Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Way of Energy

Any small thing you do to change a situation, a place, or your world  from a negative to a positive energy goes a long way in raising not only the energies of YOUR world or immediate environment, but also has repercussions in many different directions.

Let's use a simple example:

You may not like going into your workplace each day because you don't like your co-workers.  One morning you awaken and decide to change your approach. You walk into your work area with a smile on your face.  You keep that smile no matter how the others seem to you.  You have changed your position from negative viewing to positive viewing and maintain your own inner-peace.  

The next day, or even a few days later of keeping that approach, another colleague takes notice and begins to smile back.  In time, the atmosphere changes subtlety but noticeably, and the workplace is not such a dreaded place to think of each day.   A determined effort of a small change can have big consequences over the long term.
This method of initiating change can be done in many life situations, even in caring for Nature. Introducing a higher vibration in any shape or form helps to lift and improve.  Doing something to make this a better world not just for us or our immediate family, but for humanity and the beautiful planet we live on.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

We Live in Very Challenging Times

Namaste dear Friends ~

Whether we have created a blanket of darkness ourselves, through our actions, thoughts or worries, or whether 'others' have created a dark cloud over our world, we can decide to step out from under it for awhile and allow the light to shine and permeate our Being and illuminate our path.

Shedding light upon our world not only lightens our feelings and emotions, it also allows for a broader view of what is really happening that created this darkness to take hold, in the first place!

To lighten our path through these tumultuous times on earth now, sometimes we need to cocoon ourselves to protect our own personal space that we have created through our spiritual actions, thoughts and general way of living.  This does not mean we have to isolate ourselves from the outside world, it means being mindful of who or where we connect with, and protect ourselves from being swept into another's world.

We all have our own life experiences to navigate and choose what is right for us at this time in our life, and once again, it all points to making choices.  We can still have love and compassion for our friends, colleagues, acquaintances who may be going through  difficult times, but we do not need to become overly involved. 

Holding a space of love, compassion, light for loved ones, friends, or souls we hear about in general who are experiencing great suffering, is already doing them a loving service.  Some may not have friends close-by they can go to for comfort, but our loving energy goes from heart to heart.

Concentrating and being in-tune with our own journey is not only fulfilling our destiny, it is helping to raise the collective frequencies so needed on this planet.  Doing service-to-others is not always possible in physicality, but in energy it is most certainly beneficial to many.

                                                            Have a lovely weekend  ~  Tara

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Who Do You Think You Really Are?

  Written by Tara

When I began my awakening experience about 23years ago, my world was turned upside down. In order to see life as I really should so that I could accept who I really am, my whole consciousness on Earth and how I saw life changed from a physical one to a totally spiritual one. That is a real awakening experience! It can be quite shocking to the senses at first, but I was very fortunate in having a husband who had been awakened and enlightened for a couple of decades.   The spiritual discussions we had went a long way in my continued progress toward self-realization.

Once the transformation begins, everything you see and experience in your daily life has tremendous meaning........and I must admit, I did have some good hearty laughs at myself as well! I have always been able to laugh at myself, it is very useful in this world.  I would recommend that if you haven't begun to view this world through your spiritual eyes, you can start the ball rolling and open that door of spiritual transformation by consciously thinking, feeling and seeing from within your spiritual essence.

I would start by putting the consciousness on the heart, bring that love to the forefront of your awareness, and allow it to expand. Open that door of viewing life as you truly are, a beautiful spark of Divine having life experiences on Earth in order to awaken your true identity. When your guides and angels can see you doing this, in earnest, then you will receive all the help you need to bring yourself to spiritual awareness, away from what you think you are now...........a physical being stuck in a physical world.

I love Dr. Wayne Dyer's book - There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and I blogged in the past from this book. It makes a lot of sense.....we are spiritual beings, so there must be a spiritual solution to our problems. Flipping the coin from thinking physical to thinking and seeing spiritual is a huge beginning to awakening to your divinity within, your connection to God and everything you need to sustain your physical and spiritual life on Earth.  Helplessness is an ingrained emotion in society, and I suspect it has been there since early childhood when we did feel helpless.  Once you have the inner-vision which is deeper than the superficial outer life, confidence grows and opens up the information you already have within your consciousness.  You will be very surpised at the wisdom lying dormant within, and being able to access it through meditation when we sit silently and allow our soul to speak. 

The more you practice, the deeper you go.   Life takes on a deeper meaning and you begin to really live from the person you really are!  

Namaste and Light, Tara *~~

What is Personal Spiritual Growth?

                         ~ *  Definition of spiritual growth  -  What is personal spiritual growth?  * ~

There is no official and exact definition of spiritual growth. We, and many others, use personal spiritual growth as synonyms for other terms like e.g. personal spiritual development, to develop higher awareness or to develop higher consciousness.

With our understanding of spirituality , one can also define personal spiritual growth as a way to integrate spirituality to a higher and higher degree in our daily lives.  Personal spiritual growth: Awareness or consciousness as a sphere of light around our body.

We have seen here that we can compare human development with the achievement of virtuosity in a particular activity (for example making music, sport, handcrafts etc.). The basic rights of existence (the equal right of all beings to be on the earth, to develop and to carry out their tasks) must be so strongly internalized that in every situation we automatically act according to these rights without having to think about it. We refer to this ability in the following as awareness or consciousness. Spiritual growth means developing this ability further.

We can use the model of a bright lamp to represent our level of awareness or level of consciousness :  Our body represents the lamp which is lit ever more brightly as our awareness (consciousness) increases.  The brightness of our awareness (consciousness) lights up our surroundings so that we can see and hence perceive additional aspects of ourselves and our surroundings.

The light fully illuminates a space around us which is approximately the shape of a sphere. In the following we will describe this space as the awareness sphere or consciousness sphere. It serves as model for our spiritual level or spiritual growth: We can clearly perceive everything within the sphere with our common sense or our intuition.  Outside the awareness sphere (consciousness sphere) the brightness of our lamp is no longer sufficient.  The further away something is from our sphere the less easy it is to perceive it.

We can now define personal spiritual growth as follows:  Personal spiritual growth is the personal development to enlarge the diameter of the above mentioned sphere of consciousness. As such, personal spiritual growth is an integral part of our purpose of life.