Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BE-ing the Master and the Servant

        Dear friends.   There are many stories written about how one should never put themselves 'above' another, in thoughts or in actions!   That is, of course, if you are serious about transcending the lower ego and moving deeper within your spiritual-Self.   For those of us who are aware that this incarnation into flesh is to progress towards a higher life in consciousness, and become enlightened through our many experiences on Earth, we make use of every situation that arises that can show us what lessons we need to learn to become more humble and see the depth of love that lies in BEing both the Master and the Servant.
        I was reminded of the 'master and the servant' aspect of life while I was mowing my front lawn this morning.   As it was extremely hot and I was still feeling a bit weak after a virus, I mused to myself that I should be past having to mow my own lawn, etc.  Just thinking that brought a trigger response from my spiritual self  'remember the master is also the servant...'   No matter what spiritual heights one ascends to on Earth, there is still basic chores that need to be attended to.   Like the enlightened monk who was asked by a spiritual seeker, "but, you are a renowned spiritual master, why are you still doing the gardening?"   The monk replied, " I did gardening before I became enlightened, I do gardening after I am enlightened."   No chore should ever be looked upon as menial or demeaning because he/she has reached a very high spiritual awareness.   If love was there before the enlightenment, then love continues to flow afterwards as well!
        Great heights in spirituality does not correspond to great heights in Hollywood!!!  LOL   When a movie star becomes a 'big name' and attains more fame, now that is a totally different story!   The material assets increase, and I am certain that they would not think twice about paying others to do those menial tasks!  But you never know..........somewhere out there in Hollywood there just might be the exception......perhaps?  If there was spiritual love before the fame, it certainly would be a huge test of character and depth of spirituality to continue in the same way they did before.   What an adventure that would be.......not to mention explaining it away to their friends!!
        With everything in life, it is all up to the individual.  Everyone has choice on their side.  And if you worry what others have to think about you, you will never follow your own heart and become the real YOU !
Namaste  ~  and have an AWEsome Day


                                                           Written by  Mary Harrison

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Life and Meaning

       Dear Friends.   If everything we did in our life held no meaning for us, we would never gain the wonderful gift of wisdom.   Wisdom comes from seeing the depth of our actions when we put some kind of meaning into even the simplest of our activities throughout our day.
        Thoughts, feelings, prayers, all contain an energy of some kind.   When we put, say, love into our daily chores we can see a type of glow or new energy around the areas that we clean or spruce up.   Our home then has more meaning to us and it gives back to us the love that we put into it.
        When one lives a meaningful life, one can look back and see the lessons and even the events that led up to learning life skills and experiencing new feelings about various things we do.   There is depth in the results of our actions when we put meaning to them.   We begin to realize that life is what we put into it, and also as a result of the effort we give it, what is returned back to us.
        Wisdom comes from feeling deeply the many experiences we have encountered throughout our life, whether they have been enjoyable or difficult to bear.  We gain wisdom from seeing where we started from, and where we have landed now.   This does not mean how much material wealth we have gained throughout our life........that does not bring wisdom in itself.   It is how we have treated others and handled ourselves during the good and difficult times.   What have we learnt?    Are we content with where we are now?
        One lesson is very clear in life, and that is to never wait for something to happen to make your life better.  Life is how each individual perceives it through their own eyes!    One person may be extremely content and happy within to live their life in a modest flat with few responsibilities, outside of themselves.  Another person may not be able to function in life unless they acquire exactly what they want, and go hard at attaining more and more.  
        Yes, all in one's perception.   The wise person sits back and smiles, within.   Content that they have done their best with what they have, and has not harmed another soul in the process.  Seeing the 'meaning' in everything in life is for the wise, for they have the insight to know that their actions, speech and thoughts are all energy that has repercussions in life.  

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Written by Mary Harrison
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Sacred Beauty


            It is the knowledge that our life has meaning that enables us to experience both wisdom and pleasure.  It is meaning that gives wisdom its value and ultimate use.   If there were no point to our lives, why would we want or need wisdom?
            Through the years there are signposts that offer us opportunities to understand what meaning our life has.   We can learn to recognize the special omens that will lead us to turning points.
            We must start with an experience to which all human beings are attracted: beauty.   Beauty is a doorway to wisdom and can be an expression of it.   The ancient Tibetans believed that beauty can be a way to understand the nature of the material world because as material beauty fades, spiritual beauty grows.   Connecting with our own inner beauty allows us to discover that we are sacred.   This is what beauty is for, a display of sacredness in the material world.
            By knowing the nature of inner and outer beauty, you can activate it within you and in your life.


The Tibetan Art of Living
Chris. Hansard  ~                                

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Living in a Dream


       Everyday we awaken from a sleep not knowing, for most of us, just where our consciousness took
us while our bodies were resting.   When you look closely at this daily awakening from sleep, one really
can look much deeper and ask the question, " which world is real? "   The world of spirit or the world of
physical earth living?    For the ones immersed in the earth-play, they would undoubtedly say, " this world,
of course. "  

      For the spiritual sojourner who has walked this earth in a state of observance, or mindfulness, it is
obvious that many plays exist at once on this earth plane.   Individual plays, group plays such as working
for a company, and the ones who make all the choices that run our countries..........now that is another
grand play!    We may wish to ask ourselves, which play do I have control over?   Even our own personal
lives are dependent on outside influences that support our life on earth  -  financially and how much freedom
we have to be able to live our own lives as we choose.  

      Unless you live in a cave, or out in the forest or bushland and live dependent on nature for food,
shelter, etc., there are influences in our earthly life that cannot be ignored.   And, even that is all part of the
earth play we encounter in our waking state.   At least when our bodies are sleeping and our earth consc-
iousness is resting, the other part of our spiritual consciousness is able to  travel and enjoy the non-physical
state of our true Being.  

     I have been told by my spiritual guides that we are not always allowed to remember this beautiful world
of spirit in our night time, because we would never want to stay on earth and fulfill our incarnation.
This is very true and I accept that completely, without a doubt.  So, when we consider the various parts
in this earth play we live out each day, how can we find freedom in the physical world?  

      The journey within our true selves, our spiritual essence, is the only way to find the awareness and
realizations we need to become free.   We may still depend on financial support, jobs, to supply our
physical needs to support our life here, but, it is that awareness, that waking up from believing this life
on earth is our only reality.   This is not easy for many, but for those who have achieved this state of
awareness and deep realization is the beginning of freedom  -  freedom within to begin exploring our
vast spiritual consciousness that is available to every human being.   What magnificent Beings we all are,
and at the heart of all of this is a profound Love that is so vast it could never be completely qualified.
Divinity at the heart of every human being, waiting to be remembered and embraced as our own
True Reality.

Namaste  ~ Tara

Thursday, February 2, 2012

HH Dalai Lama's Meditation on Forgiveness

This excerpt is from The Wisdom of Forgiveness by HH Dalai Lama and Victor Chan.
 Considering the atrocities that the Chinese have done to the Tibetans and their country, the Dalai Lama
                             meditates on forgiveness using a technique he calls 'giving and taking.'

Victor Chan asks: "So to be able to forgive your enemies can make a difference to one's spiritual progress?"
"Yes, yes, there is no doubt," replies the Dalai Lama.   "It's crucial.   It's one of the most important things.
It can change one's life.   To reduce hatred and other destructive emotions, you must develop their opposites,
compassion and kindness.   If you have strong compassion, strong respect for others, then forgiveness much
easier.   Mainly for this reason: I do not want to harm another.  Forgiveness allows you to be in touch with
these positive emotions.   This will help with spiritual development."

"Is there a special meditation technique that you use?"  asks Victor Chan.
"I use meditation technique called giving and taking," the Dalai Lama explained.  "I make visualization: send my positive emotions like happiness, affection to others.   Then another visualization.   I visualize receiving
their sufferings, their negative emotions.   I do this every day.   I pay special attention to the Chinese  -
especially those terrible things to the Tibetans.   So, as I meditate, I breathe in all their poisons  -  hatred,
fear, cruelty.   Then I breathe out.   And I let all the good things come out, things like compassion, forgive-
ness.   I take inside my body all these bad things.   Then I replace poisons with fresh air.   Giving and taking.
I take care not to blame  -  I don't blame the Chinese, and I don't blame myself.      This meditation very
effective, useful to reduce hatred, useful to cultivate forgiveness."


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We All Hold The Key

                Anyone can understand and experience their spiritual potential without years of a particular
                       training.   A focused and sincere heart and a direct mental focus are often enough.
                       The purpose is simply to comprehend the underlying spiritual nature of all things.
                  From this develops a way of manifesting freedom, peace, happiness and consciousness.

                                         " All of us are wise.  All of us have access to inner truth.
                                             No one holds a single key to truth above all others.
                                              Rest in your emerging divinity and consciousness.
                                                 Do not grasp for it.      Receive it and enjoy. "
                                                  ~~~~~~~~~~   o  O  o   ~~~~~~~~~~
   Reference: The Tibetan Art of Living
        by  Christopher Hansard  ~
                                Namaste  ~

Forgiving is Healing


    When looking for the cause/s of our suffering, it is also helpful to look deeply within and see if there is
still a nagging feeling concerning someone from our past.   I find it useful to relax the mind and sit in quiet
contemplation so that the past hurt, lingering in our subconscious mind,  can find its way to the conscious
mind.   Freeing ourselves from all of these unnecessary ties to people in our past will enable us to go forward on our path to freedom and lasting happiness.

    We do not need to physically contact the person/s  that we are asking forgiveness from, or giving
forgiveness to.   All forgiving can be done by using our conscious intent of sending a mental message while
visualizing the person/s involved, with genuine love and understanding that we are not perfect as they are not
perfect in their actions and speech.   The past event with its energy attached to it can be transmuted from
negative to positive with the sending of our love.    I also find it extremely helpful to visualize a large pair of
scissors cutting the cord between the person/s and myself.   The sense of freedom and lightness from this
simple exercise is indescribable.      Another weight has been lifted.
Namaste  ~  Love  ~  Tara *