Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Keeping Christmas Spiritual

                                       *~*     A  Blessed  and  Safe  Christmas  To  All     *~*

      Remembering that this day is in fact a gift from the Divine.   If Jesus had not decided to incarnate
      on Earth and live the life he chose:  a life that would teach humans how to be humble, how to be
      kind to others, how to have strength in times that threatened our very existence, and ultimately
      what becoming the "Christ" really means, we would not be celebrating this most Holy day around
      the Globe.

      Sadly, this message is abused by the commercial aspect of life.  We see it everywhere and what
       it does is negate the true message of Christmas and turn it into a celebration of greed.

       Of course, not every person sees this time of year through the eyes of self-indulgence  -  there are
       many, many people who carry on the spirit of Christmas through helping the needy and making
       sure they are not forgotten.  Everyone needs to feel loved and their life is important, but through
       life's difficulties, many are destitute and lonely.  Thank God for the organizations in our Communities
       who recognize this need and give freely of their time to assist with hampers of necessities.

       I wish to also recognize the massive devastation in the Philippines and the millions of displaced
       refugees living in extremely tough conditions due to war.   Holding love and compassion in our
       hearts is all that most of us can do.   We would all like to be able to feed, house, and comfort the
       suffering folks and children around the globe, but it's just not possible.  The Power in the energy
       of Love should not be underestimated.   Putting aside a little time each day of silent prayer and
       offering love and compassion while visualizing these affected countries is putting positive and
       healing energy where it is most needed.

N a m a s t e  ~  T a r a

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