Monday, July 29, 2013

Be Grateful Nature Doesn't Have a Human Mind

 Just think about it  -  if Nature had a human mind, the whole universe would be in chaos !
 Nothing would be living in its Natural Flow, the way it was created to live. Humans have been given a mind and an intellect to survive in a physical world, but, the consequences of misusing the mind is evident............everywhere!    In fact, the misuse of the mind is the downfall of what human nature was born to be  -  a physical manifestation of the God/Source energy it came from.
The physical world has experienced the depths of evil, and if Ascension wasn't instigated it is very probable that humans would wipe each other out using nuclear technology.  Through generations war is handed down from what had already taken place in many previous lifetimes, and continues because the human mind can't let-go of its hatred and prejudices about another country.
When the head of one country starts a family, and the energy of war and hate if still strongly held, it gets handed down to the sons to carry on "the tradition."   The children growing up in that family would never have the opportunity to form their own views of life from the perspective of their own generation.
Thus, the sounds of war and suffering continue............the true nature of the soul has been lost under the rubble and corpses of war and violence in many countries.   In turn, deprivation of its citizens sets in, and we are seeing the consequences of this every day.   Where and how does it all end?
 Turning the tide of annihilation of the species is the only choice.  When everything physical has been taken away from a person, where are they to go for support and sustenance?    There has got to be new energy generating new thought and new ideas to save the world from itself.   Within all countries around the globe, there are individuals scattered throughout communities who are assisting in grounding this new energy desperately needed for uplifting, or restoring, the Christed Consciousness of the world.  
We gather on websites, we gather in groups in our communities, we bump into others on our daily excursions, and we even hear them speaking about it when standing in line at the shops.  Not everyone goes to websites to share their awakening experiences.   People use their awakening in many different ways, and one way is to help others in their own areas in whatever way they can, even volunteering where hands and love are needed.
The change is happening, and it starts with every person wanting to do something about the state of our beautiful world and our beautiful souls who live upon it.  I truly believe that the only thing that separates people is their minds with its pre-set ideas and old ways of thinking.  The time has arrived for the physical mind to make way for a higher way of thinking and doing, through connecting BACK to the spiritual self within. That is the only way of raising mankind out of the dire state it is in now.
 I am now sharing an excerpt from A NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle called "The Duck With a Human Mind."

 " In the Power of Now, I mentioned my observation that after two ducks get into a fight, which never lasts long, they will separate and float off in opposite directions. Then each duck will flap its wings vigorously a few times, thus releasing the surplus energy that built up during the fight.  After they flap their wings, they float on peacefully, as it nothing had ever happened.  If the duck had a human mind, it would keep the fight alive by thinking, by story-making.  This would probably be the duck's story:

                     '  I don't believe what he just did.  He came to within five inches of me.
                       He thinks he owns this pond.  He has no consideration for my private space.
                       I'll never trust him again.  Next time he'll try something else just to annoy me.
                       I'm sure he's plotting something already.  But I'm not going to stand for this.
                       I'll teach him a lesson he won't forget. '

 " And on and on the mind spins its tales, still thinking and talking about it days, months, or years later.  As far as the body is concerned, the fight is still continuing, and the energy it generates in response to all those thoughts is emotion, which in turns generates more thinking.  This becomes the emotional thinking of the ego.  You can see how problematic the duck's life would become if it had a human mind.  But this is how most humans live all the time.  No situation or event is ever really finished.  The mind and the mind-made  'me and my story' keep it going. "         P. 138

Let us all continue to make this world a better place to live in. Doing our best, thinking further than the "me."

Namaste and Love  ~  Tara

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Taking Action ~ Taking Responsibility

                      ~     When we choose to keep the door of Faith open, Faith will respond.    ~
                  ~    When we choose to keep the door of Hope open, Hope is always with us.    ~
        ~    When we carry the energy of Love within us, Love will be evident in what we see and feel.  ~
            ~   Love will permeate our Life and lift us Always  ~  It will become our sustenance.   ~

                    ~   We may not be able to change the current circumstances in the world, but,    ~
                                we can choose the energy we bring into our personal world, within.
                   ~   Light, Love, Peace, Faith and Hope all expand our world, but their opposite   ~
                                 will constrict and obstruct our world from expanding and flowing
                                                            and following its natural course.

             ~  For the Western-born soul who is brought up with knowing the outer-life as the only life,   ~
                          and not shown any other aspect of life from parents or carers, this inner-world
                                                       concept of living can be difficult to grasp.                 
            ~  Suddenly, the outer-life starts to challenge, disappoint, and at times even crumble around us.  ~
                                           The social structures and way of life are rapidly changing.
                                   Confronted for the first time by a way of life slipping from our grasp..........
                  Where is there to go............what am I to do..........I feel so helpless, is the usual response.
                                 Fear sets in as that is the human response that readys us for fight or flight.


~    For perhaps the first time in our lives, we are forced to look elsewhere    ~
                                                 for comfort and peace, and possible guidance. 

  ~    Our searching leads us back to ourselves    ~   
~   Perhaps there IS something inside that can help and guide.   ~

  ~    Forced into this journey of inner-viewing and expansion of awareness,    ~
                                       the outer-world crumbling around us has become the catalyst
                                                  for ultimate freedom from the physical realm.
                                        Not always a physical death is necessary for this freedom,
                                        but the discovery of a Divine Energy of infinite possibilities
                                                       in the depths of our Soul, our Beingness.

~    With steadfast determination, the journey continues inwards.    ~
                               ~    A smile returns to the lips........Ah Yes! ......... I remember !     ~
                    ~    With the realization that we create our outer-viewing of the world, through our   ~
                     understanding of the inner-world, new concepts of BEing and living in the outer-world
                                                                   begin to emerge.  
                                                    ~     A new awareness is birthed    ~ 
               ~   A feeling of Hope has returned that a new world can be built with new Awarenesses    ~
                                                    working collectively to uplift and sustain life.
          ~    Using these tools that we all have within, we begin, one by one, to create a world fueled     ~
                               by the Life-Sustaining Energy of a Higher-Love which does not discriminate.
                 ~     This Higher-Love is not just a warm fuzzy love, it is a life-giving Force that keeps the   ~
                                                       entire Cosmos functioning and expanding.

                                  ~    Each soul has a role to play     ~     We are not here by chance.    ~
                  ~   Nurturing and caring for various forms of Life on Earth is everyone's responsibility.   ~

                                                          ~       N A M A S T E      ~

Written on 24 July, 2013
by Tara *~

Building a Strong Foundation

          We have great freedom to determine our own path of action. We carry within ourselves the
          seeds of self-destruction or self-realization. We can ignore the call of our divine nature and
              remain mired in the material world, or we can listen to the call and realize the highest
          attainments. If we learn from the world around us and chart a disciplined course of action,
                             we can earn our true freedom. When we rush to satisfy material desires,
                                                             we suffer the consequences.

       When we aspire to reach a great height (as in Ascension), we must first build a strong foundation.
       A groundwork must be prepared before the structure rises. Proper preparations must be made to
                           insure success. This is true in all fields: in the trades, in business, in the arts.
                                               It is of paramount importance in the spiritual field.

                                                       ~*    Reference:  Pathways to God     *~

                                      A book based on the spiritual Teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba

                                                             ~*    Namaste    ~     Love    *~

Transcending the Earth Plane

Hello Dear Friends ~ In the above picture, you can see the merging of the worlds - the physical and the higher dimensions. When you look at here you can see on the left.....a physical or dense world.

On the right side.......a lighter, purer, and higher spiritual realm. Some may still be perplexed as to how we are going to get there! If you understand that energy vibrates at a certain speed, ie., to create a physical world, the energy slows down quite a bit to become a solid form. When you know how to increase your vibratory rate which, by the way, is spiritual energy - pure light, you can raise it sufficiently to go to higher dimensions. That is how Beings from higher dimensions visit Earth, or indeed, come to speak to a particular person on Earth. But, they usually stop short of becoming totally solid.

There have been many reports over many centuries about visitors from Heavenly Realms. The reason they are at that higher dimensional plane called Heaven, is because they have transcended every dimension that leads them there. And there are many dimensions. So, when a Being from a higher realm appears to a person on Earth, it is not always necessary to become solid again. That is when they look like Super Humans because of their appearance and the energy they give out - pure love encased in pure light. At Sai Baba's ashram in Puttaparthi, Southern India, there can be millions at any celebration, particularly His Birthday. Some years ago an Australian author and his wife were guests at one of Baba's cottages on the ashram grounds and they witnessed the massive crowds pushing through one area to get to another. In the crush, an elderly lady was knocked down. The crowd started to separate as a very handsome, strong man appeared with a hat that had wrapped around its crown a snake. He was very concerned about the elderly lady. He was accompanied by a lovely young lady in a sari.

After asisting the lady off the ground and helping her to a seat on the side, they continued to assist the crowd to move in an orderly fashion. They appeared to be superhuman and had a tremendous spiritual aura about them. The author asked some of the Indians there who this couple was, and they replied, " That is Shiva and Parvati. They often appear here at the ashram, especially to assist or protect people from harm. " And people think that the Godhead sits on thrones up in Heaven twiddling their thumbs!

People in India who are frequently at the ashram, witness all kinds of divine visitors and other spiritual manifestations. Miracles are natural occurrences and not unusual to those who witness them year after year. Divine energy is available to those who are serious about transcending this physical plane and uniting with their divinity within. It all takes self-discipline and a determination to devote time out of your busy life to adhere to practices that promote the expansion of the lightbody through bringing in more light. This in turn expands the aura. Many people start with the meditation on the flame, then go from there, as they are guided.

Gradually, with the transformation of the heart, one will begin to see all souls with love. Love is the main ingredient to expand the heart chakra, which in turn flows upwards into one's face like a beautiful glowing light, and, without a second thought, share that love with everyone they meet. How happy they look ! Life takes on a higher meaning. The journey home to divinity within has begun!

With utmost Love and Respect,
Tara *~~

Written by Tara
18 March 2012

Friday, July 26, 2013

When did humans lose their "natural flow?"

Just seeing this gorgeous image of a small waterfall flowing onto the rock pools below triggered this question:   When did We lose our natural flow?    Looking at our world now, which is called "a civilized world or society,"

I would say that we have become UN-civilized as a species, compared to the Animal Kingdom.  We can all live naturally and be mindful of how we treat others and the environment, without going back to the jungles to live.   But, looking around the world, for sometime now, humans have lost that natural instinct of nurturing and sharing and caring.  

   Nurturing :

*  Being aware when a fellow living being is in need of sustenance or anything else that we may be able to
    provide or find for them.

*  Mindful of the people around us when out in public and assisting in any way we can to those who are
    elderly, disabled, etc.

*  Caring for our plants and animals in a loving way as they are also part of God/Source energy.

   Sharing :

*  Sharing any excess of what we have to any society or charity that helps others, inc. animals.

*  Giving away any unwanted vegetables or fruit from our gardens to a pensioner or single Mum or Dad.

*  Sharing our time with the lonely in our neighbourhood, or community, even Nursing Homes where some
    folks don't get any visitors.

    Caring :

*  Caring in any way we can about life in general, and there are many aspects of life we are involved in
    each day.

*  Caring about the homeless;  caring about the elderly and disabled;  caring about our stray animals, etc.

Getting ourselves back into the natural flow of life and ditching the mindset that we are all separate is a good start toward building this new earth we all hear about!

It all starts with each individual, opening up, responding to the environment in which you live, and embracing the true meaning of Life Itself !

Peace and Love to All   ~

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Connecting With the Divine Within

                        There is nothing more powerful than Love to connect you with the divinity within.
                             Like the angel lighting the flower above, Love lights up the flame of divinity
                                         in our hearts. The more Love we have, the bigger the flame.
                                       When we foster Divine Love within, the dark clouds disperse.
                                                    Through Love, true Self-realization is achieved.

                                       We have incarnated for a reason into this karmic world, and it is up
                                                    to each soul to decide which path they wish to tread.
                                You can choose the path of Love that leads one straight to the heart- centre
                                                  where our divinity resides, or, you can choose the path
                                         that only gives you happiness from external physical pleasures.

                                    A truly happy person has found which path has taken them to a world
                                                  within where Love and Divine Bliss is in abundance.
                                                        It is Love that unites the individual with divinity.
                                     Once you have connected with that divinity within, it is yours forever!
                                                             It cannot be accessed by any other soul.

                                      A place to reside and weather the ups and downs of physical life.
                                   During this period of Ascension where most souls are experiencing very
                                          rough weather, it is beneficial, indeed extremely important,
                                    to connect within. By having this divine safe haven already in place,
                                                      one can go there to connect with that strength
                                                         only the spiritual power of divinity can give.

                                                         ~~~~~~~~  o  O  o  ~~~~~~~~

Written by Me on March 19 2012
Namaste  ~

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Practice of Letting Go Using the Breath

    Sharing an Excerpt from the book  -  Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be by Lama Surya Das

                                       ~~~~~~~~~~   **   o  O  o   **  ~~~~~~~~~~

Breath awareness practice may not seem immediately productive, but give it a chance.  Some spiritual masters make it their primary practice throughout their entire lives.  Mindfulness of breathing is the basic meditation practice, and yet it has the power to reach and enhance all levels of consciousness.  It may appear simple, but even so it works on all levels of the path and is certainly not just for beginners.

It may not be immediately apparent, but to be totally in the moment, which is what meditation requires, means relinquishing the past, the future, and the dualism that makes a distinction between self and other.  This is the essence of letting go.

We practice letting go by letting go of the breath again and again, experiencing a feeling of releasing and relaxing a little more with each outbreath.  Each outbreath is a little death, a little relinquishing, a little dropping away.   What a relief.  Try it!

Like a plant whose roots take in groundwater, we sink our roots in the holy now, the eternal instant.  In this way we can learn to draw spiritual sustenance from this very moment, right now.  This is the only place to be, the best sear in the house.  Take your seat like a Buddha.

Take a deep breath in through your nostrils.  Follow the outbreath.  Ride it, ride the breath all the way out, out, out.  Dissolve with it into thin air.  As the breath dissolves into open space, our concepts, attachments, and clinging all release into infinite spacious awareness.  Breath after breath, drop your attachments.  Practise a little more letting go with each outbreath.  Let go of a little more physical and mental tension with each delightful exhilation.  In this way, ride the waves of breath, letting these sea-like waves wash through you and carry everything away.

If physical sensations or feelings arise, keep the attention on the breath.  Ride the breath and let them slip away.  If thoughts arise, as they will, simply breathe out and ride the breath all the way out, letting the thoughts also dissolve and pass away, as they will.  Don't fall into chains of discursive thinking and analysis.  Don't keep feeding and fueling the mental engines.  Stay with bare awareness.  Keep starting again with each breath, starting anew and afresh.  Every moment is a new moment, like the dawn of creation.  Let go fo the old.  Make way for starting anew and you will be continuously renewed.

Breathing in, breathing out  -  rhythmic, like the waves of the sea.  We are releasing, settling down and learning how to just be.  Let things settle on their own, in their own time, their own way, their own place.  Wherever things fall and land, let them fall into place as they will, without intervention or artifice.  Learn to let things come and go;  learn to just be.  This is a huge step, an incandescent lesson.  This is the art and practice of freedom, the practice of letting go.

                                                   The wide-open expanse of the view,
                                                           The true condition of mind,
                                                            Is like the sky, like space:
                                           Without center, without edge, without goal.

                                      DZOGCHEN  MASTER  SHABKAR  RINPOCHE
                                                         translation:  Matthieu  Ricard

                                             ~~~~~~~~~~  *  o  O  o  * ~~~~~~~~~

Looking at Our Attachments

Namaste Dear Friends  ~

It was brought to my awareness about 20years ago about letting-go of attachments as they can be like a heavy stone tied with a rope around your ankles!    In other words, they can really hold one back.   I was fortunate to receive some teachings back then that opened up my spiritual world, both within and in outer life as well.   I was a nurse in a small private hospital at the time, and had my first awakening to the fact that every human is part of God/Source.  I decided to put this new awareness into action when I took care of my patients.   My approach to their personal care, such as bathing and shaving the men, turned into a sacred experience.   This is because I was mindful, the whole time, I was bathing an elderly patient.   It was the most heartfelt experience to see a human from the awareness of divinity.  It changed my whole life.

Some time down the track, another lesson was on "attachments."   Well, I had another part of me awakened to the fact that many of my family members were manipulating my life, trying to keep me "within their religious fold."    My father was a strict Catholic of Irish descent, and believed faithfully all that he was told the Priests.   He was always trying to "save" his six children from going to Hell because they stopped going to Church on Sundays!    In our house, it was on our knees every night in the lounge-room for rosary prayers.   When my sister started work she brought home a black labrador pup and he would often interrupt the prayers with his snoring!!   Quite hilarious!!    But, stopping his hold on me was one thing I really needed to do, and quick, especially since he was checking up on me even when I moved to the City to work in the Hospitals there.   Not a good look for the flatmate when Father arrives on the doorstep at 8am in the morning.

Over a period of time I did cut those paternal ties, but it doesn't mean you don't love your parent/s any less.   They are only following what they were brought up with.   Having lived in several places all over our State of Qld., and N.S.W., cutting those attachments were easier.   I discovered that my life could actually BE mine when the energies of parents and how they would like you to live is not following you around.  A very freeing feeling!  

Then I went deeper over the years and continued to cut attachments to this one and that one, and also my own self-made attachments to things and activities.   With the process we've been going through the past few years, many of us have been forced to 'let-go' as lower energy of addictions and attachments don't fit with moving into a higher frequency.   It's only when one is totally free of all attachments that clarity begins to make itself known.    We may think we are clear about our life and our beliefs, etc., but it's not until an inner-clearing has taken place that the real meaning of 'clarity' is known........and felt!

Life continues............and despite all of the traumas that life has brought, I am now in a place within that I call "Coming Home" to myself and also my Divine Self.   I have earned this space I am in now, the work has been more than worth it!!    We are not helpless human beings, we all have choice to let-go and free ourselves.   You will never regret it, I assure you.  

Have a great day,
love and oneness,

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Sacred Symbolism of Nature

  Dear friends ~

 Have you ever marveled at nature and realized just how symbolic it is in its sacredness to the Divine, just as we are?   As everything we see, touch and feel derives its very form and nature from the same Divine Source that we do, it will also have within its Being similarities in all Nature kingdoms.

We are all finding our way back to the awareness of this divine Source, and that means recognizing the deep roots we have in God/Creator/Source and It's expression in physical form.  Just as the tree stands tall and serene offering itself as a haven and food source for the animals and birds that seek it, if its roots are not firmly embedded in the earth, it will not survive the often unpredictability of storms.

The earth is the food source for the tree and also provides stability for its structure, but, if not embedded deeply enough, it will succumb to the ravages of the weather.  As spiritual beings, our spiritual food is always within us in the form of our spiritual essence - the Atma.
The Atma can be discovered when we delve deeply within our spiritual core which is always connected to the Divine Source. We are not disconnected from God/Source as many people think. That is the illusion of this earth-plane of physicality.  How can our divinity be disconnected from its source just because it is cloaked in physicality?
 Keeping ourselves firmly embedded within the awareness of our true selves will enable us to weather the storms of life. The many scenarios we encounter on this earth are either to bring us closer to our divinity, or to try and show us we are weak physical beings and easily effected by adversity. We have everything within to show us our true divinity.
Through our energy systems, the chakras, we can bring in our own divine energies by keeping focused on what is REAL - keeping the line of communication opened to our higher-selves which resides in our 8th chakra and above.  From this chakra we can bring in energies to expand our lightbodies with Divine energy. This is no secret and has been done by all spiritually connected souls throughout the ages.
We can bathe ourselves each day in this readily available energy from our Divine Source.  This is a sure way to keep us embedded in our spirituality enabling us to weather any adverse conditions in our life.

                                     Dear friends, it is all within us - and reflected in Nature!
                                  How beautiful our world really is, when we are aware of this.
                                                    Namaste - Love and Light to All.

Aware or Not, We are All Creating Within our own Worlds

Aware or Unaware, we are all living within the energy of God/Source, an Infinite Energy that keeps creating.   No-thing or person is separate from this energy.   We may look around and think that no one is in charge of what is happening around us and elsewhere  -  but how could everything keep renewing itself and creating without the energy of the Divine Source that created it?

We do often speak about who is aware and who is not, and how important it is to be aware so that we can steer our lives accordingly.   Every fibre of our being, our body and senses, even our "unawareness" is all part of this moving and expanding creation we call Earth Life.   We may go through our days doing what we think are our mundane chores, when in fact we are dancing our way through a very carefully orchestrated Cosmic and Divine Play.

Everything is energy, moving at a slow or fast rate that creates either physical matter or etheric-spirit.  When we become more astute with changing form, we will one day be able to change from physical or part physical to spirit form with just one thought.   That is how we travel when out of the earth realm.   We travel through thought-form.   When experiencing the earth type of life that we do each day, we have forgotten all of these things.  The higher energies that have been permeating the earth herself and all life are to awaken us once again to the wonderful spiritual beings that we are.

It is understandable that humans would forget where they came from when growing up in the society we have now.   It looks like the intelligent Source has decided that it's time to leave the lower levels of life and rise back up to the lightbeings we were before incarnating.    It is painful and it takes time to raise the vibrations of a physical body, awakening all of the cells within to a higher way of functioning. 

If you look at Nature you will see how easy it is to respond to the higher energies, and that is because it does not have the same type of life as a human who can make choices and decisions that can lower or raise their spirituality.   Plant life is completely open to the will of the Divine and remains pure because of this.    Spending time on a forest walk is a wonderful way of rejuvenating your body and mind because of its natural purity.   It does not seek to do anything but serve in love, as that is the "source of divinity."  

When we become aware of why we are here and see glimpses into this Divine Plan, how then do we relate to others who do not see yet?    What our awareness does is awaken us to the Oneness of all creation.   We are not separated by our awareness or unawareness, we set up a feeling of separation through our thoughts.   If we wish to separate ourselves because we think we are different, then that is up to the individual.   We all have free choice in that department!    Everything is part of our development, part of "peeling off the layers of ignorance" we have accumulated through living a very physical-oriented life.

Being in the third dimension, which is a slower energy, it all takes time for the masses to awaken and eventually see the changes on a social level.  

All in all, it begins with each of us.   If we don't start showing it in our daily lives it will never become visible in mainstream life.
Namaste  ~  Tara Mary

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ascension: As We Get to Know the Real Self

We often refer to the totally awakened inner-self that is pure spirit as the Real Self. It is also known as the Higher Self. These terms can confuse anyone who is trying to navigate their spiritual path. Most often, these aspects of our-self are not known to us. They reside within a spiritual world that lays hidden until we choose to take the time to connect in various spiritual ways, and there are many different ways.

Our life on earth is composed of thinking and acting from the mind and the intellect to our surroundings at any given time. We grow up thinking that this is it, so we try to fit as much living into our days as we can. In our present world it has been about the material acquisitions that get placed right in front of our faces wherever we turn. It is classified by some as the "normal way of living," at least to the majority anyway, as many folks choose a more natural way of life and have shunned the materialistic way that has taken over today's society.

Every soul who incarnates on earth is at a different stage of spiritual development. Many, many souls who have come before us have become enlightened, or one with their higher-self. They choose to incarnate to assist the world with their energies which are quite expanded and have a positive effect on those around them. Some are in the public eye for the purpose of teaching about spiritual awakening, and some live among their communities and quietly do service-to-others through their Divine love for all mankind. People on earth right now have that opportunity to become enlightened by working with the downloads of 'ascension' energies. The earth self, commonly called the Ego self, is the part of us that has the choice to let-go of the attachment to the material world and embrace these energies and ascend into a lighter spiritual world on earth.

When one decides to accept these energies, the spiritual part of our-self will come forward. It is a conscious intention by the physical self that has to happen first. The intention has to be there, or nothing will happen. No person is forced to ascend to a higher way of life. It is all a very personal journey for each soul, as we all have had previous incarnations and some have already awakened during those times. If a soul has already done that journey in a past life, it makes it easier to connect within and recognize the awakening process. Then the person is aware of the "other self."

Of course, there really is no other self as our physical self is the 'doer' of the different experiences in our lifetime. The spirit part of us, the soul and the higher-self, uses the physical self as a vehicle to experience all that earth life has to offer. If a soul never incarnated into the physical world, it would not know it's strengths and weaknesses. Hence, the creation of the physical earth society for souls to experience a slower energy and how they would handle themselves in many various situations. It is called the evolution of the soul. Source/God and all its sparks of Essence that created many souls in the beginning, is allowing these souls (us) to expand each Divine Essence through these earth incarnations. We are all doing our bit for the one Source/God. Hence the term "we are all one."

In conclusion, our Real Self is that Divine Essence that is part of Source/God (and Creator as some like to call it), and also the Higher-Self. The HS is the director of our life once we connect with it. The earth ego needs to "give-over" first. There needs to be a letting-go and awareness that we are the instruments for the Divine. Our earth self is still part of the Real Self, but not awakened to that higher aspect as yet. In order to ascend to a higher way of life on earth, every soul needs to make that conscious decision first to loosen their grip on the attachments to physicality. Physicality is a tool for our learning, it is not our true state of being, which is Divinity and recognizing Oneness with the All.

Namaste and Light to All  ~ Tara

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Grace can Shower Your Life at any Time

Dear Friends  ~ 

            Grace is a gift from the Divine  ~ 

            While living our life each day, experiencing all of the ups and downs and also the wonderful
            connections and awakenings from our own Divine Selves, Grace can appear in many different
            ways.    The physical life can certainly be overwhelming and we tend to forget that we ARE
            Divine Beings experiencing a physical life.  

           Out of the blue, so to speak,  a wonderful gift can arrive in our life in many different ways, and
           also, many different disguises!    The obvious arrival of Grace is when a very unexpected
           gift arrives that lifts us out of our ordinary daily life and into a higher state of awareness where
           we can see a glimpse of the majesty of Divinity and Blessedness.
           Another form of Grace can come hidden in circumstances that create a shift in the way our
           path is headed.   Perhaps the path you have chosen is not the one intended for your present
           life's lessons, and a diversion has been put into action by the Divine Beings who oversee
           your incarnation.   Often it can come from our own Higher Self who watches us from the
           higher chakras above our head.  That is a realm where we can ascend to one day and become
           reunited with our own Divinity.   But until then, we are carefully being steered in the direction for
           our own highest good.

           Many people's lives are being "rearranged" which I believe is to align them or rescue them from
           the type of created world they had become accustomed to.   Some partnerships are breaking up
           due to the fact that they have served their purpose for that time past, but moving into a higher
           frequency, a higher way of life, may be for one partner but not the other.   Huge upheavals are
           inevitable along with emotional exhaustion.  Wherever there is great change, there is pain and
          a certain amount of suffering.   Once people have stepped out of the rubble of one relationship,
          for good, there is a wide open space just waiting to be filled with the beauty of who they are
          within.    That is when a soul really shines........when they are in total control of their own life,
          unreliant upon another.     Divinity can appear at any time to shower Grace and give strength for
          this new journey just beginning.    A welcome Blessing for the once-weary soul.

Learning to Walk in This Moment

                                    " When feeling stuck, take off all the weight you are carrying -
                                           be free to step forward into the new energy of Now. "

The notion of being attached to what happened to you in the past can be very deeply ingrained by your constant mind chatter. Mind lives in the past or the perceived future, but mostly in the past because of our attachment to the many different life-scenarios we encountered.  In this case we are reliving over and over again old energy and patterns of behaviour that we ourselves keep inflicting upon us. That old energy is dead does not hold the energizing prana, life force, that is needed to fill our Now moment.

We often go through periods of heavy fatigue and feeling lifeless. This can often be attributed to carrying the weight of the past, also the people who impacted our lives in a negative way. What needs to be learnt now is that nothing can change what happened in the past, but we can learn from the experiences and ensure that the pain and suffering did mean something in the end. Often people who have suffered abuse in early life turn their lives around by using those experiences  to help others. The best counselors and doctors are those who have "been there."

Every experience in life can be used to help another soul. This enriches one's life and gives meaning and hope when shared with another going through a similar experience. Every person has so much to give - take a look within and you will find plenty to share and enrich others' lives. There is no such thing as weak and helpless when we are aware of the strength that lies in Spirit. It all has to do with intention. Make every day count by setting an intention at the start of each day. Setting simple intentions gives focus and meaning to one's day when rebuilding confidence.

Anyone can do it, why not give it a try!

                               **     Have a lovely weekend, love and blessings to All, Tara.    **

Friday, July 5, 2013

Have We Progressed?

Dear Friends  ~

We know we are making personal progress when we can look back at our reactions during our day and see how differently we handle the challenges we face each day.

We are not the same as we were last year, last month or even last week. There is definite change in how we make choices, how we respond to situations, and even how we see our fellow brothers and sisters, whether known or not known to us!        "Strangers are only friends we haven't met yet."

We don't have to assess ourselves all day, but when sitting in quiet contemplation perhaps at the end of the day, our minds quiet and restful, we can take a look and see how we handled ourselves when out among people. We are not trying to be perfect, just being aware and recognizing the changes that have occurred within.

Although we are in Oneness with the All on a much higher level of existence, it is still an 'individual' journey, one we undertook knowingly when we incarnated. This last existence in third dimensional reality would not be an easy one by any means, so if we are feeling fear still within, just remember that we consciously chose to be here. Obviously our Self who decided to embark on this journey was confident that we could do this! So, time to connect again to that Self who knows us better than our Earth-Self who is going through many adverse experiences, situations.


                                                        **      N A M A S T E       **

Your Inner Love

                         *~*   Throughout your whole earthly life, there is a spiritual realm within,  *~*
                                         ~    that has always loved you........ Unconditionally.   ~

                  We as humans are blessed to experience an earthly existence in a world where many
                  opportunities come our way to bring out that hidden realm. That hidden realm is our
                  Divinity within. Our connection to the Mighty Godself is always within all of Us, but is
                  camouflaged by the outer world and our struggles to survive.

                  The lower animal world is not aware of this inner realm. It is the human that has been given
                  this Blessed opportunity to recognize and embrace its existence.

                  No matter what your social status is in society - rich or poor, able-bodied or disabled, your
                  inner-divinity waits patiently for you to recognize its existence and love for you.

                  Being an infinite source of love, your divinity never judges nor abandons you. The world, as
                  it is now, is presenting all kinds of extreme conditions for humanity. The worst and the best
                  of a person is being displayed daily in the News, and the deepest of evil is now apparent in
                  many war-torn countries. Unfortunately, owing to the nature of journalism, we do not get to
                  hear often enough of the many acts of selflessness and gallantry by those who are saving
                  and also, rebuilding lives.

                  When One is ready or makes that choice to look deep within and connects with their Divinity,
                   it is a feeling of "coming Home."  Not just coming home to a material house, but a home
                  where we find our True Self, our higher aspect of Self. It is within all of humanity.

                  Not all souls are in a place where they have that opportunity to connect within. For those of
                  us who are, it will be a homecoming like no other. Connecting with the Divinity of our Self is
                  connecting us directly to the Source of All. All information we need for our journey, plus the
                  guidance to follow it through, is all there within.

                 We can still live in the outer-world while being connected to our Divinity. Life takes on a new
                 and higher meaning, and it also connects us more with the people we interact with in our day.
                 We look at Nature and know its true roots.

                  How beautiful life becomes..........  when living in Awareness and Divine Love.

                                                           **    N A M A S T E    **

Deep-Seated Emotions/Old Patterns of Behavior

Hi Every-One ~

There is something very revealing about spending time on One's own. For one thing, if you are searching for freedom from the past and all of the layers of what was impressed upon you by family, friends, colleagues, etc., spending time alone is, I think, the best therapy.

This subject of ' layers from the past ' came to my awareness very recently. When something unexpected pops up and wants us to take notice, it usually means it needs our attention, as it may have been holding us back from going forward. The layers I am speaking of are concepts of what others think about us that our subconscious has grabbed onto and stayed with us, influencing how we think about ourselves, what actions we take in life, and if we have set up a pattern of repetitive behavior.

As far as I am concerned, One does not need a therapist to talk these matters out. Once you have realized that you may be carrying around a repeated pattern of behavior, the solution is to be very watchful each day. Once the awareness has been noted in your consciousness, it will become a trigger and alert you when the pattern starts to influence your daily decisions. These tendencies to repeat past mistakes, over and over again, can be very ingrained. One must have strong fortitude in dealing with and accepting that change is very necessary in order to break these cycles.

I believe this subject is very important as we begin to build our 'new homes.' Building bricks that just don't fit into a higher dimension will always turn out to be stumbling blocks! We may find that we keep returning to the old ways of thinking and behaving every time we try to move forward. What is holding me back? Why do I feel like I am walking through concrete? Once the awareness takes hold and the old behavior rectified, you will be amazed how much clearing will be felt afterwards. It is like another portal has been opened, and the consciousness goes back to expanding instead of retracting.

Like a breath of fresh air...............spontaneity and joy returns.

Namaste and Blessings  ~