what we could experience on earth.  

   ~*~   When I look up to the stars at night I can also feel the energy of the ships.  The ships look like stars, but different.  If you keep looking, you might see little sparks of light flying out from them, these are the scout ships going off to do their work.   The ships surround earth and protect us.   I can see and feel the old way of earth life, 3D,  disappearing.    A new way of life and BEing is unfolding every moment.   Awareness of change is high now.    The Cosmos is opening up to us and we need to be receptive to it.     Who could have forecast these wonderful awakenings, and when they would happen?    No one, many tried but the process is occurring in the Now moment........not a linear time on Earth.    I am living in complete gratitude and love for being reunited with my space family.    Love to All.    Tara.            ~**~

                                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                  

The Joke is on Who?

                                             Evening News From Australia    ~    True Story !

                  A man was stopped speeding today and said that he was only trying to dry his car!

                       After next week's car wash we will find out if he has learnt his lesson !

                                            (no animals were hurt in the making of this blog)

                      Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and if washing your car don't forget to
                                                      dry it with good old elbow grease !
                                                                  Much  cheaper !

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Divinity in Physical Form

                                        Everywhere I look I see an expression of the Divine 
                                        In all shapes and design.
                                        Be it a tree, a bird, an insect, or another human,
                                        It is Divine Love which keeps the whole Universe in
                                        Divine Order.

                                        I marvel at its genius and great devotion to ITself.
                                        A totality that IS Pure Divinity  ~
                                        Divine Source.

                                        Open  your eyes and your heart and look from your soul,
                                        And you will also see.
                                        Divine Love puts Light where humans see darkness.
                                        Wherever you see darkness in the world, shine your
                                         inner divine light and love and see it transmuting
                                         into Light.

                                                              N a m a s t e     ~     T a r a

Friday, September 9, 2011

Identity and Consciousness

     ~*~   Before you can connect with your consciousness it is important to understand the nature of identity
and the difference between identity and consciousness.         Our identity is the part of ourselves that we recognize and connect with every day.   This part of us believes that our lives are all about responding to the demands of our immediate environment and the activities of our daily lives, such as going to work, getting sick or becoming well, organising and running our lives and raising our families.  Nearly all the activities of our identity are routine and the skills developed by the identity are neither conscious nor unconsciousness, they are simply reactions to thoughts, feelings and events in our lives.

   ~*~  The identity believes that the difference between ourselves nd others is th eprimary quality of human beings.  The consciousness, however, knows that in fact the primary quality is its connection, through the power of skilful thought energy.     Whereas consciousness is permanent and unchanging, our identity changes all the time, because it is only the promoter of the conclusions that the mind has created.  Yet the identity likes to believe that it is all-powerful, independent and in control.

   ~*~  The thought energy of identity is quite separate to the thought energy of consciousness.  Conscious skilful thought energy enters the spiritual realm and illuminates all that we can be, while the identity is consumed with habitual thought patterns which belong to the everyday world and cannot enter the spiritual dimension.

  ~*~  The habitual thought patterns of the identity are not the essential us, yet most people believe that they are.   And as long as we believe that habitual thinking embodies our utmost aptitude then we bind ourselves completely to the everyday world, for we cannot think our way into the spiritual reality using habitual thought.  
  ~*~  Consciousness is complete in itself.  The identity suspects that there is more than just itself, but is afraid to find out.  Yet as we begin to see through the shortcomings of our identity and to feel dissatisfaction with the dominance of everyday thinking, we begin to long for something more.

  ~*~  Habitual thinking stops us from connecting with reality and presents us, instead, with diversions and dead-ends.  The unskilful thought energies of the identity travel wherever they wish to go, taking us round in circles.  Only when we transcend the identity and reach consciousness can we choose our journey.  ~*~

                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~~~~  

Taken from the Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking                                                   Namaste  ~  Love
by  Christopher Hansard  ~                        

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inner Truth


                 Anyone can understand and experience their spiritual potential without years of a particular
                          training.   A focused and sincere heart and a direct mental focus are often enough.
                         The purpose is simply to comprehend the underlying spiritual nature of all things.
                   From this develops a way of manifesting freedom, peace, happiness and consciousness.

                                      " All of us are wise.      All of us have access to inner truth.
                                            No one holds a single key to truth above all others.
                                             Rest in your emerging divinity and consciousness.
                                               Do not grasp for it.         Receive it and enjoy. "

                                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Tibetan Art
of Living  by
Christopher Hansard  ~

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Are you Hesitating Too Much?


~**~     Dear friends.    Sometimes we can become stuck in our own world through hesitating.   That phone call to a loved one we know we need to make can feel like some giant hurdle to jump because we have hesitated for far too long.     We start to live our lives only through watching and not reaching out.   What seems like a simple task of picking up the phone has built into a mountain to cross.   Hesitation can turn into becoming frozen, too afraid through our own inaction for far too long to connect with others.

~**~     If we keep obeying that feeling of hesitation, it can turn our lives into one of loneliness and depression.   Then we start to build up in our minds reasons for not connecting.   The mind-created scenarios can be endless.    To break out of this isolation, choose to reach out to anything.   Even picking up a flower or bending over one to smell it, or picking up a leaf and feeling its texture can connect us again with the flow of life.    It is the mind that starts to dictate our actions, created by us.    That phone is still only a few feet away, where it always was.    Break the habit of hesitating and reach out.    Do not let your mind dictate your life.    Break free and live !       ~**~       Namaste  ~  Love

Thought for Today


                  ~**~       If I feel I cannot change my outside world,
                                                               I know that I can always change my inside world.     ~**~

                                               ~*~      Namaste   ~   Love   ~   Tara      ~*~                                                       

Friday, September 2, 2011

Thought for Today

            ~*~    We are all linked through our thoughts on this planet.  The most fruitful endeavor for each
            day is to create harmony, in our own environs, by using the power of our thoughts.
                                                               Our thoughts also affect our aura.        
             We can assist the vibrations of everywhere we go by maintaining thoughts of love and happiness
             within.    Others are attracted by this peaceful vibration which in turn has the possibility of
             changing their own vibrations to one of peace and calmness.    It is amazing what a smile does
             to a stranger who looks like they need one !       Doing lightwork begins with you and your
             own thoughts and vibrations.    All of this assists the world to change, bit by bit, to becoming
             more peaceful and love-centered.      ~*~      Namaste  ~                  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Staying Authentic

     ~*~   "Work at being content with who you are rather than pleasing others by being inauthentic."  ~*~

    Sharing an excerpt from Dr. Wayne Dyer's  -   Your Sacred Self    - from the chapter Suggestions for Meeting the challenges of freedom.

 Say to yourself,  "I am what I am and it is okay as long as I am not hurting anyone else in the process." 
This affirmation keeps you from having to shift from your authentic self to your false self.    Who you are
 is divine, eternal and changeless.   The rest is just the play of the body in the physical domain.
 Stay authentic with the invisible self.   Do it quietly and without a lot of drama, but do it.  Your behavior,   more  than your  words, teaches people that you are unwilling to be something you aren't.  No need to make an issue.    A shrug, or removal of yourself from a compromising situation, or a firm statement is often enough.     Be clear about your own inner value and you will not be pushy when your inner inclination is to be serene, athletic when you know this is not your calling, or heterosexual when you inner guidance tells you otherwise.   This simply means being willing to trust your inner self and to stay with that inner guidance in the face of pressure by outsiders to turn into something else.
                                                                                                                  Namaste  ~  Love  ~  Tara                         

Awareness and Experience

      ~**~   On the subject of awareness, my uncle found out later in life that he had only one kidney.
    All through his life he lived with the thought that all his organs were as they should be.  Upon
    hearing of this news, he was completely shocked, and thought he was going to die !    The doctor
    reassured him that many people live normal lives with one healthy kidney.   Being the eccentric
    that he was, we never heard the end of it !  This story, real as it is, is a perfect example of unawareness
    of what really is.     What we aren't aware of does not exist.    Many things exist, and in particular our
    Real Selves, but many are not yet aware of it.   They have not had that experience of self-realization.
    The realization of one's true identity under the earth facade.

     ~**~   Living in unawareness of our spiritual heritage turns us into skeptics of others' stories of
     awakening.    How can this be true, we can ask ourselves ?    It sounds too far-fetched for words.
     The attachment to the physical earth way of life is too strong to look outside of it.  Why would we
     want to leave all of this?    One thinks.    They must all be deluding themselves !           Ha !
     fancy thinking that you are God !     And the head shakes................

     ~**~   So along comes the one who has experienced the awakening to their spiritual heritage.
     No one can argue or take away the experience of this amazing realization.  " How much bliss existed
     within for so long without knowing about it? "   Thinks the newly awakened soul.   "I have found this
     treasure chest within, and I am going to explore it."    The self-realized person has opened up that
    spiritual door to reveal that hidden true identity, and they will never look back.    It is an adventure
    to walk the path of unfolding enlightenment, each and every day.    Yes, enlightenment can come
    in stages.          An initial enlightenment of God-realization, then another journey begins.
    And it can be endless............     because the light and love-energy of God is forever expanding.
    There are no limits on Divinity and Eternity.    The discovery of our real home within is a blessing
     from the God Creator Source.      Namaste          ~**~                        

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Living Within

                                         ~*~             Are  you  afraid  of  looking  within ?             ~*~    

~**~      Everyone's journey on this earth plane is different.   Everyone is going through their own individual paces to find what they are looking for.   Who knows ?    Perhaps gazing at a beautiful sunset could open up one's consciousness to a huge awakening within.   There are many instances on earth that can trigger an awakening.   Earth is full of natural beauty, from the plant kingdom to the animal kingdom to the interaction between humans, to the planets and stars.   Yes, it is all here !    And, being on an individual path, each soul will find their own piece of their puzzle in their own time.    The one common factor with all of this is the  " within "  factor.    The awakenings come from within.    All our previous incarnations have had spiritual experiences and awakenings.   Perhaps this incarnation is for a different or more advanced awakening.    It is a very individualized experience.  

                                         "  The whole world could praise Sung Jung-Tzu
                                            and it wouldn't make him exert himself.
                                           The whole world could condemn him and it
                                           wouldn't make him mope.   He drew a clear
                                           line between the internal and the external.  "
                                                                                      ~   C h u a n g   T z u

                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~    o  O  o      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Namaste  ~  Love          

Signs of Experiencing Self-Awareness

~**~   The true definition of self-awareness is discovering your higher self and living joyously with that higher self in command.  It is the awareness of your inner energy and the higher part of yourself.   It is a connection to the divine and all that is changeless.   Self-awareness is located in the ground of your self.

~**~   You will become aware of a universal source of energy  -  You have faith in the universal source of energy.   You begin to exercise your ability to make contact with this source and make it part of your daily life.   You develop a strong knowing about the God force and your ability to access this energy.   You are unable to entertain any doubts about the universal source of energy.   You know that all beings are a part of it and receive sustenance from it.   You are convinced that all weakness and falsehood come from a refusal to know this.

~**~   You will feel loved  -  You will call for and accept divine guidance.  This vital nourishment is felt in both your inner and outer experiences.   Immobilizing fear diminishes as you feel the presence of the divine energy with you.   All seems as it should be, even though you may not understand it.   You will feel peaceful about what you see and feel.   Your desires to right wrongs and fix the broken parts of your life are also part of this divine plan.   You pursue your desires to serve God and humanity with clarity and peace.

~**~   You will develop a sense of appreciation and awe.   You begin seeing beauty, and feeling awestruck at the magnificence of the universe.   The feeling of appreciating beauty is actually the feeling of love when you are divinely connected.   That love will fill you with a new sense of power.   By focusing your inner energy on the beauty that surrounds you, you will receive that energy from your surroundings.   With practice, this kind of receptiveness will become a source of strength and sustenance in your daily life.    ~**~          Namaste  ~  Love

(Taken from Your Sacred Self
by Dr. Wayne Dyer. )

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lightworker Access problems

~*~   Hi everyone.   What other things also concern me about the website problems at Lightworkers is that no Moderators are giving any explanations for all the site access problems.  Even on my blog from yesterday I thought that at least one of them would have left a comment on it, but nothing.  I find that very disappointing.    There have been signs that all is not not well there.     For one, the owner is never there unless he wishes to post his own blogs or ads. for retreats, etc. and he doesn't answer the Webmaster message that we are required to send when 404 error shows.   The Moderators actions on the site are becoming less and less, and the only people who get banned from the site is a member who attacks or says something a Moderator doesn't like.    We have constantly complained about one member who is obnoxious and rude and just plain nasty to most people.   They will not ban her, because I have been told it needs a unanimous vote from all Mods. and one won't ban her.   She was allowed to rampage through on whoever's blogs she wished to without intervention from the Mods.   She has a repeated pattern of this behaviour.

~*~   Anyway, back to the website itself.  Another thing I have noticed  -  the Featured articles are not being changed regularly.   Some of those Teachings have been there for weeks and weeks.   And also, when a Moderator has something to post, blog or channelling, they feature it themselves as they have control over those things.    It is just showing one-upmanship by members who  have been asked to Moderate.
  They also have voted to give themselves protection by bringing in a new rule about Moderator Bashing  -  anyone who insults or says things to a Moderator that they consider rude or otherwise, they are banned.  But, if members are continuously insulted by a particular member, nothing is done.  I have brought this up before and a moderator just laughs at it.  There is no equality for all members.  
This is the only place where I can freely express these concerns.   We have moved into a very new stage of the ascension process and I feel that Oneness is not being shown by the establishment.   About a year ago, I heard from a member who has contact with one of them, that the Mods. are fed up with running the site, for no payment, for the owner while he goes off and does his own thing.  

~*~    Anyway friends, just sharing some concerns about the goings-on.    Love and Peace it is, here. I hope you join if you feel you would like to comment, and then i will always reply and perhaps a discussion will emerge.   This can be about any of my blogs here, they are all open for discussion.  Mainly focusing on spiritual happenings and also general spiritual topics.   Have a peaceful day, love Tara.

                          ~*~    This is a Buddha statue I painted  ~  sitting on Sai Baba's robe.  ~*~


Tara's Quotes - Existence

                           ~*~   There is no-thing to be worked out in this moment in time.    ~*~
                                     As the tree responds to the gentle movement of the breeze
                                     We also flow with the life-force that is within.
                                      In the silence of our soul is the great mystery
                                      Unfolding and gently guiding every living thing.
                                      The only difference between the tree and us
                                       Is the form that was chosen to experience
                            ~*~    And express its existence in consciousness.                    ~*~

Written by Tara ~

Monday, August 29, 2011

Disconnecting from 3D

~*~   Today, most of us who are ascending have disconnected energetically from 3D.  Gone are the heavy dense feelings of living in a third dimensional world.   It is being confirmed by many on lightworkers.org
and the excitement is hard to contain.   It means that we now can go into 3D to do our business and shopping in our own protective 5D energy bubble and not get fazed one bit by crowds or having to wait to be served, or any other little annoyances.    We have more energy to get around and do things, which is wonderful beyond belief for people like me with mobility problems.   Not cured yet, just able to do normal
basic activities in a much lighter energy.   Today I feel content and happy, even just staying at home and doing things around the house, changing beds and washing and blogging.    Don't forget playing with the two doggies, Ginger and Charlie, who are my two constant companions, and full of love, too !


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ascension or No Ascension

~*~  Today, Sunday, while visiting some places where I used to go before I started ascending into 5D, I was shocked at how disgusted I was at how people are so willing to hand over their money time and time again to these greedy clubs and their poker machines.    It was abhorrent to me today, I could not leave quick enough.    I had a coffee and cake in their new coffee shop and then walked through the club to see what changes there were.   The place now, for a smallish club, was overcrowded, thanks to the building of a retirement village next door.   Every person I walked past was complaining about the machines not paying.   People would stop, play a bit, win nothing, and move to another.  The amount of money these clubs boldly take from working class people is disgusting !    That was the last club I needed to visit to also cut up my membership card.    The atmosphere to me now is intolerable.    I really cannot see why anyone would want to stay in 3D earth.   It is the most painful and difficult dimension, with people just living to survive.   I really will be glad when 3D is gone.   I feel over distressed today and my emotions are all over the place, but one thing I am certain of :  I would never hang on to 3D life.     People, I think, are afraid of what they haven't experienced before.    Most are not aware that they have it in them to take control and say,  " enough is enough !"     But then again, one must be aware of the spirituality that everyone has within them.     It is really sad............             I have no trouble at all in saying good-bye to 3D. 
See you in 5D or above.    Namaste  ~  Take care  ~  Tara.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mother of Creation

                               ~*~    O!  Bountiful Mother  -      ~*~
                                            Mother of Creation
                                               O!  Supreme Mother  -  Gowri  -
                                    ~*~        Moon-Like Consort of Shiva      ~*~
                                                   Mother of the Universe  -
                                                      O!  Embodiment of all Powers.
                                               ~*~   Thou art the Uplifter of the World and    ~*~
                                                                        destroyer of Samsara
                                                               O!  Bountiful Mother  - 
                                                      ~*~       Mother of Creation.     ~*~

Taken from Songs of
Sri Sathya Sai Baba                                                             


               ~*~              I Bow to the Inner Light,                   ~*~
                                        I Bow to the Light of the Supreme Spirit
                                             I Bow to the One Unbroken Light
                                                I Bow to the Light of My Life
                            ~*~                   I Bow to the Inner Self                    ~*~
                                                                residing in the heart.


Taken from Songs of
Sri Sathya Sai Baba                       

Friday, August 26, 2011

Generosity and Compassion

~*~   Generosity and compassion are the two structures of life that hold it together.   They are the underpinning of all good things.   Without them our lives have no vitality, they are merely shadows, sick, empty and one-dimensional.    Generosity is not just the act or mental attitude of giving, it is also a way of living that creates abundance for everyone else.   Generosity is life-giving.

~*~   Compassion, however, is life-making.   It is a transformational state of consciousness that gives new life to all beings who consider themselves defeated by the events of their lives.   Compassion is the foundation and identity of humanity.   By showing compassion as best we can, we become more evolved and more integrated.   This creates an enduring wisdom, the nature of which is generosity of spirit.   This in turn becomes happiness.      ~*~     Namaste  ~

The above is taken from
The Tibetan Art of Living
by  Christopher Hansard.                                                    

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thought Energy

~*~  Did you know that every person on this planet is linked by their thoughts to every other person?    Interesting , isn't it?   That means that we can change the vibrations around us by our thoughts.   Being conscious of our thoughts is very important, and more so when you think that it can affect others around you.   By having loving peaceful thoughts we not only make ourselves feel better but it also has a calming energy on our aura which others will be attracted to.    I have seen this myself when out shopping.    When sitting in a food court having a coffee I projected with my thoughts an energy of love and compassion.    After doing this for some time over months, I began to see the effect it had on others around me.   People would look up, look around the foodcourt in a peaceful gaze as if they were looking for the source of their calmness.   

~*~   Even walking through a shopping centre, I kept projecting thoughts again of peace and serenity.  I must have projected a bit too strongly as one man stopped some metres in front of me, turned around and looked at me rather quizically !     I just smiled and kept walking.    Then I started projecting to specific people.   People who looked in need of some assistance, such as elderly folk out alone trying to do their shopping under difficult circumstances.     Some of them did respond and seemed to cope just that little bit better.  I still kept it up even if they responded or not.    I know that sending love and light never goes astray.    We can all do something to help another soul through love thoughts or love action, like offering assistance to someone who looks like they could use some.   It all goes toward making the world a better place.    Namaste   ~*~


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tara's Quotes ~ on Awakening

~*~    Every soul on earth is surrounded by divine light and divine love.  This divine energy is forever flowing throughout the Cosmos from Creator God/Source.    Although it is a very positive action to send love and light to the heads of Government and politicians in the hope it will awaken them,   it will not help in their own personal awakening process.    It is not love or positive action that is missing when it comes to the subject of spiritual awakening.   It is an internal process that each soul needs to work through for themselves.   Through many personal experiences leading to greater insights and an expanded awareness happening because of this, is the only way that any soul will come to their own time of awakening.     It is a very individualized process.

Namaste  ~  Love  ~  Tara.

                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                  

Spiritual Networking is Very Important !

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The Benefits of Self-Nurturing

~*~   Some people cannot feel, within themselves, the self-nurturing feeling when they need it.   To be able to feel that nice warm, comfy-cosy feeling when you rest is extremely important, especially in those times of stress when perhaps there is no one else to lean on for support.   The self-nurturing feeling is sometimes lost when a person has experienced traumatic events, had a stressful life, suffered loss and grief, or had a chronic physical or emotional illness.

~*~   At times throughout my life, especially later in life, after experiencing many losses and chronic illness, I found that I had lost that self-nurturing feeling.    It had been totally masked by years of tragic events which left me feeling fractured within.   I was not even aware of this feeling or its name until I sought counselling.   When life has taken too much out of us and we have neglected showing ourselves tender loving care, our emotional system suffers.     We have not given enough love to ourselves.

~*~   I can imagine that this would also be true of single parents working and raising children.    The focus is not on Self.    I have been frequently reminded by guides and higher-self to spend less time on consciously doing spiritual work because my energies are always going out to where4ver they are needed.    I am sure that most full-time spiritual workers are nodding their heads.    We need to ensure that a good part of the day is spent on directing energies back to ourselves for self-healing.

~*~   A lot of us, called first-wavers paved the way for the ascension energies to arrive on earth, which started at least 20 yrs ago,   Then when the energy downloads commenced, there was another type of work.
At this point in time, we have now reached a plateau where we can stop and rest.   Our physical bodies need healing.

~*~   So, while resting this evening, I was reminded of the importance of this self-nurturing.   I felt very pampered this evening, from the inside out, after focusing my energies on myself for healing.   My light expanded and I went into a state of bliss.    A lot of lingering health problems, which some of us still have, will surely improve or disappear once that focus is aimed at self-healing and self-nurturing.   
Take care.        Namaste Tara    ~*~


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yesterday's Energies

~*~   Well, now I know why i was feeling so disconnected yesterday........more shaking and rolling on the other side of the world from me in Australia.   I found it very difficult to get centred and feel my "home-self"  -
within the heart.   It did pass my mind that something could be brewing, globally.   Japan has had a few quakes in the past few days, so I thought it was probably that, but No, America's turn.

~*~   On those days when nothing makes sense and you feel like lead, if you don't go out to work like me the only thing to do is take it easy and rest !    Playing spiritual mantras helps to keep within the conscious focus of higher vibrations.    Waiting these days out can feel like a month has gone by !     Anyway, the furry kidz (my two dog companions) snuggled up on the bed and had frequent rests.   The weather was not conducive for walks with squally winds and sudden heavy bursts of rain.   It's Wednesday today and waking up to the news of earth tremors in several States in the US could explain a lot.

~*~   That's the price we pay for being so connected to Gaia and her changes.  She needs us to assist her into her new home of 5D.   She has housed humans for so long it is the least we can do for her !
No troubles there for me, we owe Gaia an awful lot of gratitude.   We are here for you Mother.
So, sending love to Gaia today, and everyday.   Helping her to release what she needs to, to get all that heaviness off of her and out of her.   We all know how that feels better when we release heavy energies we may have carried around for a long time.   She has carried them a whole lot longer than we have !!!!

Love to everyone, Tara. ~*~


Monday, August 22, 2011

The Mountain Man

     ~**~   This is a poem I wrote for a lovely man I met on Lightworkers website who was a creative
     writer who lived amongst the forest high up in Montana.    The words in this poem I derived from
                                       his sharings in blogs on Lightworkers.       Hope you enjoy it !                  ~*~

                                                        THE   MOUNTAIN   MAN

                                                            A gentle man he is  
                                                            Stands tall with beard
                                                            And an honest face.
                                                            He came to Montana
                                                           Where he says he found his  'place.'

                                                            The mountains are his breath
                                                            The animals he says
                                                            Are his spiritual signs.
                                                            He feels their spirit
                                                            Deep within his heart
                                                            And he says he grieves their passing
                                                            Like they were a brother of mine!

                                                            As he travels the mountain road
                                                            To his place of work each day
                                                            He feels a change deep within his soul
                                                            A stirring he just can't deny.
                                                            He realizes the animals and the mountains
                                                            Of which he did not know before
                                                            Have called him here from afar
                                                            To join their spirits as One.
                                                     ~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~             
Written by Tara  ~                                                           

Tara's Quotes ~ BE-ing LOVE

   ~**~   " It shall indeed be a grand day when people on Earth gather in Love and Friendship   ~**~
                NOT because there has been a catastrophic event  -  but to BE One in spirit and
                                          share their light in the pure joy of just BEing Love.

                                                             ~      N A M A S T E     ~

Recognition of What IS

                      Hi everyone.   Welcome to my very first blog posted on my new Blogspot. 

         So, upon reaching wholeness of One's Divine Self, the Bodhisattva who reached the state of


                realizes that the Divine Play of  'awakened and unawakened one'  is another illusion....

                                             And  the  awakening  continues.......

                        Gratitude for the many souls who take part in this Divine Play.

                 Their reward for aiding another buddha to enlightenment, wholeness,

   is  their  own  Liberation !              ~**~
     Namaste  ~