Monday, December 30, 2013

Returning to A State of Innocence

Returning to our innocence.............that joyful part of childhood when we were still new to this physical world.   Everything was fascinating, and watching a baby grow through their developmental stages from first smile to first steps, is just a sheer delight!   Such wonder in their little faces when they discover their toes and their many uses, and also being able to sit-up in the bath and splash until all of the water has almost left the tub!    Even new baby animals not long after birth are soon romping around happily and exploring their bodies and environment.   The funniest for me is watching a baby elephant trying to use his trunk like his Mother can, but, it's not quite got that knack yet........have to wait until he's bigger and stronger.

During sharing our experiences here through different stages of awakening within, we have touched upon this innocent wonder of seeing nature through renewed eyes.  Everywhere we look, it has a different look and feel.   The colours are bolder, the starry sky looks so close you could almost reach out and pick a star, and it feels like a different more vibrant dimension than our third.   We are reconnecting with that part of our soul that hasn't been tainted by a life and society that is quite foreign from our spiritual roots.  We have had to live and make a life for ourself that always felt somehow 'different.'  

Seeing this world through transformed vision is the first step in breaking the veil between the physical world and the spiritual reality.   This physical world has been created since we arrived on this planet through humanity's thoughts and efforts to survive it's harsh conditions.   And here we are now..........a technological world where competition rules.   Any poor country that is battling to survive just the basics of life is dependent on assistance from other countries.   In the end, it all boils down to dollars.   Money now rules this present society on and the power it can wield.

Humanity has basically forgotten its created origins.   Spiritual Beings.   Returning to that recognition of who we really are is what the "Ascension Process" is all about.   Returning to our BEing.  As we progress on our individual awakening within, we reconnect with a higher frequency and therefore begin to see the world in its natural state, unpolluted.   That layer of dimension is always there.  We have glimpses of it from time to time and then our earth-life brings us back to the present 3D world.  There are literally layers upon layers of higher frequency dimensions that can be reached by us when we reconnect to our Divinity, our Soul's Essence.

There are many people before us who have transcended this earth plane and experienced "heaven on earth."  When people go into a state of samaadi, that spiritually blissful state of Oneness within their divine self, they glimpse heaven within.  Some can stay in that state for days and survive quite well without food or drink.   In a higher frequency, we need far less food and drink as the body is less dense.  Physical food is for a physical body, spiritual energy is for a spirit/light body.   In a state of samaadi the metabolic rate of the body is extremely slow, as is when a person goes into a deep meditation.  Such wonderful visions can be experienced in these spiritual states.

Returning to our innocence...........everything we need is within our soul, our higher-self.   A wonderful world indeed when earth is inhabited by millions of awakened and enlightened souls.

N a m a s t e   ~   Tara

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