Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Endless Spiritual Journey

Hi Everyone  ~

" There will never be an end point........."  

 Many who have just embarked on this spiritual journey when the Ascension energies started flooding the planet, often refer to a 'point' that needs to be reached.  The spiritual journey is endless as spiritual light keeps expanding within our Being, and our consciousness subsequently follows that expansion.

Within our Soul which incarnated on earth is also our consciousness.   Consciousness is a Divine energy that is the totality of everything we've experienced since before incarnating on Earth and also holds the memory of our incarnations and spiritual achievements.  That is why in deep meditation we can connect with our consciousness and perhaps have flashes or memories of past incarnations, experiences, etc.

For those who have already transcended the physical plane, or earth plane, they are already living within their consciousness and view their life from a higher spiritual perspective.  Transcending the physical plane means you can now live totally as an observer from your own divine realm, within.   You feel like a visitor on earth, but, there is still a life to be lived like other citizens.  That is where the consciousness-energy comes into play------you have reached a state of living a Divine life on Earth with higher ideals and a much more altruistic view of life.  Many people who are like this have also reached the awareness of Oneness.   This is not a learned achievement through spiritual knowledge from books or lectures, this is a part of our evolving soul that has returned to its roots of knowing and living from this awareness of Oneness with the All.

So it becomes more apparent, the longer one is on the spiritual journey, that there is no end point.  It is a continuing journey which will always delight and give joy with each new awakening.  Having expectations of finally 'getting there' will always disappoint as it will never happen.  Each soul follows their own intuition and goes where their energy takes them.   To resist one's flow will cause inner-disharmony and discontent.   These are lower viibration energies which keeps you in a wanting and getting type of world.   Living with peace and being in tune with your Self will steer you in the right direction for your own individual journey.

Each soul is at a different stage of spiritual awakening due to experience through incarnating on earth.  A person who reached enlightenment in a previous incarnation will most likely find it will easily come back to memory simply because their consciousness is already expanded.   But their journey continues as the person they are this time round is here for another reason, and only they will know what that is through living another lifetime and experiencing all the ups and downs.....yet again! 
Namaste and Love  ~  Tara

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