Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Looking for the Cause of our Suffering


    The causes of our suffering are very important tools to understanding how we think, how we react to life
and those around us, and how we generally cope with life.   People want quick fixes so they can "get on with it" and continue living in the way they have chosen.   But is it wise to look for a cure or a remedy when you
haven't investigated the cause?   Many of life's ills are caused by the mind  -  how we think about ourselves
and others, letting our thoughts run rampant, living in the past, etc.   For anything to manifest in the physical,
it begins with the mind   -   habitual ways of thinking and wrong perception.

    The Buddha taught that if you can find the causes of your suffering, you have found the cure.  If thinking
too much about past sad events are causing your anxiety and depression, then the answer is to correct
thinking patterns and learn to still the mind and live in the Now.   Living in the past is bringing back old
energy.   Whatever happened has happened, and we cannot change the decisions that were made back
then.   Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but, decision-making is done in the Now, in the moment, and hindsight
is done in a time far removed from the event.   That is when one can choose  Acceptance  -  if nothing can
be done about a past decision, or an event that occurred beyond your control, then meditating on acceptance
and peace is the cure.      Right perception leads to right view.

     In order to be in control of our lives it is necessary to be mindful of our thoughts as well as our actions.
Mindfulness is a valuable tool in many ways  -  it keeps our awareness in the present moment therefore
allowing us to make more conscious decisions and perhaps save us from heartache and regrets later.
Mindfulness also keeps our energy in the present moment as thoughts are also energy  -  wherever our mind
goes, our energy goes.   Doing a few short meditations during the day where our mind is stilled and
consciousness is in the Now, will refresh and give a quick recharge during working hours.

     For lasting release from one's suffering, it is far better to find the cause than to look for a quick-fix.
There are more advantages in looking within for the cause of one's suffering, than spending money on the
many treatments available to mask one's pain.   Personal growth is the aim, and that is priceless !

Namaste  ~  Written by Tara ~

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ascension Update


     If you are all wondering what is going on with the Ascension process, I left Lightworkers.org because
it is time for those who are ascending, to step-up and be ready for a higher vibratory way of living.   I was told by spiritual guides that folks get too dependent on others to give them a 'lift'  -  either emotionally or spiritually.  Many are connecting with websites for this reason, and not doing the necessary spiritual work on themselves.
After leaving and observing the many blogs written about folks who have left, it is very clear that this is the case.   There is a sense of fear that the website will collapse.   You cannot live your life built around a
website and the attachment to members there.  Ascension is a spiritual event, tailor-made by YOU !
Each soul is responsible for their own spiritual evolvement.   The many blogs and Teachings I shared were
to introduce to members the various aspects of personal work that needs to be done, and also to introduce
the deeper spirituality that many spiritual websites don't touch on.   They seem to run and rely on "channellings" supposedly from Divine Beings in the Heavenly Realms.   If One was to raise their vibrations
and connect a whole lot more with their spiritual guides, they would quickly realize that the Heavenly Beings
work one-on-one with individuals who are ready to communicate with them.   As for giving "weekly" reports,
this is ludicrous.    They most certainly do not give forecasts either, the ones who purportedly claim to receive
these messages, are putting them into 3D thinking and behaviour and that is when it becomes clear to those
who are more 'awake' that these messages are totally made-up.

I will share what I know is happening now, through my own personal experiences.   There will be a leap in
consciousness soon, and many who have become stuck in the goings-on of 3D life, will not be 'leaping'
anywhere !   The attachment to 3D is just too strong for many.   As far as the members who have left LWs
and other websites, it was becoming a drain, a negative drain trying to share blogs and Teachings in peace.
It takes time to share information, and speaking for myself, I type everything out and sharing some of my
Teachings from the many books I have, it can take 1 1/2 hours to type.    There is a reason behind every
post I have shared, sometimes guided from a higher place to share a particular topic of spirituality.
To have some member then play games with childish behaviour is totally disrespectful, and this went on for
well over a year.   Almost every person who has posted an article has been a victim of this well-guarded
member who seems to be unbannable !!  Many members in the past were given 3 warnings, then banned !
There was no consideration to their mental state or their 'poor childhood or background,' they were shown
the door.   It "behooves" me why this individual is being given special treatment, considering the website
and the members have been suffering for a long time.  Not worth staying on a website that puts one individual
before many members who spend a lot of time trying to make a difference there.

Anyway, I am totally detached when I drop by and visit, and I can't read the comments anyway of which I am
very pleased.   There was definitely a dependency on those who shared regularly, and very firm attachment.
This is not healthy !!!     You cannot live your life through a website.   Ascension is ongoing and changes are
coming, the big question is, are those who are attached to these websites full of false-channellings and favouritism, going to see it through?    These websites are definitely holding people back.
Let go and Live !   It is the expectations of 'something coming that has been forecast' that keeps people hooked, followed by deep disappointment...........and then the cycle starts all over again...........
ad nauseum !!!

Ascension is an individual effort  -  letting go of the pettiness of 3D living and concentrating on one's own
Divinity.   Connecting Within  -  not connecting to a Website and expecting to ascend through that.
It just won't happen that way.   Namaste  ~

Friday, January 27, 2012

Expansion of the Heart

   Hello Beautiful Soul   ~

            As you expand your heart chakra more and more, you will also expand your spiritual awareness
   of the true reality of your existence , and also the many roles that we and our fellow human beings play
   each day.   You will also begin to view others with an expanded awareness of their True Selves, which
   resides within.  
            The heart is symbolic of life, it keeps our bodies functioning and is also the spiritual center of our
   Being.   God is Love, and so are We.   We say we live in the Heart-Space, the space of pure love that
   keeps expanding as long as we are aware just how powerful this Love-Energy is.  
             Without love, life deteriorates.   Without love, the physical heart suffers with all kinds of maladies.
   Recognizing our true potential as God-Beings, is living in Divine Truth.  Jesus has said it, " Ye are all gods."
   Sai Baba has said it, " I realize and know that I am God.  You do not realize yet that YOU are also God."
                                            Yes, Love is the Cure........
                                            Who would desire anything less?
   Start the day with Love
   Fill the day with Love
   End the day with Love      ~  says Sai Baba

                       ~       Sounds like a good prescription to Me, Beautiful Soul      ~

Namaste  ~  Love
Written by Tara  ~

Thursday, January 26, 2012


                                                            Prayer  for  a  United  World
      May the heads of all countries and races be guided to understand that men of all nations are physically
  and spiritually one:  physically one, because we are the descendants of common parents  -  the symbolic
  Adam and Eve;  and spiritually one, because we are the immortal children of our Father, bound by eternal
  links of brotherhood.   Let us pray in our hearts for a League of Souls and a United World.  Though we
  may seem divided by race, creed, color, class, and political prejudices, still, as children of the one God
  we are able in our souls to feel brotherhood and world unity.   May we work for the creation of a United
  World in which every nation will be a useful part guided by God through man's enlightened conscience.
     In our hearts we can all learn to be free from hate and selfishness.   Let us pray for harmony among
  the nations, that they march hand in hand through the gate of a fair new civilization.

 Metaphysical Meditations
 by  Paramahansa Yogananda

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Only My opinion, Of Course

                                                   The sun is having a major sweat today  ~
                                      Yes, still raining in south-east Queensland, but did manage to
                                             take the munchkins out for a short walk around the
                                                           block with their fluro T-shirts on.
                                       Charlie, above is not wearing one !   Although this one is very
                                          'cool' he has a fluro orange one with CEO on the back.
                                                   And our sweet Ginger has a fluro pink one.
   Just mulling over some previous things we have been told concerning the future, which is Now.  With the
   repeat of flooding here in Qld., I am remembering something we were told about 20yrs ago about 2012
   and entering the Golden Age as we call it.   When I got a computer, I read they call it Ascension.
   Anyway, there was a lot going round the spiritual communities concerning these earth changes and how
   we need to go to higher land.   Messages were coming thick and fast from all quarters, and hubby and
   I took the meaning to be spiritual as well as possibly a physical move.  We actually took some friends
   in our car up to the Blackbutt, Nanango, Kingaroy areas as they are quite high with land and houses
  at the time going very reasonable.    Hubby and I bought some land, 5ac, up at Nanango for $11,000
   in 1991.   Nice high land with good views.   We bought it for weekend trips up there, and also a
   weekender in Blackbutt on 5ac.  A shed with caravan inside and power connected.   Beautiful place.

   In last years Qld. floods, all of those areas were affected even though they are high.  If you were on a
   high block of land, the floods got those who lived near creeks and even trapped them, washed away
   their fences and allowed cattle to wander, if they survived.  Even in the middle of Nanango, the park
   on the left when you drive into town was flooded.  Saw that on Google Images.   I was shocked that
   an area that was chosen to go to, by many, as a safe haven from our increasing changing weather and
   earth patterns, really was not the place.  The Blackbutt range had major slippages and was closed for
   some time.   That is the major road up to all those towns.

   I think we are in for a rough trot, and there is even stories being aired on TV Current Affair shows
   that people are selling up their homes, putting that money away, and renting instead.   Judging by the
   number of Insurance Companies who reneged on paying out claims, I think it is the best thing to do
   also.   I know of some Real Estate Agents who did this several years ago when they foresaw the first
   major financial crash.   And the ones I know are still renting.

   Anyway, that is my opinion for the day, on that subject.   Keeping open to communication from well-
   established sources (off-world) is a favourable idea.   Letting go of attachments to 3D 'stuff' and people
   who are a hindrance to our spiritual growth and peace of mind, would be my advice, if I was asked.
   Have a lovely day, peace and love to All  ~   Tara.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Lesson with Ascension

Hi every-one  ~  I just got back from my usual walk to the local shops, only ten minutes, but today I did it
in the torrential rain.......with my walker.  I put my 'all-weather' coat on with hood, umbrella over walker,
and off I went.  Now, I might add that it had started to clear up ten minutes prior to my departure, but
unfortunately, it started again just as I was about to set off.  And, my philosophy on life is  -  we are here to
experience all types of conditions, afterall, life on Earth is full of opposites  -  wet and dry, hungry and full,
sick and well, you get my meaning !   So, if I get drenched I know that later at some time I will be dry !!
It IS only water, and beautiful fresh rain at that.

So, walking there I find out that my coat is not exactly as waterproof as I thought !  I arrived at the shops
with coat (bright fuschia) stuck to my clothing as the rain beat right through that Crazy Clark's coat !
Adding insult to injury, the coat had decided to run its colour all over the clothes underneath.  I peeled the
wet coat off, saw bright pink streaks mingling with my khaki pants and yellow T-shirt, right to my underwear beneath that.  I headed off to the ladies to make good use of the hot air hand driers !

So, there I am in the large disabled loo, stripped to my undies, holding my khaki pants under the hand drier.
I put those down for awhile and started with my rump under the hand drier.  I guess you get the picture, but
20 minutes later, I emerge from the loo looking a bit more respectable.  The coat ended up in the first
rubbish bin I could find.   I headed off to Sam's Warehouse and bought a $2 poncho which turned out to
be a flimsy light garbage bag with fashionable hood, and at least it covered my rump !
I arrived home after as brisk a walk as I could, drinking the beautiful rain drops that poured into my mouth
as I walked along.  I had the umbrella opened over my walker to protect my backpack and shopping.

What I learnt today when I was getting round the shops, was that with this ascension process, we can
never say never to do or experiencing anything else again in '3D' as many of us are already in 5D within,
and living in the moment.  That's exactly how I have been for some time now, and when life moves you
from moment to moment, you don't miss a single thing that crops up in your consciousness.
Everyday I live in total awareness of what I do and think, and what comes to me through communication
from guides, angels, and higher-self, including all aspects of higher-self.   That is the reason I left LWs in
a hurry.........I was guided to leave immediately by several messages that came from different sources
that look out for my welfare, and also my stages of work on other Ds.   All of these messages came in
signal form, left ear, with the message put into my mind with a single thought.  That is how we have been
receiving our guidance and messages for many years.  I did not even ask why, I knew it was urgent, so
I hurriedly wrote a blog called Last Message, let Peter know with a short message also, then deleted my
account.   I did not even think twice about all my blogs and teachings I have shared for a couple of years.

After I left LWs, I immediately ascended to a higher consciousness, no longer part of that community
and its mixture of energies.   I might add too, that it is not the place it used to be, but that is expected,
as others ascend and grow spiritually.   This in turn leaves the ones who are extremely attached to the
site and may never leave..........not a criticism, just an observation.  Then you have the unhappy ones
who are always complaining because they can't seem to shift from the 'place' they have been in for a
long time.   There has been so many posts shared there to assist people, but the person themselves has to
make the effort.  Now, sometimes I post a blog or teaching at a website that has much higher vibrations
and harmony and respect for others is the norm.    Very pleasant indeed.

Anyway, I have this blogspot where I can air my daily findings, when I get some, that is !!!
So, if you want to join and leave a comment, we can communicate here, if you wish.
Share your views and share a few laughs as well !   Have a very enjoyable Now, and continue that Now.
Namaste  ~  Tara.



                                 When you find that your soul, your heart, every wisp of inspiration,

                                     every speck of the vast blue sky and its shining star-blossoms,

                                      the mountains, the earth, the whippoorwill, and the bluebells

                                     are all tied together with one cord of rhythm, one cord of joy,

                                     one cord of unity, one cord of Spirit, then you shall know that

                                                    all are but waves in His cosmic sea.

                                          ~~~~~~~  **  Namaste  ~  Tara  **  ~~~~~~~

Metaphysical Meditations
by Paramahansa Yogananda ~